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Living through the Pages of my life-one poem at a Time

Posted by appolus on January 13, 2016

These are the poems I wrote in 2015. There are twenty. To me they are like a spiritual diary. I pray that they may bless you…………..Frank

A Lighthouse in the Darkness

When the cliffs are to your back
And the tide is coming in
When the waters surely rising
And you know you cannot swim

And the water comes so slowly
But you know there’s no escape
It laps around your ankles
It will take what it will take

You know your slowly drowning
But you do not seem to care
What you really are afraid of
That come the morning your still there

How many tides have come and gone
How many fogs have rolled on in?
How dark has been the darkest night
It tries to drown the light within

And suddenly you realize
You are a beacon in the night
You stand above the highest tide
Eternally a shining light

A lighthouse standing on the Rock
For all the world to see
Standing whole and strong above the storm
Shining light for all eternity

Through endless storms and ages past
Through every dark and stormy night
You’ve come to learn this single thing
There always comes dawns early light

You Hung there on That Cross

You hung there on that cross
Bruised and battered and torn
You hung there for the Father’s glory
Yet it was not for that alone

You hung there on that cross
Naked, for all the world to see
For the joy that was set before you
You died there just for me

I’d often have my trials cut short
And wish the pain would go away
Thank you Lord in heaven above
You hung there till the end, that day

You hung there on that cross
On Calvary’s bloody hill
Twas there you suffered loss
Just to do your Father’s will

Oh Lord in the depths of my trial
Give me eyes that I might see
That you stayed there in the fires of hell
Right to the end at Calvary

Oh Lord give me strength for the battle
That I would not fall but continue to stand
To the end, to the end to the end of the road
On the Rock that is Christ not today’s shifting sand

I know why I Stand

I know why I stand
I stand because of you
I can walk through burning fields
And fly in skies of blue

I dwell in high and lofty realms
And darkened dungeons I dwell too
I do it all and stand this day
I stand this day because of you

In lavender shades and purple hues
In evening skies of reds and blues
My heart enraptured by it all
In Him alone I stand or fall

Come Lord Jesus fill the sky
To live or die we’ll glorify
The Risen Son the chosen One
Till our last breath and the race is done

And so I stand and I know why
I stand this day because of You
Before the world I’ll testify
You are the Lord, forever true.

I am but a Flower

I am but a flower
Covered by the weeds
I just want you to see me
Underneath the deeds

Oh wind of thy Spirit
Wont you blow on me
Blow with all your might
Come down and set me free

Send down fire in the rain
Set me ablaze and wash away the pain
Gaze upon me and infuse me with love
Let me gaze upon thy glory shining high above

I see your radiant glory
Burning chaff in an unfolding story
Of glory and majesty and unstoppable power
You would do it all again for a single flower

And now I see your glorious garden
As far as the eye can see
Cultivated by your sacrifice
On a cross at Calvary

My Heart is Stilled

Though the waters roar and are troubled
And the mountains fall to the sea
And the earth cries out for it’s filled with pains
My heart is stilled for my God reigns

Though the night has come with its darkness
And the world is ablaze with its sin
The waters rise and come in like a flood
My heart is stilled for I’m covered by His Blood

Though the whole world falls still I’ll follow
I will follow to the ends of the earth
Though fires burn and the skies fall down
My heart is stilled for He’s all around

So let not your hearts be troubled
Nor be moved when the mountains crumble
Let the skies fall down let the fires burn
For we know our Redeemer shall soon return

My heart is stilled in the palm of His hand
It is quiet in the depths of His love
It rests beneath the shadow of His wing
In the depths of the dungeon you will still here me sing

Glory and majesty praise to our God
He is worthy of all praise and all honor
Let us stand for His glory and let us be filled
For He is my refuge and my heart it is stilled

I Hear the Cries of Yesterday

I hear the cries of yesterday
They echo throughout my soul
They are etched upon my very face
And on my heart they have taken their toll

Deep waters, give up your children
Mighty waves, just you settle down
Howling winds that scream from the past
Cease your blowing until I can’t hear a sound

Towering mountains come down to the valley
Stars in heaven wont you light up my way?
Mighty rivers dry up to a trickle
Only then will you hear me say

Only the light can pierce the darkness
Only the Son can displace the night
Only a victor can win the battle
Only He can teach me to fight

Now I walk behind the praises of tomorrow
The Son casts His shadow behind
And the joy that is set before me
Shines down love and brings peace to my mind

The cries of yesterday are forgotten
And my heart is healed by His love
The flower in the desert is blooming
As His rain falls down from above.

