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Our steps are ordered of God

Posted by appolus on October 14, 2014

I was walking this morning on the trail, my quiet time with the Lord. As I went under the bridge there was a young woman, maybe late 20s, sitting beside the creek with her headphones on just staring at the water. I got a check in my spirit. As I walked on the Lord asked me to pray with this young woman. So I kept walking, arguing with myself a little bit. I walked about another mile but cut my walk short. I turned around and thought to myself ” if she is still there, I will talk to her.” A notion crossed my mind that she was contemplating something bad. Anyway, when I got back to that spot, there she was. She still had her earphones in. I walked past several yards, then thought ” what the heck.”

I turned around and approached her. She took her earphones off and I asked her if everything was okay. She said “no.” Tears were just falling from her face. I asked her what was going on and she said someone she knew very well had let her down very badly. It seemed such a gracious description of what was going on. No names, no details, just the simple truth. I asked her is she was going to be okay and she said ” yeah, sometimes you just gotto cry it out.” I asked her if I could pray for her and she said , yes, please, all the time tears just freely flowing.

And so, there beside the little river, I brought this young woman before the throne of grace to my heavenly Father. In my prayer I thanked Jesus that He had stood up in the temple and announced that He had come to heal the broken-hearted. I asked Jesus to heal Nina’s heart. I thanked Him that Nina was not alone there besides the river , that God was with her and had seen her tears. Then I asked Jesus that Nina would open up her heart and let Him in that He may heal her. I asked it all in that wonderful name of Jesus, we hugged and I walked on, amazed once again at the love of God. So, brothers and sisters, be on the lookout for Nina’s today. There is a hurting world out there and if we want and desire it, the Holy Spirit will use us in very simple ways. If you feel led by the Spirit, be bold and step out in faith. Not only will you minister to others, the Lord will minister to you as you do. And if you remember, pray for Nina today.

7 Responses to “Our steps are ordered of God”

  1. A lot of people seem to think God doesn’t love them personally. The opposite is true; He loves us more than we can really be comfortable with. Psalm 56:8 says He’s numbered our steps and written down every time we’ve cried. We don’t even do that for the people we love the most, yet He does it for all of us. It’s just amazing to think about.

    • appolus said

      For God so loved the world……………..The genuine love of God for the lost is the most powerful weapon that God has equipped His saints with……………………..bro Frank

  2. Maryjane said

    Greetings Frank

    I was so encouraged by this writing that you shared. I wanted you to know that. Your heart and the things you share will surely be missed at SI. Please keep in touch as the Lord leads you brother

    God bless

    • appolus said

      Hi sister. Thank you for your comment and I wanted you to know that you and a couple of others have been the only reason that I have continued to interact with Sermon Index which has long since lost the place. I think if you were to check out the devotional section you would see a barren wasteland of no replies. It is akin t a church with no prayer meeting. It is very sad to see it go in such a way but this is what comes when men are determined to be in control and God does not have the place. I will certainly keep in touch sister, we are kindred spirits because we have been baptized into the one Spirit with one heart that beats in love with Jesus our Lord who is preeminent in our lives. I have met so many saints over the years where there is an instant fellowship and love and friendship and loyalty. Now, with the religious man, there is none of that, quite the opposite. As Tozer said ” The once born man is always the deadliest enemy of the twice born man.” …………bro Frank

  3. Renee Robertson said

    Brother Frank,
    Greetings! I met you at an SI conference in Atlanta back in Sept. 2012. We also had a wonderful time of fellowship the next day with other brothers and sisters where the Lord gave me a word to share concerning a holy visitation. I have been reading your words here and on SI, and I was grieved in my heart when I read you were no longer welcome there. I know your heart is for the Lord and Him alone, and you challenged man’s idolatry for denominations. We are called to “flee from Babylon” but the Holy Spirit must remove Babylon from our hearts. Only the Refiner’s fire can do this, as man will not let go of what he finds comfort and identity in, willingly.
    It has been on my heart for the last 3 1/2 years to pray for a “holy visitation” from the Lord, not revival. What’s the difference, some may ask. This will be a visitation of the “goodness and severity” of the Lord. There will be supernatural judgement and supernatural blessing happening at the same time. When God comes down, His supernatural power is made manifest; then we will know that He is the Lord. We see this clearly expressed in Gen. 19 & 20; cities were destroyed, and Sarah conceived and brought forth Issac. All done by the sovereign hand of God.

    I am greatly encouraged by the Spirit’s words written by you. The you for your faithfulness, brother.


    • Renee Robertson said

      Sorry, I meant THANK YOU!!

    • appolus said

      Dear sister, what a blessing to hear from you and I receive and agree with the word you have spoken, given by the insight of the Holy Spirit. We are indeed called to ” flee from Babylon,” and the denominations are undoubtedly an idol to so many in so many ways, just as even the Temple was and God did not leave one stone unturned on that because of what men had turned it into. There are many wonderful saints scattered throughout all the churches of the land and what a blessing they are wherever they are gathered. Yet, the day will come and soon I believe, they they will be ejected from their gatherings because they are lovers of the truth and only bow down to God and nothing else. Cultural winds are blowing strong but will certainly intensify in the coming days and saints will be forced to either compromise their consciences or walk the narrow lonely path that leads back home. We know that broad is the path that leads to destruction but narrow is the path that leads to life and few their are that find it. This is the Word of God Himself. I thank God though, that in this country in particular , that even ” the few,” are numbered in the millions and what a glorious day it will be when the saints find themselves outside the camp of everything idolatrous, compelled there by there desire to please only God and not man, not willing to compromise, praise God. I believe that the holy visitations that you speak of will be designed by the Lord to strengthen the saints for persecution, first and foremost by ” religious men,” always the deadliest enemies of the saints down through the ages. The secular forces and the religious forces in combination coming together to persecute God’s people in these the last days, just as it always has been. Yet praise God, when the enemy comes in like a flood then the Lord raises up a standard, in this case, pours out His Spirit upon His people. So no matter how severe the persecution becomes, Gods people only get stronger in a glorious display of His power and grace so as to be a witness to all the world.

      As for SI sister, the Lord judges and in that I am content, let each man be rewarded according to His deeds, yet may we always depend solely upon the grace of God and His mercy which allows us to come before the throne. God sees the heart, not what we present to others, but He sees the heart. What a wonderful thing it is not to have to justify ones-self before men but to be happy knowing that God is never fooled. Take care sister and may the Lord bless you as we await His holy visitations………..bro Frank

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