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Finding Church in a land full of churches-A vision from God

Posted by appolus on June 10, 2015

wagon 2” Some of us have already left institutionalized Christianity either because we were pushed out for asking the wrong questions or because we could no longer continue to serve the demands of an institution that seemed so at odds with the passion growing in our hearts. None of us did so easily, having spent decades serving in local congregations and engaged in multiple efforts to reform them. In the end we left not to abandon our faith but to explore that faith on a more vibrant journey than those structures would allow.” ( Wayne Jacobsen, Finding Church)

There is nothing more important for each saint than His journey home. This journey with the Lord is a vibrant unexpected one where we never really know what is around the next corner. The wind of the Holy Spirit blows where it will and none of us truly know from what direction it will blow next and where it will lead us. Many years ago the Lord gave me vision. It was as if I was hovering over the land of America. I could see the States kinda mapped out below me. There was a great migration taking place. People from the Midwest were striking out in a great journey westwards in wagon trains just as they had in this country 150 years ago. They were leaving everything they knew behind and were fully committed to the journey ahead. They knew some of what lay ahead from others, but still there were many unknowns and dangers. None of that put them off. They were committed to the journey ahead. So they struck out from a place called Independence.map

They struggled over many different landscapes and each landscape seem to represent some portion of their sanctification. There were rivers and mountains and valleys and storms and deserts and so on. And they represented pride and independence and lust and anger and un-forgiveness and all the many sins and deficiencies of the human nature. As they got further away from Independence, their dependency upon God grew. Each mountain climbed, every river forded, every storm endured drew them closer to the Lord. They were being shaped by their journey and by their dependence upon God. Finally I saw them arrive at the Pacific Ocean. Now shortly after arriving there, a ship approached and the captain urged them to get on-board. They shouted to Him, ” where are you headed, where will the ship takes us?” The captain pointed at the horizon. They asked Him if he had any maps or charts to show them what lay beyond the horizon, He did not. A few decided to get on board but the vast majority decided to stay. They had had some ideas and maps of how to get to where they were now, but to get on this ship and sail into completely unknown territory was simply asking too much and they were not prepared to risk it all.

Their temporary wagons were broken down in the beautiful place and they began to set up permanent structures. Each day the ship would re-appear and each day the captain would beckon to them to get on board but His voice grew dimmer and dimmer and suddenly the ship and the captain appeared no more. With the journey over and the permanent structures erected the people grew weak and had no vision. While on the journey the storms had made them strong and drew them closer to the Lord but now the storms were weakening them and they withdrew from the coast. Yet each time they fell back and restructured they became weaker still and had to continually fall back. They eventually arrived back at the very place they had left all those years before, Independence.

I don’t want to expound too much on the vision. I would simply like you to reflect upon it and see if the Lord would speak to your heart through it…………………bro Frank

4 Responses to “Finding Church in a land full of churches-A vision from God”

  1. Steve said

    Thank you, Frank, for sharing that vision. Indeed I will meditate on it.

    blessing, Steve

  2. Barbara said

    If the Lord is calling one out to follow him, the response must be immediate. We must respond when he calls if we are to enjoy all that he has for us. We must do it his way, in his timing or we become stuck and lifeless in our old religious ways.

    • appolus said

      Yes I agree Barbara, when the Lord calls we must follow right away, if we do not, the level of difficulty increases, not impossible, just harder and harder everytime we ignore that small still voice………………….bro Frank

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