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The wall shall shortly fall-and great will be the fall of it.

Posted by appolus on August 30, 2014

There is a wall spoken of in Ezekiel 13:10-16. The wall is constructed upon false-hood and lies. Lying prophets who tell the people what they want to hear. They cry peace and prosperity where there is no peace and their prosperity is the gold and  silver of this world. Their gold and silver and jewels are truly wood, hay and stubble and it shall surely come to nothing when the Lord comes against this wall.

There are many who plaster this wall and they do so with ” untempered mortar.” Now, I laid bricks for over 25 years. In the beginning, when I was an apprentice, we went to a trade school. In that trade school, which was indoors, we built many beautiful structures. We built egg-shaped sewers and Gothic arches and so on and we perfected all the finer points of constructing beautiful structures. If you were to walk into the large room where we were hard at work, you would see some of the finest examples of brickwork to be found. The untrained eye would not notice and really could not notice that the mortar between the bricks was only sand and lime, it was untempered, it had no cement. When the project was finished it was simply and easily taken down and the material would be scraped off and used again. If it were outside, it would last to a certain degree but if a storm or rain were to hit it, the structures would simply collapse on themselves as the mortar that held everything together never set and had no actual strength to withstand the weather or shaking.

This is the kind of wall that Ezekiel is talking about in Chapter 13. Christendom itself is just like this wall. It has been constructed by false prophets and the mortar used to hold it all together is religiosity. It gives a beautiful appearance and it encompasses a stronghold, but the time is coming soon when the Lord Himself will come against this structure. The Lord Himself will cause a storm designed specifically to bring the structure down. This is just like Matthew 7:26 where the Lord talks about two houses. One is built upon a foundation of Truth, that is Jesus, and the other has no foundation at all, it is merely built on sand. Now, in the normal course of events no one would ever know what house had a foundation or which did not, until a storm comes and beats against the house and it falls and great is the fall of that house, yet the house that stands upon Jesus alone, weathers the storm.

This storm is coming brothers and sisters. In fact the fore-winds have already begun to blow. There will be a flooding rain, great hailstones shall fall and a “stormy wind shall tear it down.” Tear what down and expose what? The great wall of religion and denominationalism shall soon be exposed as the birth pangs begin to intensify. God always has a remnant of people who dwell outside the walls, outside the systems of men who are witnesses and who testify of the truth. Indeed, as Stephen says , God does not dwell in temples built by human hands. God’s kingdom dwells within the hearts of His children. His structures consist of living stones. These living stones together, is the temple of God.

This great storm of darkness that is descending upon the world is designed to leave only the true children of God standing, and by standing I mean never faltering, standing fast to the end , prevailing, enduring and overcoming. That which is without the foundation of Jesus, which is constructed by untempered mortar will not stand and by not standing I mean shall falter, shall not stand fast unto the end, shall not prevail, shall not endure and shall not overcome rather shall be overcome by the great fall of the world and will be destroyed in the midst of this great fall when God moves. Finally that untempered wall shall be no more when the climax of the storm comes, when Jesus Himself shall descend in all His glory with the saints with a shout of glory and triumph. Those saints still alive after the final martyrs have been slaughtered shall arise and join Christ and His army in the air, that glorious army of saints who come with Christ and then every knee shall bow, of those in heaven and on earth and under the earth and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God.

9 Responses to “The wall shall shortly fall-and great will be the fall of it.”

  1. Robert Taylor said

    Greetings from Mexico brother Frank. After reading your excellent post, I believe this is an excellent opportunity to share a very vivid dream that I had recently. While I am not a prophet, and don’t claim to be, by virtue of my age I do qualify to be a “dreamer of dreams” according to the book of Joel.
    In the dream I was standing on a very large flat rock. Directly in front of me was a huge mountain of golden grain. It appeared to be wheat. This pile of grain was beautiful and very clean. I was standing on the flat rock with a large wooden rake in my hand, and I was pulling the golden grain down on the flat rock. Every time I would put the wooden rake into the grain the grain would begin cascading down on the flat rock filling up crevices and cavities in the surface of the rock. Off to my right just off of the rock there was another man also working in grain. I don’t know who the man was, he could have been any of my many brothers in the Lord. The grain that he was working with was completely different than the grain I was working in. His grain was a huge wall of very ugly grain. The grain was golden, but it was faded out and very mouldy. It was matted together by a green looking mould and formed a wall much like a wall you would build with bricks. The brother that was working with it had a large hammer in his hands and he was hitting the wall of ugly grain with the sledge hammer. All of a sudden the brother yelled at me, “Look out, it is getting ready to fall”, and the wall he was working on came tumbling down. That was the end of the dream.
    I believe with all my heart that the dream was from God brother Frank. And I don’t think that it is very difficult to figure out what it means. It ties right in with what you have written here. Blessings from Mexico brother……Robert