The Broken Heart of God

The heart that is open
Is the broken heart
He was wounded for our transgressions
By the stripes upon His back

The branch that is grafted in
Has been broken from the tree
And the root that receives the branch
Was opened up for you and me

A broken branch a wounded Son
A Father’s heart was torn in two
The curtain rent now all could see
The Holiness that came to view

Goodness crushed that we might stand
Cruel nails hammered through His hand
Holiness defiled by sin
That the guilty may be ushered in

Hanging naked on the cross
Agonizing pain and loss
My fellow-man can you not see
He hung there just for you and me

Each blow He took He took for you
His body battered black and blue
No man was ever marred as He
The Son of God upon the tree

Wont you look upon the Son?
And see what you have truly done
Fix your eyes don’t look away
From the One who hung for you that day

Father forgive them our Lord He cried!
As He took your place on the cross and died
Wounded and broken to set you free
His heart spilled out upon that tree

Our God was broken to make you whole
His body crushed to restore your soul
He suffered there the pains of hell
That He might break sins deadly spell

Shall He have suffered now in vain
The agonies, the wounds the pain
The victory that was won that day
Suffers loss if you look away

See your sin upon the cross
See another took your loss
And all for love He died for you
Now I ask you sinner;what shall you do?

I Will See You

I will see you in the rain
I see you in my joy and pain
As in every raindrop that falls from the skies
You are in every tear that falls from my eyes

I will see you when I gaze upon the sun
You’re in my heart when the mornings first begun
I have seen you in the refining fire
I can hear you in every Godly choir

I will see you in the flood
Covered by your precious Blood
Mountains high and valleys low
I see you everywhere I go

I see you in the babies smile
I see you in the extra mile
I see your face in every storm
In cold dark nights you keep me warm

And when my days come to an end
My Lord, my God, My Christ my friend
I will see you as you see me
Unshackled unbound and finally free!

For when the grain falls to the ground
Is covered by dust and cannot be found
New life arises this is true
My God my King I will see you!

Dark Comes the Night

It is not a pleasant thing
To walk into the wind
To walk in shades of grey
To dwell where all have sinned

It is a pleasant thing
To walk with you each day
To fellowship , to honor
To worship and obey

Each day the wind grows stronger
And the proud are standing tall
Each day the tide is coming in
And the pillars begin to fall

Truth lies broken in the street
And the structures are on fire
The Vandals and the Visigoths
Draw men into the mire

Sinking, slowly, unaware
Into the miry clay
Rebellious men without a prayer
Sinking deeper every day

When did the day become the night?
And all around is falling
When did the darkness quench the light?
And drown out God’s own calling.

Godless men rejoicing
In the darkness they call light
They are singing and they’re dancing
And arming for the fight

Oh children of the Living God
Find refuge neath His wings
Run now into your Tower
For we can see what this night brings

The hordes of hell are massing
The wolves are circling round
And evil is surpassing
With a mighty rushing sound

Yet Christ in all His glory
Is coming for His own
The culmination of His story
Ends with Him upon His throne

Stand fast ye children of the light
For though the day has come the night
We shall prevail and overcome
For Christ the battle He has won!

Despite it All-Love

Despite it all-Love
Despite my falls-Love
Oh Father in heaven who could foresee
The tremendous love you have for me

The days are dark and the night is long
Yet within my heart there abides a song
Of Love and joy and the days to come
When the Body of Christ shall stand as one

No longer divided by time and space
But united together to finish the race
Christ the King is on His way
And shall we live to see that day?

We shall sing aloud until the day is done
And stand together we shall stand as one
With a lamp for our feet the night shall be day
And the light shall shine to show us the way

So, despite it all-Love
And despite my falls-Love
Oh Father in heaven give us eyes to see
Your tremendous Love has set us free

Lost And Forsaken

Lost and forsaken, wretched and blind
Then my Christ He came to stay
And from that day forward, I was never alone
He was always with me before His throne.

Through the night, through the day
And in every way, He is always by my side
The Groom and the bride, standing as one
Marching to victory for the battle is won

The path grows narrow the darkness falls
The Master call us to stand and see
The glory of His coming, an end to the ages
Time simply closes histories pages

Men sense in their spirits the end is near
Yet they do not fear, they drink and are merry
For tomorrow they die, they neither seek nor find
They stumble along for they are spiritually blind

Dwelling in ditches and ivory castles
Deeper in sin as the time draws near
Though judgement rains down and eyes are wide open
They are blind and wretched and thoroughly broken

As the enemy comes in, rising like a flood
Then God shall raise His own standard
He shall pour out His Spirit and baptize with fire
The saints are refined and are lifted higher

Then His glory shall cover all of the earth
As the waters cover the sea
Every knee shall bow and tongue confess
As the saints take up their final address

A place where His glory outshines the sun
Where every tear is wiped away
And the saints are refreshed by the waters of life
And they live forever, the Groom and His bride.

