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The river of life or the forest of affliction?

Posted by appolus on January 4, 2016

Many years ago the Holy Spirit showed me two groups of people. There was a river and it had a current , the strongest part being found towards the middle. On either side, dense forest, almost jungle like in its density. There were some who had entered into the river, not up to their ankles or knees or waist, but fully immersed, no longer standing on their own two feet, but being taken down the river by the current. Then I looked and saw there was another group. Headed down the river no doubt, but on dry land on their own two feet hashing and slashing their way in exhausting efforts to beat a path through the dense forest.

The river was God and the Holy Spirit was the current. The forest was this life and the efforts to make forward progress was the flesh. I wonder, are you floating down the river or maybe you are on the banks of the river blasting your way through by your own efforts, thinking those efforts are virtuous. Perhaps even throwing rocks at those who have found the current of God and who never seem to tire? This year, find the river of life and immerse yourself in it and allow yourself to be taken where it will take you.

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