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What ifs

Posted by appolus on April 3, 2017

Oh Lord Jesus hear my desperate plea
Silence the “what ifs” that forever plague me
They cry out like sirens from the twisted rocks
They wrap me up in chains and rusting paddle-locks

The ever roaring sounds of what is not
Rattles through my very soul that somehow has forgot
That the Lord is God and He ever rules supreme
And the things we see are not always what they seem

What ifs are like a swarm of angry bees
They encircle and torment me till I fall down to my knees
Stinging out my very life and leaving me for dead
What if suddenly I ignore them and get up and walk instead

What voice shall I listen to before dawn breaks anew
Will the skies be full of clouds or indeed with they be blue
When you listen to the Masters call there is a peace within
That overcomes the anxiousness and sets to flight our sin

Faith is the substance of things not clearly seen
It’s the still waters of my life and it is my pastures green
And yes I walk through valleys that are surely deep and dark
To live an extra-ordinary life is no walk in the park

Oh saint today wont you listen to my plea
Come now before the King to the one who set you free
What ifs are slain in the power of His might
You are the apple of His eye and you are His delight

No spirit of fear lies within you’ll find
But a Spirit of power and a restful peaceful mind
Will raise you up, above, to higher ground
Tis there in golden silence, before His throne you’re found

2 Responses to “What ifs”

  1. Tim said

    I’ve never been “into” poetry, but this one’s a “gem” in my opinion. Thanks for sharing and God Bless!

    • appolus said

      Well thank you Tim. Before coming to the Lord I had never written anything, let alone poetry. I just write as the Spirit leads, glad it blessed you bro……………….bro Frank

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