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Out of the abundance of our passion.

Posted by appolus on January 13, 2015

The other day I was reading my companies weekly. I must admit that I typically do not read it. It is usually full of tips for Real Estate and so on which really don’t interest me all that much. The founder of the company had written a piece and I found myself reading it. I first met him when he was a very young man. He was undoubtedly and entrepeneur. I am sure if you have lived long enough you have met these guys. I have met a few in my day and they all have one thing in common and it is not a love for money, quite the opposite. The love business and building and growing businesses seems to be what inspires them. It is a passion for them, something they were born with. This is definitely true of the man who started the company that I work for. He has a passion for what he does and he was alluding to that in the article.

Anyway, the thought that caught my attention was that he said money should always be a by-product of your passion. If the passion is there, the money will follow. In the business world I have seen that to be true. I know in my own business I never think about the money. I get clients and I want to do what is best for them and because I am in Real Estate, the very last thing to happen in a process that can take several months, is that I get a commission. Those who respect their clients and are driven to always do what is best for them, with no regard to the money, seem to be the ones who last in an industry that has a very high turn-over. So, in short, do everything right, fight for and protect your clients and then comes the commission and very typically future referrals.

Now how can we equate that to the Kingdom of God? If we are passionate worshipers of Jesus, then everything else is secondary. If Jesus is the primary object of our passions, then everything else becomes the by-product. If we ever get that wrong, we cease to be effective. If soul winning is our primary object, we cease to be effective soul winners. If faith is our primary object then we cannot be faithful. If Holiness is our primary object than we cannot be holy. If revival is our primary object then we will never see revival. Outside of Jesus being the primary object of our lives then we are doomed to fail in the realms of the Spirit.

I would argue that the saints who have rocked this world for Jesus are the saints who have walked in intimate communion with Him. He is the source of all love and majesty and glory and power. Only by abiding in Him ( Him being our primary object) can we walk in forgiveness and mercy and grace. When we do this it is followed by power and signs and wonders. Out of the abundance of the passion that we experience as we walk with Jesus as our grand obsession comes the overflow that changes those around us and brings light into a dark world. Are you being ineffective in your walk? Have you wondered why? Is Jesus the primary object of your life? Is there joy in you life? Is there glory in your life? Are you an over-comer? Do you have thankful spirit? Listen saints, if Jesus is truly the primary object of your life then what follows that is love, joy, peace, faithfulness,thankfulness, forgiveness and so on. How often have I heard a saint say, on any one of the aforementioned issues ” I need to work on that.” That is quite exactly wrong. No amount of “work,” can muster up joy nor thankfulness nor love nor any of the issues of the heart. He must be our all in all. In Him we live and move and have our being. Jesus Himself is the answer to any problem you are having, any problem. The answer lies in Him alone, the answer lies before the throne.

Whatever you seek to achieve in the Kingdom of God comes directly from the depths of your relationship with Him. Find a man who is passionate about sports and he will bore your pants off speaking about it. Find a man who is passionate about politics and he will rip your shirt of telling you all about the latest policies and issues and state of the world. Find a man who is truly passionate about Jesus and you will find a man who is changing the world. Out of the abundance of our passion flows the power of God.

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