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I was watching American Idol last night-why God hates Divorce

Posted by appolus on February 26, 2016

Last night my wife and I were watching American Idol. Kelly Clarkson finished the show with a raw performance of a song she wrote called ” Piece by Piece.” It left most people in the audience in tears. I recently watched a movie about the life of Amy Winehouse. She says in the movie that the thing that changed everything in her life and sent her down a path of destruction was her father walking out on them when she was nine years old. Kelly’s song relates to the same thing only she was six.

Two years ago I walked past a neighbor’s house. They had two children, two beautiful girls aged seven and five. Their father was leaving and I could hear the girls wailing, not sure I will ever forget that. He had met a younger woman. I ran into the neighbor a few weeks later just sitting in her car at a trail near our house, sitting weeping in her car, broken. She allowed me to pray with her and we both wept before the throne. The damage of divorce is untold and it ripples through the fabric of our lives and society. Well does the Bible say that God hates divorce. The pain and the agony and the lives ruined by it are inestimable.

Listen fathers, don’t you ever walk away from your children. You might not be the best father in the world or things might not be perfect in your world but don’t you walk away. You might not have all that you want in this life but does that give you the right to take away from a child everything that they have? We have one life to live and we only have so much to give, give it and give it sacrificially. God will help you do it. Walk away and the leaves will simply fall from the tree and be scattered by the wind.

4 Responses to “I was watching American Idol last night-why God hates Divorce”

  1. cshowers said

    Amen. This is so true. I saw the video of Kelly’s song earlier this evening, and I have to tell you that the little girl inside this 54 year old grandmother was feeling the pain of growing up without a real father. God does indeed hate divorce, and for good reason. Though it isn’t a popular thing to say in this day and time, except for instances of abuse, divorce is a selfish act. For instead of thinking about what is really best for the children, the parents are simply thinking about what is best for them in the moment, and in the long run, the lives of many are destroyed because of divorce. Indeed, for many of us, it takes a lifetime of being loved by our heavenly Father, to bring healing to our broken hearts. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and love in this post.

    God bless you,

    • appolus said

      Hi Cheryl, the little guy inside this 51 year old grandpa knows the pain of growing up with father issues. It tears away at the fabric of your heart and can take a long time to heal. I had a vision one time when I was standing in a church I used to attend. I could see a man with a vase. He took the vase over his head and smashed it to the ground. It broke into many pieces. There was still some bigger pieces left and he picked them up and broke them. Three times this happened until it was broken into a thousand tiny pieces. Then I looked again and there was a man ( God the Father) and He had those small glasses at the end of his nose and piece by piece with great love and kindness and patience, He was putting back together again what no one ever could. I was the vase, my dad was the man who smashed the vase and my Heavenly Father was the one putting it back together again. I wrote a song about it once……https://youtu.be/vB_4CAK9bb4 …………….bro Frank

  2. afchief said

    This is why satan is after the family. Not just by divorce of a man and a woman, but also by homosexuality. As the family goes, so goes the church. We as husbands and fathers need to stand strong and pray for our marriages and families and not give satan an inch.

    • appolus said

      “We as husbands and fathers need to stand strong and pray for our marriages and families and not give satan an inch.” Amen Afchief……….bro Frank

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