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Discovering that the old man can still slap you!

Posted by appolus on May 16, 2017

In the realms of Christianity there is a lot spoken of and written about brokenness. Brokenness is not something we simply volunteer for thus avoiding the difficult situations in life. It is not merely a box to be ticked off. Brokenness is when a situation or a series of circumstances comes along where the only decision to be made is to surrender it all to God or fall back on the flesh. The old man screams to be justified, the new man falls down on his face.

Brokenness typically happens after the old man has come roaring back into our lives and takes us completely by surprise. We thought he was dead but we forgot that he still lives in our flesh. He has been replaced by Christ but he can still make a great deal of noise. He is dead in that you now are free of him and able to overcome him. In our surrender and brokenness we discover or rediscover our great need for God, every hour and every minute of the day.

5 Responses to “Discovering that the old man can still slap you!”

  1. Woah! This great article came just as I am in the midst of such a situation! The Lord bless you, my brother, for allowing Him to speak through you!

  2. Olúṣèyí said


  3. Robert Taylor said

    Brother Frank……….I have fought many battles. My service record showed that I was in 17 separate battles in Vietnam. But by far, the most difficult battle I have ever endured is the on going, and never ending battle with the “old man”. Who shall deliver me from the body of this death, the apostal Paul declared. The only comfort that we can claim in this battle is the fact that we are not in it alone. The battle for mens souls being fought between the flesh and the spirit,has raged sinse day one. But praise God forever! The victory is ours. Jesus Christ our commanding general, will make it so. …….Robert

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