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Be on guard against the spirit of this age.

Posted by appolus on May 25, 2018

The Lord gave me a word not so long ago based on Isa 19, it really opened up to me what is going on among us in society and the world. The truth is we are being judged. Jehovah has come down, and it not a good thing for the world when He comes down. Society is set against each other and hate and mistrust reign in the hearts of men. We saints must be on guard against the spirit of this age for it surely comes for us, it especially comes for us. I am reminded of a lesson I learned, how to love your enemy, that almost ripped my heart out and killed me.The enemy had come and took from me the apple of my eye and I raged with the injustice of it. I remember crying out to God, lying on the floor “It’s not possible, your asking me to do something that is not possible.” Actually I was kinda shouting it. Then the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart. I had not heard Him in such a long time, so when He spoke I was like a dying man in the desert drinking life saving water.

He reminded me of Abraham and how Abraham stood in front of Him. The boldness of that. Then Abraham interceded on behalf of Sodom, and the Holy Spirit repeated that for effect “Sodom, Frank, you know that even until this day that Sodom is a byword for wickedness.” He showed me that Sodom was indeed judged but the Lord was happy with the spirit of Abraham interceding on their behalf. He told me that if Abraham could intercede for Sodom, I could love my enemy who had stolen from me by getting close enough to slip the knife in between my ribs and penetrate my heart with poison and left me slowly dying. Then the Lord spoke to me and told me that He did not skip to Calvary. The path that He took to Gethsemane and then Calvary, He knew that once the work was completed that not only would mercy flow, but judgment too and He wept for all those who would be lost. It was a fresh revelation to me of Calvary and I got up from the floor. I had walked the floor so many nights and the battle that I had waged for several months, that had consumed me, where anger and bitterness and hatred and even murder had tormented me, the battle was now over. I will be truthful, I almost did not make it. This was no foregone conclusion even although I had been on the road for a long time.The Lord reminded me that justice was His and mines was to love my enemy and do good to those who spitefully used me.

Just a few months ago I sat beside my former enemy in Church as my grandson was baptized. In front of me was her sidekick who had also caused our family so much heartache. I was amazed at the love I had for both of them in my heart. This was no mere grudging stoic acceptance where I just did the right thing because it was the right thing to do, this was a deep and abiding love and I knew that it came from the Lord Jesus in me, it penetrated every part of who I was. Frank in the flesh would have destroyed them, the old man in me. But the old man is defeated and the new man reigns. We live in a day, much like the saints of old lived, where it is so vital to love our enemies who hate us so much. Now more than ever we must be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Maybe you are struggling this day with un-forgiveness. Your flesh is screaming so loud you can barely hear anything else. It has consumed you and the bitterness of it is hollowing you out. There is a way of escape my friend. It is time to give it up. It is a death process but if love is to prevail and heal the poison of your heart you will have to lay it down and leave it with God. Can you do that? I pray for you even now that you can. The light beckons you to come home and leave the darkness. Come home to the warmth of a brand new day and leave the night behind.

2 Responses to “Be on guard against the spirit of this age.”

  1. Rebecca said

    Dear Brother Frank,

    You seem to always speak words that penetrate my heart … Jesus granted me forgiveness and in turn I have been able to forgive my former husband and his mistress. I am learning this life is temporary … a word the LORD gave me during that heart wrenching time of
    betrayal and abandonment. I am learning my times are in His hands … I am learning to live ‘forgetting what lies behind … straining forward to what lies ahead’ I am learning to press towards the goal of my blessed hope.

    I write ‘learning’ because I do not do this perfectly … it is a struggle to let go … to be still … to stop fighting … and wait on GOD. This valley has been so deep and wide but now as the flood waters begin to recede I can see a clearing … His light has and is ever more keeping me safe. So many scriptures have become up front and personal now. The LORD said, “Roses will bloom again.” (Isaiah 35) and “Pick up your cross.”

    One morning as I felt that dark cloud of despair once again begin to try to envelop me in the past I turned on the radio to hear June Hunt speak about a woman who was a prisoner of war in Japan during WW2. As I listened to her story and how God was sustaining her in a prison cell I cried out aloud “LORD my burden is light … forgive me.”

    All this to say is that it seems true Christ followers are being placed in the crucible … not to harm but to peel away dross. He is testing our faithfulness and trust … He is building a stronger faith and developing a testimony that will help to encourage others. Jesus knows our names … He knows what each of us needs in teaching endurance … He is doing a work that will further develop our Christ like image.

    It is truly in our weakness that He is made strong. I see His provision and I see now what it truly means to be in a blood covenant with the Creator of all things. He must increase and I must decrease … I am ‘learning’ to rest in Him. His Spirit said to me, “I will go with you and you will not falter.” … and a warning not just for me but for all Christ followers in one regard or another He later said, “Touch not that unclean thing.”

    We are to cleave to Him and separate ourselves as He is beginning to reveal His judgement here in the world at large … America will not be spared. The walls have fallen … been breached … it is getting darker and yet His glory will prevail. I desire to know Him more and more … no matter the cost. I desire to not grow weary … I know without His presence I could not prevail. In His promises I am learning to exist … He is my (our) blessed hope.


    • appolus said

      Tremendous reply Rebecca, what a deep and profound testimony. Many thinks stood out but I can really relate to not having done it perfectly. There is a particular story behind that, I will probably write about it soon. You mentioned Roses, I have a story to share and have it up on my board to write about today, about roses. Watch for it. I love the way you continually use the word “learning,” it is so true, we are ever on this learing journey and I have always loved the fact that Paul said that he has learned to be content in every situation. It was his experience of victories and failures that led him to know that no matter what, the Lord would be with him and it is that knowledge that leads us to have an uncommon peace. Yet true peace cannot settle in the soul who has not navigated the storm. In light of the fury of the storm then when it passes the peace that comes is sweeter than honey. The extent of the peace is measured by the ferocity of the storm we have just come through. Intense storms leads to supernatural peace if we yield to Jesus in the midst of it. God bless you sister……………………bro Frank

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