I Know about Thy Grace

I know about thy grace
I simply look into the mirror
And gaze upon my face

I see no reason for His mercy
nor love He has for me
I see a man who was a prisoner
longing to be free

I see a man who long ago
found life though he were dead
A man who had been starving
and God gave him some bread

I see a man who walked in darkness
in whom there was no light
I see a man who was delivered
who was blind but given sight

I look away now from the mirror
and lift my eyes to glories throne
I see that I who once was lonely
shall surely never be alone

I see my risen savior
and He is high and lifted up
I stand there in His presence
for He has filled my cup

It’s filled with living water
my sin there is no trace
There’s only Gods own glory
and His unending Grace.

For Heaven’s Higher Ground

When my heart is overwhelmed
And grief comes flooding in
I lift my eyes to higher ground
Where there’s no pain or sin

Yet deep within my heart
Amidst the savage waves
There is a calm repose
That’s with me all my days

I lift my eyes amidst this storm
That’s raging all around
He lifts me up above the waves
To stand on higher ground

And in the light of glory
That pierces every night
I catch a glimpse of majesty
And what a glorious sight

I see my sister dancing there
Amidst the saintly throng
Hands raised in heavenly splendor
And singing a heavenly song

The night has passed, the dawn has broke
There’s no tears to be found
For those who’ve left this world behind
For heavens higher ground.

Leaving Her Behind

I’m leaving her behind
But her soul has arisen
she’s been finally released
From her earthly prison

To fly with the eagles
To soar in the heavens
Onwards and upwards
Eternity beckons

No more troubles
No more heartaches
No more tears and no more sorrows
No more yesterday, todays and no more tomorrow’s

Only forever and a day
And endless blue skies
And in unbroken sunshine
With the angels she flies

Yes I will miss you
And shed unseen tears
For we journeyed together
For so many years

But I am happy to release you
Unto our glorious King
Where you will bask in His glory
And eternally sing

Rest now my sister
Your troubles are no more
We will meet again some day
On eternities shore.

There is a Song

There is a song within my heart
Which has no words at all
It fills the deepest part of me
And floods me when I call

My heartbeat is its melody
It dwells within my soul
It reaches every part of me
And this has made me whole

You can hear it in my laughter
You can sense it in my smile
You can see it in my tear drops
If only for a while

This is my song the song of Love
That flows from rivers from above
From God on high and Christ alone
It soothes me with its heavn’ly tone

Wont you listen to my song of Love?
Can you hear it in the breeze?
The crashing waves the thunders roar
You can hear it on your knees

Song of the Spirit breathe on me
Sing till the day is done
Fill me and fill me with your heavenly notes
Until this race is run.

I Cannot See the Wind

I cannot see the wind
Yet I see it bend the trees
I cannot see my God above
Yet I fall down on my knees

I cannot see the wind
Yet I see the ocean waves
I cannot see true love
Yet I see whom He has saved

I cannot see the wind
Yet the wheat fields move as one
I cannot see the heat
That flows from the eternal Sun

Yet it warms me to my core
And it sets my heart on fire
It elevates my soul
And fills me with desire

You’re not Forgotten

Can you see these chains, they are my call
Yet in Christ alone I stand or fall
Though forces dark oppress my soul
To serve my King, my only goal

No matter what He puts me through
Here I’ll stand forever true
I’ve often saw no way ahead
It seems that I am surely dead

Yet in the darkness of my cell
You come to me and I am well
My bondage is a part of me
Though I am bound I’m surely free

No chains of darkness hold me down
Nor keep me from the joy I’ve found
You are my Christ my all in all
You hold me close when I would fall

To every saint whose far and wide
Beneath His wings you’ll surely hide
You’re not forgotten, you’re not forsaken
For through your trials my saints awaken

They see my glory rest on you
And they now pray to see you through
And fire falls and lights the night
And from your knees you stand and fight

Stand in darkness stand in light
Stand in Christ and stand and fight
In Christ alone the battles won
And you will stand till the day is done

Remember this dear saints in chains
Your not alone in trials and pains
For Christ on high He covers you
The Body of Christ is with you too

We clamor for no earthly aid
On Calvary the price was paid
To you alone we bring our plea
For you alone can set us free

So whether Lord, we stand or fall
Our ears have heard that heavenly call
No earthly chains no hand of man
Can alter your eternal plan

To you alone we bring our pleas
With hands outstretched and on our knees
We dare not stand on any ground
Before thy throne we shall be found

It’s not by might these chains erase
It’s not by power but by thy grace
Thy Spirit shall loose and break asunder
Every fetter shall fall and that by thunder

I listen for thy voice on high
And lightening fractures the very sky
I see thy glory move in power
The earthquakes shake this very hour

When every martyred saint reviled
Shall be with Him and reconciled
To walk the earth no more abused
Nor suffer greatly and accused

But know this saint behind those walls
The Master comes for those He calls
And every pilgrim refugee
Shall lift their eyes and be set free

