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The demise of the 4th estate

Posted by appolus on February 3, 2018

We now face in this country, the rise of the sociopaths and the rule of the schizophrenic. Both these groups will accuse their victims of the very crime or behavior that they themselves exhibit. Angie and I watched the movie “The Post,’ last night. Being a bit of a history buff I knew the story well. Basically it was about the Washington Post and the New York Times publishing what was called “the Pentagon Papers.” These papers were marked secret and were stolen and then given to the press.

The bottom line of the documents showed that Robert McNamara, the defense secretary knew as early as 1965 that the war in Vietnam could not be won. L.B.Johnson knew this as did Nixon, yet more and more troops were sent over to kill and be killed in order that the American government would not be “embarrassed.” Young men bled and died while politicians tried to figure out how to get out and save face. As Christians we know how deadly pride can be.

Yet brave journalists, facing a paranoid Nixon, risked it all in order that the truth would come out. The same happened shortly after this with Watergate. Just for my British friends, Watergate was the building that housed the DNC, the Democratic National Committee. Nixon wanted the inside scoop on what the Democrats were up to, so associates of his, broke into that building to get some dirt on Nixon’s political opponents. They got caught, the cover up began and the rest is history.

Fast forward to today. Rather than the press being the fourth estate, a neutral free press that speaks truth to power, an entity that resists the powerful to inform the people, they have now melded into a political wing that represents the Governors and not the governed. Today’s Watergate did not need men to break into a building, they had technology to do it. A warrant was obtained illegally and with that illegal warrant one political party spied on the other party. And in doing so they managed to corrupt and taint the FBI, the Department of Justice and the Intelligence agencies.

Yet unlike the press of old, most of today’s press were fighting hard to keep information secret for their paymasters. This is a complete 180. Now the rulers of the country no longer have to fear a press that fits neatly into their pockets. Think about the Pentagon Papers. The person most hurt by them was actually L.B.J. Can you imagine todays press fighting hard to expose one of their own? Rather they are mere puppets in the hands of their Idealogue masters. When the press fight to keep corruption secret then they are no longer the fourth estate they are merely a tool of the State. This will not end well.

10 Responses to “The demise of the 4th estate”

  1. Prayergate said

    I forget the actual law that was passed by Congress, but it is now legal for intelligence agencies to publish propaganda pieces in all of the America’s media.

    • appolus said

      At some point fairly soon, these powers will be exercised against the saints………………bro Frank

    • wakarusaguy said

      Prayergate, that’s a rather alarming development if such a law has been passed, don’t you think ? Do you have a citation for that law ?

  2. Steve said

    Hi, Prayergate: what law is that ? I’d like to look into it, but need a reference.

    Frank, do you consider there are no news-organizations practicing traditional fact-based journalism ?

    Thanks, both.

    • appolus said

      I dont know of any Steve…………………….bro Frank

      • Steve said

        Unfortunate, should you want to know events in a place you don’t live: the score of the Super Bowl, for example (presuming you weren’t there in person).

      • Steve said

        I guess what’s most disturbing about that attitude is not that it’s promoted by politicians for evil purposes; but that it essentially denies absolute Truth exists, or can be known. Do you see why I say so ?

  3. wakarusaguy said

    My wife and I saw “The Post” yesterday, and I wanted to compare my with your impression of it in this blog.

    But re-reading, that seemed secondary to the contrast you perceive between the bravely independent press of Watergate days, and today’s “mere puppets in the hands of their Idealogue masters.” That all media (per your comment above) have abandoned their proper calling of being “an entity that resists the powerful to inform the people,” to become a “tool of the State.”

    Maybe I misunderstood…? but from various comments over the years, I’d thought you shared the view that “the media” is a pretty-entirely “liberal” entity.

    It’s hard to see how “the liberal media” can logically be perceived as a “tool” of today’s State. It seems you consider “the media” evil in either guise: but what am I missing here that you consider makes that linkage valid ?

    • appolus said

      His WAK, my comments were about the bravery of those in regard to the Pentagon papers. An act of bravery is an act of bravery. I do not believe I have commented that much if at all about a “liberal,’ press over the years, just does not interest me that much. My overarching point in writing that piece was that even a very liberal press years ago would want to go with a scoop even if it hurt someone they were ideologically in line with. We have just witnessed that same press fight tooth and nail to keep the Republican memo secret, along with other government institutions that very loudly told us that the sky would fall down if it were released. Last time I looked the sky is still there and the information released was in no way earth shattering, but just a small piece in a very complicated case of corruption that goes to the very heart of the state. Witness the fact that the very next week, there was no loud public statements about the other sides memo. Partisanship used to be somewhat an amateur sport, now it is a deadly game of destruction that dominates our politicians and is proof positive that we are under judgement by the removing of any statesman……………….bro Frank

      • wakarusaguy said

        There is indeed “…corruption that goes to the very heart of the state.”

        I’m sure you agree that Christians’ are obligated to identify and call out corruption (or let’s call it “sin”). If we don’t accurately identify where sin exists…exercise basic spiritual discernment of right and wrong…we aren’t doing, and can’t do, what God calls us to do, can we ?

        Does corruption originate with those who report it ? With those who investigate it ?

        I’d urge you to re-think those contentions.

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