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We shall stand in that evil day!

Posted by appolus on September 22, 2014

God has burned the truth of the remnant into the hearts and bones of His children. The days are fast approaching and the times are growing darker but only because the light that outshines the sun is coming for His bride. All of hell and darkness knows this and they know that their time is short. Everything that can be shaken is and shall be shaken. Those who stand upon the solid Rock of Truth, Jesus Himself, shall ultimately be unmoved. They may lose everything in this world, but what is loss to them in this world shall be gain to them in the next. Brothers and sisters, we have treasure in our earthen vessels. That treasure is the glory of God. Hold fast. Consider the lengths men go to in order to protect their earthly treasures. What price our true heavenly treasures? We are a witness to the glory of God here on earth, we bear a testimony. The enemy of our souls seeks to devour that testimony and seeks to take away the manifestations of righteousness. Peace and love and joy and contentment and forgiveness. These are our beacons of light which God shines through the vessels that have been broken for the cause of Christ. Those who bear the light shall stand in that evil day.

4 Responses to “We shall stand in that evil day!”

  1. Nina Stone said

    Reblogged this on For Such A Time As This and commented:
    Something to hold on to in these dark days…

  2. White Raiment said

    Amen! We must count all things loss, to gain that which is of true value. I’ve shared this on my blog (http://whiteraimentrev3.wordpress.com/2014/09/23/we-shall-stand-in-that-evil-day/).

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