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Drowning in an ocean of lies.

Posted by appolus on June 25, 2018

2 Thess 2:9 and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

Loving truth is a gift from God. All those who truly know Jesus have received this gift. We have seen it down through the centuries. No matter what the issue, no matter what the cost, those who have received the love of the Truth will stand on it, stand by it and stand for it. They will suffer for it. They will die for it. They will never deny that which flows through their very veins. This is why the gates of hell cannot prevail against the Body. For the true Body of Christ has found the narrow way, it has received the Truth and from that flows all life. There is no other way to the Father. Cut me into a thousand pieces and truth will flow from me. Take everything that I have and my whole life too but the Truth cannot be taken from me. We live in a day of great darkness. The only light that prevails is the light of Truth and the evil one who dwells among the shadows of darkness has come to drown out the light with an ocean of lies.

He will fail. Truth will prevail. They did not receive the love of the truth the Word says. The great falling away is the great rejection of the truth. Even as we speak, all around the world, those who have received the love of the truth are being separated from those who refused the gift. Loving the truth is very different from acknowledging the truth. It is one thing to acknowledge the truth, it is quite another thing to love it. Those who acknowledge the truth are very capable of denying the truth. Whether they deny or acknowledge the truth is based on circumstances. Does it suit their purpose? Is it convenient? Will it cost them? Will they suffer for it? If you do not love the Truth you will not suffer loss for its cause. Yet those who have received the love of the Truth will surely suffer for it, they will surely even die for it. We have two thousand years of history to show us just how remarkable this gift is, this gift of loving the Truth. Do you love the truth? Is there a passion that burns in your bones for the truth? We live in a day of lies, will you stand for the Truth?

Joh 14:6  Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

5 Responses to “Drowning in an ocean of lies.”

  1. David said

    Amen, Frank. I have seen too many men, who, for fear of losing their ministry, friends or family have been willing to make concessions on the truth and have retained what they coveted but not had power with God. God is worthy of our unconditional obedience to His Truth and will settle for nothing less. If He speaks once and we feel that it is not convenient to obey He may not speak again.

  2. Robert Taylor said

    Brother Frank…..If there ever was a word that fits perfectly the this time we are living in now, this is the word. In Isaiah 59 the prophet is discribing a time when all truth will depart from Israel and the world. Here is what it says. “Truth is fallen in the streets, and judgement is turned away backwards”. Just to give you an example. I know everyone has heard about the recent “gay pride parades” in Tel Aviv Israel, and 8 other cities, including Jerusalem. Who in the Christian world of just a few years ago, would have ever thought that someday we would see the Sodomites dancing in the streets of Israel. Truth has indeed fallen in the streets, and the Sodomites has replaced the truth. The end can,t be very far away brother Frank.

  3. Rebecca said

    There is nothing on this earth that is worth denying the truth … when I fix my eyes upon Jesus … when I think of our blessed hope a peace comes over me. He suffered so much … rejection betrayal abandonment yet willingly he was led to torture and then walked carrying the weight of our sin on his back..no even more as He became sin for our salvation.
    That last Passover when he instituted the New Covenant he must have tasted the the foreshadow of Himself at that table. You have to know that Satan taunted Him even in that blessed time and place … that last day being a ‘more opportune time’ for the evil one.
    If we as His followers understand the blessings and promises of being in covenant with the Lord and the warnings and consequences for breaking it we will not even think for a second of denying He who is the truth.
    I have to wonder if those that would deny Him so easily ever heard that still small voice of truth or studied to have His Holy Spirit open the Word of life inscribing its truth on the flesh of the heart. Jesus said many will fall away … it has begun. You are right there is a separation happening … it seems like a line has been drawn in the sand. There are many called and few chosen. The gate is narrow and the road is not easy but those who travel the narrow path do not travel it alone. In our weakness He is made strong. These are no longer words without experience for me … He has carried me through many dark days yet those days are creating a deep root. Our roots must run deep or when the sun gets really hot we will scorch and wilt to eventually die.
    Jesus said it would be like the days of Noah and it is. There is no sanctity of life … there is an immoral spirit permeating through out the world. There are those playing gods by altering the genetics of GOD’S creation … whether it be mixing seeds to create apples that taste like pineapple or animals whose genes have been mutated to evolve or provide something GOD never thought about or introduced. It will become much more evil … much more perverted and much more violent. There is coming a famine of the word … it has already begun. We must love the truth to know the truth. If we know the truth to love the truth we will not let it go … and we will come out from among them.
    How many share the truth … how many risk much to gain much more in the reality of eternity? The truth will prevail … we are to consider the tests and trials joy … I am not totally there yet but pushing through my humanness to endure all things in light of His Majesty I more and more realize that He will go with His own and because of Him His own will not falter.

  4. Drowning in an ocean of lies.

    […]You must learn to laugh at your self, at your errors and even laugh with others after they snigger at you.[…]

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