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The battle for freedom in a divisive world

Posted by appolus on September 27, 2017

Whether it is NFL protests, or racism or police brutality, we hear a lot spoken about freedom in our age. Every day we here that we are free to protest, we are free to resist, free to fight back free to express whatever that is on our mind. The following article is solely for Christians whether black or white. It is not for the secular mind which could not possibly even begin to understand what true freedom in Christ means.

As a man born in Scotland, there is a mythological notion about what it means to fight for freedom. It is wrapped up in the psyche of the people and Scotland, in many ways, has become synonymous with freedom, thanks mostly to Hollywood and history. Indeed the declaration of Arbroath was the forerunner, by centuries, to the declaration of Independence. This notion of rising up and throwing off our oppressors is a very glamorous notion. Rebellion and rejection of authority is fundamental to the very essence of what it means to be American and really what it means to be human thanks to the garden of Eden. Shortly after coming to Jesus I had a vision. It was a powerful vision that took my breath away and changed forever my notions of freedom. Here it is……………

I felt the rush of air rising beneath me, lifting me in the updrafts of His presence up and through the clouds. Suddenly a mountain top appeared, rising majestically through  a sea of gray.The mountain trembled and the thunder clapped and I heard Jesus say, ” go.” I flapped my arms effortlessly and soon the mountain was far behind as I flew over rivers and valley’s and great forests of pine. Then I came across a great assembly of men gathered together on a bleak and desolate Scottish moor as the rain began to fall and the wind howled in anguished anticipation. Words of freedom echoed up to the sky above from the ground below. And Jesus said to me “will a man die for freedom? How many men have spilled their blood and hastened their souls to eternal damnation for that which is not even a shadow. These men fought and died not knowing that it is not in the winning or the losing, neither can that which they seek be attained by knife or sword.” I flapped my arms once more and suddenly the mists of time rolled back, back, unto the dawning of a different age. Below me, another assembly of men, angry men. These men were not fighting for freedom, they were seeking to destroy it. They shouted,”crucify Him, crucify Him,” and freedom hung in the balance. And all of hell’s fury cheered as the sky grew dark and the lightning flashed and the earth stood still in utter dismay. Would the sun ever rise in the sky again, or had darkness won the day? Then after three days and three nights, from a sea of darkness and gloom, rose majestically, a pure white standard that shattered the darkness forever. Now the white flag signifies surrender, when we surrender our life’s to Jesus, we gain victory from the jaws of defeat and the darkness is destroyed forever.

Jesus shattered my notions of freedom by this vision and word. What a tragedy that men and nations could fight for political freedom, could throw off the shackles of slavery and then die knowing nothing of true freedom. This freedom was given to us, not by men, for what is given by men can be taken by men, no, this freedom that was given to us by God Himself on the bloody battle-field of Calvary of which no man nor power that exists can take from us. Would it not be better to live as a slave in this world but be a free man in the world that was and is and is to come? What a tragedy to throw off the shackles of human slavery and yet die a slave to sin and eternal damnation. Temporal political freedom means nothing in the Kingdom of God. The only freedom that truly matters is the freedom that we have in Christ.

I am wearied of any identity that exists outside of our identity in Christ. Identifying and highlighting our so-called differences runs counter to the Scriptures. If we are in Christ then we are one. Christians should not allow the secular world to divide that which the Lord has united. It is the work of Satan himself in the guise of clever and devious politicians to divide and conquer. I see no black man, I see no white man, I see no brown man, I see no yellow man.I see Christ in my brothers and sisters and in that there is true freedom. Freedom from hatred, freedom from bitterness, freedom from anger, freedom from the desire for revenge. The Body of Christ should be the shining city on the hill. Do you hate or dislike another man because he is white? Do you hate or dislike another man because he is black? Then you are a slave and you know nothing of the freedom of which I speak. You will gravitate towards secular men and away from Jesus as the sting of slavery begins to bite deeper and deeper. Would you be free today? Lay down your rights. Would you be free today? Lay down your long-held grievances for you cannot serve two masters. The true master told an enslaved people that when their earthly masters compelled them to walk one mile, they were to walk two miles. Anything outside of this is to worship Barabbas and reject Jesus. The spirits of the age, like the sirens of old, are luring your ship onto the rocks. The lighthouse that shines in the darkness warns us to flee from such spirits and to put Satan behind us.

