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The ministry of Condemnation

Posted by appolus on June 4, 2015

2Co 3:9 For if the ministration of condemnation be glory, much more does the ministration of righteousness exceed in glory.

The ministry of condemnation. That is quite a phrase is it not? This ministry that Paul is talking about is the ministry of Moses under the Old Covenant. Yes it had a glory, one that was fading away and veiled. Those who have not experienced the new birth will labor under this ministry of condemnation, their hearts veiled to the glory of the risen God through Jesus our Lord.

Now, if you are walking in condemnation, it makes sense that you will share what you know. You will share the condemnation that you yourself labor under. Your words will bring death for the letter killeth but the Spirit gives life. The Spirit of God that dwells in us who know Jesus and have been born from above brings life to the hearers. The Scriptures tells us that” if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his.” So it really all comes down to whether one has the Spirit of God in them or not.

Even when the man of the Spirit has to impart serious words his words will impart life. They may cause conviction but not condemnation. The sole purpose of the work of the Spirit is to glorify Christ. His conviction leads with and pleads with men. When the Holy Spirit shows men their inner state, He also shows us Christ our way of escape. The whole purpose is redemptive. The man who is lacking the Spirit shares death when he speaks, his purpose is not redemptive at all, it is for the purposes of condemnation and its end is death.

If we study the religious spirit over the last 2000 years, we see clear patterns emerge time and time again. Its ultimate aim is to condemn and control and manipulate. We are moving into the times when religion will rule supreme. I know that sounds counter-intuitive. Yet in my spirit I sense the spirit of anti-christ on the rise as many saints are sensing all over the world. Make no mistake, the anti-christ spirit is a religious spirit. The end days will not be marked by a secular persecution of the saints, it will be marked by a religious persecution of the saints, undoubtedly aided by the state, but certainly spear-headed by the religious.

The worse examples right now are obviously groups like ISIS. They roundly condemn all who are not like them. They control and manipulate in areas where they have control and they spread fear and condemnation far and wide. We saints in the West have witnessed the rise of the religious spirit in our midst. As each denomination topples and falls and gives itself over fully to the world, they do not do so quietly. Not content in departing from the Word of God, they join their voices with the world and condemn those who oppose them. They do this to manipulate and control and silence any voices that would contradict them. Historically it has always ended in violence.

What is fascinating about this spirit is that its principles are universal. This spirit can operate in a household. Maybe there is a domineering husband who rules with an iron fist. There is no acceptable opinion apart from his. He dominates and manipulates and seeks to control every aspect of the lives that have the misfortune to be under him. This can often lead to violence if he is opposed. We can see the same dynamic in the small group that is dominated by people who must control. They dominate and manipulate and seek to control all who fall under their influence. Any one who questions their authority in any way is condemned. We saw that for well over a thousand years with the largest religious group of that time, the Catholic church. They would seek to destroy anyone who stood up to them and dared to question their authority.

And so we see the religious spirit acts according to its nature, it can do nothing else. There is coming one man who will dominate the whole world. He will manipulate them with flattery and signs and wonders. He will control every human being on the earth. Those who oppose him will suffer the same fate as the wife who stands up to the tyrant husband, to the voices that have stood up to the religious spirit over the centuries. He will crush all opposition with maniacal zeal. He will seek to isolate them by condemnation for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. If the heart is black then the words will be black, devoid of life.

Yet praise God we have this as the Saints of God. He whom the Son sets free is free indeed. No matter what tyranny that we face, we will not bow down to the gods of this world whose aim is to dominate, control and manipulate. We have the Spirit of the Living God in us and we shall act according to the nature of the Spirit in us. We have a new heart that God Himself gave us and out of the abundance of that heart flows life and love and the beauty of Holiness. Our words bring life and that more abundantly. We encourage one another in our walk for there is now no condemnation for those who walk in Christ Jesus, who have the Spirit of God dwelling in them. Those in the Spirit do not seek to dominate or manipulate or control anyone, the exact opposite of the religious spirit. In fact there is enmity between them, a gulf that cannot be crossed for one is life and the other is death.

As many who are led by this Spirit, the Spirit of God, the Spirit that dwells in them, they are the sons and daughters of God. And since you are a son and a daughter of God then you are joint heirs with Christ and as you suffer with Him then you will reign with Him. The Spirit of God in us witnesses with our own spirits that we are His children and by being His children we cry out to our Father. And we find grace and mercy and love and joy and peace and forgiveness in the depths of our Fathers heart. We discover that we are the apple of our Fathers eye. We see that His thought towards us are numbered more than the sands of the sea. He loves us with an everlasting love and in the discovery of that, in the revelry of that we love Him and that love fills us to overflowing and through the brokenness of our earthly vessels flows to others. Life, and that more abundantly. This perfect love and the experiencing of it casts out all fear and condemnation thus rendering the one who seeks to dominate and manipulate and control quite impotent. No matter how much he rages he finds it falls impotently to the ground because his greatest weapon, fear, has been swallowed up in death. Death to flesh and life to spirit. Stand fast saints, for in this power, the power of the Spirit, we stand. Might and power may rage, but the Spirit of God prevails and conquers in Christ Jesus.

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