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Preachers arrested for publicly quoting Scripture in Britain

Posted by appolus on February 28, 2017

When you are arrested for pronouncing that “Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life and no man comes to the Father except through Me,” so as not to upset Muslims, you know your country is careering headlong into darkness.



9 Responses to “Preachers arrested for publicly quoting Scripture in Britain”

  1. Tim said

    Actually, with the exception of a few independent churches, the “light” went out in Britain decades ago!

  2. Steve said

    I often hear this characterization of Christianity in the British isles. You’re probably more familiar with the situation there than any of us, Frank: what’s your take ?

    • I would also be interested in Frank’s reply. Personally, I’m speaking from experience. In the 80’s, I probably ministered in over 100 churches throughout England and found this to be the case. Also, the secular citizens seemed to be under a spiritual oppression. My mentor in the 70’s, who had fought in the Battle of Britain and later became an independent missionary to India, said the same thing. And that was 40 years ago! You can imagine the transition that has taken hold since then.

  3. appolus said

    My take is that the state of Christianity in Britain as a whole is woeful, and Scotland more so. There is an oppression and if one is spiritually discerning one can sense it walking off the plane. A heaviness and a darkness covers the land. I have thought about how terrible the time was under the Nazis in Europe but a more insidious foe has taken hold. Unbelief is everywhere and ignorance of spiritual matters is high. The preachers that I have met, for the most part, keep their heads down, cowed by a rising anti-Christian culture. Even in Pentecostal circles we hear a watered down truth and an acceptance of all things charismatic, from the craziest of American “preachers.” We hear words like sin replaced with words like errors and mistakes in an effort not to offend a people who are hostile to anything they consider ” judgement.” In Scotland we see the homosexual and transgender agenda ran amok and thoroughly infiltrated all aspects of politics and the church. The denominations, for the most part, have been dead for decades and now they prove their death by there embracing of the homosexual lie. People who know anything leave those denominations and join denominations that are hostile to the sign gifts of the Holy Spirit. I believe the people are starving spiritually and that the blind are leading the blind. There are remnant saints of course, praise God. I wish I could give a better assessment but this is what I have seen. I have visited for extended periods of time every couple of years for the last couple of decades and my parents and brother still live there………………………bro Frank

    • wakarusaguy said

      Tim and Frank, thank you both for your personal assessments. Sounds like the kind of situation where we can expect God will move !

    • KMH said

      Have any of you read Dr. Michael Lake’s Shinar Directive or Sheeriyth Imperitive? I believe the occult have taken hold of the church. Occult symbols, worship, rituals are everywhere. Enemy has stolen power and authority of believers so there is only occult power (powered by sin) in many areas. (remember Daniel and the prince of Persia)
      I visited Italy recently and was saddened by the many occult objects that tourists go to “align” with through photos, etc. These are powerful objects the enemy uses against anyone who has open doors to align with kingdom of darkness.
      I do believe in the Hebrews shaking that is coming! Also, judgment beginning in the house of the Lord very soon!!! What the enemy means for evil – God will use to sift His children to give the Overcomers a greater inheritance!

      • Steve said

        I’d agree judgement is imminent in the house of the Lord. But I doubt it’s become necessary because the enemy surreptitiously foisted esoteric spiritual evils on unwary Christians.

        Judgement is necessary because Christians knowingly embrace lies and unrighteousness. We did so with eyes wide-open, on the authority of the politicians we choose to follow.

        blessings, Steve

  4. Emma Slocum said

    Oh wow. The world is seriously and truly getting out of control. Thank you for sharing this.

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