7 Responses to “The battle for freedom in a divisive world”

  1. Steve said

    (on the temptation satan offered in the Garden of Eden)

    “It’s the beautiful things that get us. Perhaps the greatest seduction is not the ANTI-GOD, but the ALMOST-God. Poisonous fruit can look pretty tasty. That’s what is so dangerous about ideas like FREEDOM, PEACE, and JUSTICE. They are all seductive qualities close to the heart of God. After all, it’s the beautiful things we kill and die for. And it’s the beautiful we market, exploit, brand, and counterfeit.

    and enslaved by the pursuit of freedom. Nations fighting for peace end up perpetuating the very violence they seek to destroy. Serpents are a slippery and slimy things.”

    — Shane Claiborne, “Jesus for President,” p. 26

    • appolus said

      That’s a good word Steve. In the end, everything of this world is just that, of this world. Only the authentic will do whether that is freedom or justice or beauty or peace. Of course God is these things and only in Him can we have these things, all else is counterfeit, some better than others, but in the end mere copies of the original. The Mona Lisa is a tremendous copy of the woman who sat for the painting. The most incredible landscape painting is still only a painting, the real star is the landscape itself. And so peace in the world, even the greatest peace will only ever be fleeting because it is not the original. Justice in the world is tainted by our very humanity and therefore by necessity falls woefully short of the original, no matter how good it looks or begins. Everything about humanity, outside of God, is counterfeit and dying. It is only the eternal that is pure, whether that is good or evil. We must commit ourselves to the eternal and find true meaning there. In the end, there can only be that which is good or that which is evil. Everything else is an allusion, a counterfeit and fleeting. ………bro Frank

      • wakarusaguy said

        I think you hit the key words there: “authentic,” and “counterfeit.”

        The contrast of the two is so ABSOLUTELY stark it seems only profound spiritual blindness can account for the confusion of the two in the hearts of America’s Christians. Christian “leaders” evidently share (and promote) that blindness, assuring their followers that men of overweening pride and lies are “God’s man.”

        • appolus said

          There is a profound spiritual blindness in America in many areas but none more than when it comes to “freedom.” What man gives man can take away, it is a momentary illusion. True freedom is Calvary’s freedom. It seems to me that in the end of end days this idol of man’s freedom will come crashing down and we will learn the hard way that what we have worshiped has tuned on us………..bro Frank

  2. Steve said

    “Would you be free today? Lay down your rights.”

    There’s so much in this post I keep coming back to. The above line particularly resonates, challenging the tendency in American Christianity to equate freedom in Christ with the “freedom” vaunted in the Declaration of Independence. That’s probably the essence of 90% of the “4th of July” sermons every year.

    It’s a counterfeit based, as you point out, on the doctrine that freedom comes from maintaining (by violence, if necessary) our “inalienable rights”…which scripture absolutely contradicts.

    Jesus said freedom comes from knowing TRUTH (John 8:32). If so, the enemy’s greatest lie may be that by demanding, or even warring for, our “rights,” we can “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”

    • appolus said

      John 8:32 is a vital scripture to understand, it is one of my life passages of Scripture. Look and see what happens to Jesus after this from “believing Jews,” from believers, they pick up stones and attempt to kill Jesus…………bro Frank

      • Steve said

        Right on ! Nothing is more offensive to people (especially religious people) than telling them they’re not free…and nothing makes them readier to kill, to prove they are. LOL. “Who do you think you are !?!?” (v. 53): probably the same outraged response we’d hear today, i’n’t ?

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