    • appolus said

      Hi brother, thank you for the dream. It certainly ties in. Six years ago, while in a back room praying with saints, I saw in the Spirit that we had approached a great walled city, a great stronghold. We had approached the city on our knees, we were an army of saints marching on our knees and we had come to a mighty walled fortress. To all intents and purposes it was impenetrable. The gathered saints began to pray, and these very prayers be began to crash into the wall. These prayers were like ancient stones being lobbed on catapults and crashing into the wall. All of a sudden I saw a breach and the breach became bigger and the wall began to come down. The Lord showed me clearly that this stronghold, this walled stronghold, was made up and had been built down through the centuries by men who were building their own kingdoms and these kingdoms, these walls had caused divisions and separations between the Body of Christ. There were many within the walls who were able to escape through the breach. God caused the breach through the prayers of the saints and was calling His saints out from behind those walls built by men and plastered by men using untempered mortar. What God builds stands. What men build falls, even if it takes centuries to fall. What God has called together, what Jesus called for in John 17 will come to pass…………………….bro Frank

  2. Georgie Newman said

    Hi Appolus – how absolutely refreshing I just came across this site today. I wanted to say what an encouragement to hear from others who belong to the remnant! I am hoping I can post what the Lord has shown me over past several years and the length of it wont be a problem!


    God is positioning His people in these last days. He is calling the Jews back to Israel; and His bride into a new dispensation led by His Spirit alone.

    The church today parallels the Revelation churches. Pleasing to the Lord in some things yet accepting and participating in sin abhorrent to a Righteous God.

    When we do not humbly seek God for His direction; hinder the Holy Spirit moving; arrogantly pursue our own agenda by busying ourselves with programs; produce inedible fruit; ignore the sheep, and birth premature converts, we are on dangerous ground.

    Unfortunately, those persisting with their own agenda ignorantly applaud themselves for their achievements, lacking insight to challenge or change their behavior. They are oblivious to their failings, appalling state, and neglect. Lacking understanding, they have given legal right for the spirit of Jezebel to cause untold damage; and many Christian leaders and their followers are failing to discern their condition due to spiritual blindness.

    Because of the fullness of sin in the church, God’s Judgment is upon us.

    In the latter part of 2014 the Lord gave me a dream and a series of visions showing me judgment had started in the church.

    In the dream my Father (God) was “dead” to my Mother (Church leaders), and she remarried. The family (the flock) was preoccupied and too spiritually ignorant to notice any change. My mother then aligned herself with the new husband’s family and she started behaving like them, the siblings following her lead without questioning.

    In God dreams my father always represents God; my Mother represents the leaders in the church, and my siblings as fellow believers. I “understood” for some church leaders God was dead to them as they ignored Him or gave their allegiance to someone else, or to their own agendas. They then took on the persona of their new family, departing from their old character. The sheep were preoccupied with “doing church” and were oblivious to the change.

    The Lord then showed me a series of visions. I was lying on my bed when Jesus led me to a field and showed me what looked like a beautiful melon which any farmer would have been proud of; it was ready to harvest. As I stood admiring this perfect fruit a two-edged sword came swiftly from heaven and sliced it in half. To my surprise, and disgust, the inside was crawling with maggots, the flesh was rotten – the fruit useless.

    Many are so proud of the fruit they have produced believing this will be their defense saying “Lord, Lord did we not… (do this…) in your Name? Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’ Matthew 7: 22,23

    To be known by God we need to produce good fruit in accordance with His will. We can only do this by remaining humble, seeking Jesus daily, and obeying our Heavenly Father; not acting out of our own understanding, nor pandering to what we, or others think.

    When the Lord gave me the dream and showed me this first vision I understood in the spirit that God was speaking about a significant percentage of Christians, not just a few, so I asked the Lord to confirm what He had shown me.

    Immediately I saw an axe at the base of a huge tree that had no foliage. The axe was swung, and the tree toppled with just one blow.

    God’s decisive and frightening judgment was swift. The tree represented the established church; the lack of foliage its failure to provide shade, protection and shelter.

    I was then taken by the Lord to where people were gathered. They were looking down at others, smug in their superior, safe position. Suddenly the roof caved in. Despite their confidence of being immune from judgment and what is to come, they were not. Their covering was a pseudo-Jesus that fitted in with their mind sets, heart and lifestyle; not Jesus Christ the Rock of the Bible, so their protection crumbled under God’s examination. For He knows our hearts, hears our boastful speech, observes our attitudes and knows the fruit we produce. No one can deceive, nor escape the Righteous Judge.

    The most devastating vision which may seem the least to the ignorant was more appalling than all the previous visions. God was in fact drawing a line in the sand for those not walking in obedience to Him.

    Despite possessing many bibles believers have neglected His Word. Therefore, the Lord is taking the Bible, the Word of God from them. In the vision, He tore it so those who have ignored or neglected His Word could no longer learn from it. He ripped understanding and revelation from them.

    There is hope for those who hear the warning of the first three visions if they act quickly. However, the last vision is so appalling because the time to realize and repent is being taken away from those who ignore God’s Word.

    Many churches are oblivious to their condition. Watering down the gospel and making it palatable to those who don’t want to “die to self” to filling the church and its coffers.

