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The spirit is being renewed daily.

Posted by appolus on June 13, 2018

The older I get, I am now in my 50s, the more I appreciate everything that is around me. I love the little birds that come and feed from the feeder. All day long, back and forward, scattering and finding their favorite part of the feed. I watch the pieces cascade down in the sunlight. I love my neighbor’s cat Poppy, who saunters across the cul-de-sac, off to who knows where, him and his missing tail. He had it removed many years ago after wearing a lamp shade for six months which failed to stop him chewing on his tail, but it never slowed him down. I love the flowers and I carefully tend them. I look for rose-buds and I anticipate their coming beauty. I water the grass on hot summer days because the lawn seems to be calling out. I watch the tall trees blowing back and forward in the gentle breeze and it’s hard to believe that they are now over sixty feet tall and stand like sentinels along my back wall. I watch birds washing and preening themselves in the bird bath without a care in the world. And if the sun is shining just right, there is a glorious display of water droplets dancing in the sun. I watch my new little puppy, with all her puppy energy, all 10 pounds of her, engage my older laid back dog and he reluctantly begins to play and there they are, rolling and wrestling around and there is a deep joy in me.

I look out the back yard to the field behind and see wild flowers and dandelions ( so hated in suburbia) neither toiling nor spinning but even Solomon was not arrayed with such splendor. I feel the warm sun on my face, it embraces me. I realize that the older I get the more I appreciate all of that, things that I had typically not noticed in my younger years. And I realize that even although my outer man is perishing, and I know that because of my gray hair and my eye-glasses, my bad back, and I make strange noises whenever I get up from a chair or bend down to pick something up ( when and why did these noises begin) that my spirit is being renewed day by day. This vehicle is on a slow wind down, but my spirit, my sensitivity to all of God’s incredible handiwork is on the rise. A mountain view can literally take my breath away. Birds diving for fish can hold me spell-bound for hours. It is all God’s handiwork. And I think there is a reason for this heightening sensitivity. Our spirits are being prepared for what is to come. The magnificence of the coming Kingdom. We know that eye has not seen nor ear heard nor even has it entered into the hearts of men what the Lord has prepared for His people. Think about that saints, even although our bodies are growing old, our eyes are being awakened to majesty. And if we can see something of the majesty all around us now, imagine what is in store for us when we pass over into a place where our minds have not even imagined. Open the yes of my heart Lord, I want to see you more and more.

5 Responses to “The spirit is being renewed daily.”

  1. exposeevil said

    Reblogged this on Unblended Truth.

  2. Tobie said

    The inexpressible joy that Scripture speaks of, that cannot be understood unless experienced…

  3. Loy Leslie said

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts . This is beautiful and very encouraging. Loy Leslie

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