He’s coming with the morning dew
He’s coming now for me and you
To elevate the captive soul
To take you home and make you whole

Rise in Spirit my captive brother
Rise with Christ and one another
For by your chains you testify
To Him alone you live or die

Under the Shadow of the Fallen Tree

Under the shadow of an aged fallen tree
Springs forth a root that will surely honor thee
Pour forth thy rain on a fasting remnant bride
Pierce the darkness till there’s nowhere left to hide

What was established will shortly pass away
As we wait upon on our Groom for the marriage day
Though the storm is approaching and hell is up and off its knees
You shall rend forth the heavens and water our thirsty pleas

For though we see the storm approach with all its thunderous noise
We see that Christ behind it comes and in this we shall rejoice
Our eyes forever fixed on Him as foundations begin to crumble
And structures fall and pass away and proud men faint and stumble

The saints around the world cry out from barren wasteland places
And down the Spirit falls on them and shines upon their faces
Yet darkness falls around the world but in the hearts of saints
Your light it shines, the Kingdom comes where no one ever faints

To soar with the eagles high above, to run to the darkness and that with love
Shall conquer every mountain high, till we see His glory split the sky
Let every fountain burst asunder, as you come down and speak with thunder
Then men around the world will say, tis Christ the King and judgement day!

He is My Mast

The storm is raging all around
You are going to be swept away
Each wave knocks you to the ground
You won’t see the light of another day

In that desperate moment when all is lost
You lash yourself to the mast
If this ship goes down you’re going down
To this ship you have tied yourself fast

Who will you cling to when all is lost
Who is your solid ground
Who sticks closer than a brother to you
When no one else can be found

Who is a Father to the fatherless
Who gladly took your place
Who comforts you when no one’s around
Who has amazing grace?

In Christ our King we stand or fall
To you and I He’s all in all
In every dark and stormy night
He gives us strength to stand and fight

He is the Mast that we tie ourselves to
He is the air that we breathe
He is the ground beneath our feet
He is the Reward we receive

Jesus Christ is the Lord of all
He will catch us when we fall
We rise each day our course is charted
And He will finish what He has started

Take hope my child I stand with you
And I will lead and guide you through
And you shall never be destroyed
In fact in me you’ll be overjoyed

For I make beauty from the ashes
I light the night with lightning flashes
I shake the earth and still the waves
I am your God the one who saves.

Take my Hand Mam

Take my hand mam
It’s time for me to leave
Why so sad mam
I see those tears upon your sleeve

Don’t cry for me mam
This life has not been good to me
Yet in just a moment’s time
I’ll finally be set free

I remember ally bally
And sitting on your knee
I remember Whiteside’s flowers
And being late for tea

I remember summers long ago
And swimming in the dam
Fires on Kilgreggan’s beach
But most of all my mam

I remember daddy kissing you
Me jumping on his back
I remember wee chip standing there
And whiskey getting whacked

I was young them mam, you know
I could never guess what lay ahead of me
Just as well, don’t you think mam
That the future’s something we cannot see

I lie here now I see your face
My hand in yours a warm embrace
He’s coming now, the Lord for me
And with Him forever I will be

Goodbye mam it’s time to go
I loved you always, this you know
Take my hand and lay it down
For I’ve exchanged it for a crown

Close your eyes and think of me
Tighter mam, now, can you see?
I’m beautiful, He’s made me whole
He’s replaced everything the locusts stole

Mam, we’ll meet again one day
When you come to the end of the narrow way
And together we’ll dance and praise and sing
The glories of our risen King.

Keep on Walking

Keep on walking
Through the rain and through the snow
Keep on walking
Allow the Lord to show you where to go

Keep on walking
Through the fire and through the flood
Keep on walking
Knowing that you’re covered by His Blood

Keep on walking
When there seems no way ahead
Keep on walking
Though you be lost, know that you are Spirit led

Keep on walking
Though there’s no strength to go on
Keep on walking
Through the darkness till you reach the dawn

Keep on walking
Though every instinct says give up
Keep on walking
Till the darkness ends and you see the sun come up

Keep on walking
Never stop until the very end
Keep on walking
He walks with you, He is your Lord and He’s your friend

Though today you may feel you are alone
Can I tell you from the one upon the throne
Keep on walking for I am right there by your side
I am at the door and I am coming for my Bride

I love you and I know just where you are
I am near though it seems that I am far
You are not alone I am with you all the way
I see you tears and hear your prayers each day

Walk my child come walk with me each day
Open up your heart and I will show the way
Though trials now seem so very hard to bear
Know that I am with you and that I truly care

One day soon you’ll know just as you’re known
And dwell with me eternally before my Holy throne
Do not hide from me, come and keep on talking
Get up once more, set your face, it’s time to keep on walking.

You can see many more of my poems here….. https://www.facebook.com/PoemsFromFrank/?ref=bookmarks

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