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Disrupting the order of things.

Posted by appolus on October 11, 2019

The Lord dropped this into my spirit as I walked and prayed yesterday.

“When you disrupt the order of things then all hell breaks loose. Our God is a God of order, not the order of the world but the order of the Kingdom.”

Jesus created much disorder in the ranks of the religious. Notice how many miracles he carried out on the Sabbath. He was disrupting their order. When He taught His sermon on the mount He declared “you have heard it said……..but I say to you.” He was disrupting their order. When he whipped them and chased them out of the temple He was disrupting their order. When He cried out hypocrite and white washed tombs and dead men’s bones He was disrupting their order. He did not come to bring peace but a sword. He came to set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother and daughter in law against mother in law. He was disrupting the order of things.

Yet in the midst of this disorder that He brings to the world, He creates His own order in the hearts of His children. It is so out of the order of this world that His children can find no place in it, praise God. The world has an order and it is maintained by power and authority. Not the power of the Holy Spirit and not the authority of Jesus Christ but the power and authority of men.

So many movements started out in the glorious order of God that totally and radically disrupted the order of this world. The order of God renders the order of man undone. It turns the order of man upside down. Starting with the glorious disorder of Jesus and on down through the ages the order of the Kingdom throws the order of man into total disarray. They cannot dwell together, the one is enmity to the other.

My mother gave her heart to the Lord when I was seven. All hell broke loose in our house. For fifteen years there was violence and chaos. Jesus had not brought “order,” to my house. At the end of that fifteen years my father bowed the knee to the order of the Kingdom and there was peace.

How many movements started out by bringing disorder to the order of man? The reformation? The Methodist church? The Anabaptists ? The Moravians? The Salvation army? The Jesus movement? Time and again those who rejected the order of the world by following the order of the Kingdom brought not peace but a sword into institutions run by the order of men.

Time and time again, just one or two generations later, all of these very movements became what they had at first rejected. They became institutions of men run by the order of men. The order of the Kingdom cannot coexist with the order of men, it is simply not possible. The order of men requires power and authority. Not the power and authority of Jesus our Lord and His Holy Spirit. And so, one by one they die and the carcass is maintained by dead men’s bones.

In Romans chapter seven when Paul cries out “Who will deliver me from this body of death,” it is reckoned he was using as an analogy one of the old sentences for murder. Often times if you murdered someone, the sentence would be that the dead victim would be chained to the perpetrator. The corpse would slowly rot and disease the one to whom it was chained until he too died. A slow and ghastly death. The order of man is the chains that bind them to death. No life can flow from the flesh, only from the Spirit from whence it sprung. Only mad men would try to finish by the flesh what was begin in the Spirit.

May the order of man fall and may the order of the Kingdom rise in the hearts of men all over the world to the glory of God

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