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Will you bow the knee to Baal?

Posted by appolus on May 30, 2018

The first three centuries of the Church’s history prove that no earthly power can crush it. It is invincible to attacks from without. The witnesses of its sufferings and even its persecutors, became its converts and it grows more rapidly than it can be destroyed. The following period of two centuries shows that the union of Church and State, even when the powers of the mightiest Empire are put into the Church’s hands, do not enable her to save the State from destruction, for in abandoning the position which her very name implies, of being “called out,” of the world and of separation to Christ, she loses her power that comes from subjection to her Lord, exchanging it for an earthly authority that is fatal to itself. (Broadbent)

You see what this brother is saying? That no matter what power comes against the Church, even the gates of hell, it shall prevail and even thrive in the midst of persecution. Yet, when we abdicated our role of being separate from the world, being set apart from it, we embraced the world and became just like it. All of these truths apply whether individually or corporately. If we as individuals become subject to anything other than our Lord then we have set in motion a deadly slow working poison. If not checked, we shall end up embracing the world and becoming just like it. It will contaminate all of who we are and we shall lose our way and become unrecognizable as a saint. In gatherings every week, if those gatherings are not in subjection to our Lord Jesus, if it is exchanged in an un-biblical fashion for the authority of men, then the rot is on and the slow working poison begins to take hold, that gathering shall begin to embrace the world and become just like it.

Just like individuals and churches, denominations, when they take the reigns of power to themselves and usurp the authority of Jesus through His Holy Spirit, then they begin to embrace the world and before that work is done, be just like it. It is actually the exact opposite of “called out.” It is no church at all for it has taken its place with the world and is not only not separate but is very much a part of the world. Look at many denominations around the world, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between them and the world. Mega churches living their best lives now are actually oftentimes more worldly than the word, this is the fatality of not being subject to Jesus and His word.

It all begins and ends with being under His Lordship, bowing down to His authority and the authority of the word of God. This is true for all of us individually and as congregations and denominations. Replace the authority of God for the authority of men and you will fall. It may take ten years or a thousand years but there is an end to all who will not bow the knee to the Lord, they will end up bowing the knee to Baal.

2 Responses to “Will you bow the knee to Baal?”

  1. Robert Taylor said

    A very powerful, and sobering truth brother Frank. The church is changing so fast that the church of today is is so worldly that it is unrecognizable compared to the church of just 20 years ago. But things are going to change. “Judgement will begin at the house of God”.! Peter 4 verse 17.

    • appolus said

      Amen bro Robert and it is plain to see that the Lord did indeed begin judgment at the house of the Lord………………bro Frank

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