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The faith that pleases God.

Posted by appolus on November 29, 2014

“A life of faith is not a life of one glorious mountaintop experience after another, like soaring on eagles wings, but it is a life of day in and day out consistency; a life of walking without fainting ( see Isaiah 40:31) It is not even a question of holiness and sanctification, but of something which comes much further down the road. It is a faith that has been tried and proved and has withstood the test. Abraham is not a type or an example of the holiness or sanctification, but a type of the life of faith- a faith tested and true, built on the true God.” Oswald Chambers-My Utmost for His Highest)

God honors the saints who have been tried and tested. He knows, He sees, He understands. He measures the man on the inside. The younger slightly arrogant saint believes he is holy and sanctified. Yet, let that man walk through the fires of life. Loss of a wife, or a child maybe. Robbed, beaten, hated. No standing in life. Loss in general. Does he still love God? Is his heart still pursuing God? No matter what happens does he still fall upon his God and keep on walking down the narrow path of life? It’s not about the ministry you have. It’s not about how other men perceive you. It’s not about success in this life. It’s about knowing Him. Yes, that is what it is about, knowing Him and being found in Him.The more you know Him the less you need to know where your going. God knows.

The poor pentecostal often believes it comes through the waving of a magic wand represented by the hand of the latest preacher. The poor fundamentalist believes that faith comes through study. The saint that has walked through the flood and through the fire and through a thousand storms knows that God is faithful and true. He understands that is not about his own faith but it is about God’s faithfulness. The realization of Gods faithfulness enhances our faith in God. Only one way to do that. It wont come through study. It wont come through prayer and it wont come through your own personal holiness, as great as all of these things are. Faith is obedience to the small still voice to go forward into the unknown. Faith is about still standing when the storm has raged and beaten upon your life. Faith is born and is watered in and by the storms of life. Faith is tempered and hardened by the fiery furnaces we are called to walk through.

Abraham did many things wrong. On more than one occasion he was willing to pretend he was not married in order to save his own life, hardly the stuff of hero’s. Yet in the end, Abraham was willing to suffer the loss in order to be found in Him because he knew Him. Paul counted all things as loss in order to be found in Him. Have you walked through the fires of life? Have you suffered loss? Are you still standing upon the foundation of Jesus? Is He you very life? Faith, tested and true is a beautiful thing and it pleases God. Imagine that saints, it pleases God.

4 Responses to “The faith that pleases God.”

  1. elisabeth said

    That is so true brother, good word.

  2. Barbara said

    “The more you know Him, the less you need to know where you are going”. This is where He has brought me to. I have experienced a lot to get here, but, I would not trade this understanding that I do not need to know where I am going for anything. I know Him, and that is enough. To know Him is to love Him. To know Him is to trust Him. He has proved faithful and true.

  3. David C Brown said

    “But the just shall live by faith”; not only justified by it, but actually living by it. We have Christ as Leader and Completer of faith.

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