    False Shepherds incapable of meeting the flocks needs fearfully control them by refusing God’s anointed servants to bring balance and have by their choice welcomed the Jezebel spirit. A spirit so rife in many churches Jesus is no longer holding back, instead calling His true sheep out of these apostate organizations – can you hear Him?

    For those who have entrusted them selves to false leaders rather than taking responsibility for their own walk they will not be immune to God’s Judgment. “Let us, therefore, make every effort to enter that rest, so that no one will fall by following their (false leaders) example of disobedience.” Hebrews 4:11

    Therefore, do not be one who produces rotten fruit; ignore to study, fail to apply the Word to your life; nor be part of institutions that deny the power of the Holy Spirit. Repent! Come out, escape from these apostate churches. Be alert, rejoice when you hear warnings sound rather than be upset when your safe, comfortable existence is being shaken.

    If you ostracize or ignore those sounding the alarm and continue to walk with those who are spiritually blind the Bible describes your condition clearly. For “[They are] every hearing, but never understanding; [they are] ever seeing, but never perceiving. …the heart of this people [are] calloused; make their ears dull and close their eyes. Otherwise they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts, and turn and be healed.” Isaiah 6:9-10

    “For we are the temple of the living God. As God, has said: “I will live with them and walk among them, and I will be their God, and they will be my people. Therefore, come out from them and be separate, says the Lord. Touch no unclean thing, and I will receive you. I will be a Father to you and you will be my sons and daughters says the Lord Almighty.”2 Corinthians 6:16-17

    The time to “turn and be spiritually healed” is now, before it is too late! There is such urgency. For God, has started refining His Church, separating the sheep from the goats. He is doing this by calling His sheep to a new dispensation. One that is to serve a Holy God in awe; no longer pampering to the flesh, self centered wants, or immature faith. No longer will the Lord tolerate people following those who have made ministries, or a name for themselves. We must follow and worship God alone.

    For those who scoff that God’s Judgment has begun, be careful not to look in the natural, for you will not discern the separation before it is too late. For those whose desire is to follow Christ but aren’t wholeheartedly, the enemy is waiting ready to claim you should you ignore the warnings, the signs of the times and most of all God’s Word.

    God is now calling His Bride together to become Holy, Pure and Ready for His return.
    Will you take heed?


    Up till now, when the Lord has sounded a warning people have either been dismissive, intellectually agreed, but done nothing. But have not understood the call is for change!

    The Lord is spiritually separating the wheat from the tares, the sheep from the goats as He prepares His bride for the things to come.

    For the Lord says:
    “I will forsake my house (church), abandon my inheritance; I will give the one I love into the hands of her enemies” …. ”They will sow wheat but reap thorns; they will wear themselves out but gain nothing. So, bear the shame of your harvest because of the Lord’s fierce anger”. Jeremiah 12:7 & 13

    Judgement has begun with God’s house.

    But for His bride He will lead her and keep her safe to the finishing line.

    If we desire to be part of the bride we need to completely surrender to God; letting, go of everything that would hinder us finishing the race. This attitude is essential for all who desire to be found worthy at the coming of the Lord.

    Individual’s need to recognize and then put aside their own agenda’s, mindsets, lack of self-discipline, weaknesses, failings and wrong theology so they successfully undergo a radical change and can live victoriously by obeying whatever the Lord requires of them.

    Equally the church needs to realize the way things have been done up until now will change.

    We are to worship a HOLY GOD in spirit and truth. No more playing church. Programs, positions, ego’s and power struggles, they all must go. Everyone must understand and fulfill their unique role as part of the body. Only by living passionately and wholeheartedly will there be no room for mediocrity or luke-warmness.

    Daily meetings will become normal in the last days. Prayer will be the basis for every meeting with the Holy Spirit inspiring whoever to speak, worship, teach or direct. The true church will essentially go underground – the apostate church will be allowed to openly function as they, will and are, compromising the Word of God.

    For the bride to rise in the supernatural, each person will need to step up into a new way of thinking, behaving and prioritizing God’s purposes. This will be at the expense of their desires. This change will take great strength and resolve, for some it will be extremely challenging, uncomfortable and confronting. But the rewards will be great for those who are courageous enough to put aside their agenda and fully embrace God’s Will.

    We cannot be pleasing to God unless we repent, die to self, love others more than ourselves, be single minded in achieving a life of holiness, discipline ourselves to live according to the Word, preach an unadulterated, uncompromising gospel, and speak God’s plans and purposes into the lives of the saints without fear or favour.

    Are we up for it?

    We need to be. There is a great urgency to surrender to God’s will for the anti-Christ spirit is rapidly spreading across the world like a cancer. The devil’s schemes will sweep anyone who is not prepared both naturally and spiritually into deception and death.

    On May 30th, 2015 the Lord showed me a time is coming where the anti-Christ will operate in a way that up until now the church has not fully understood.

    Most are aware of what the Bible says about end times and the anti-Christ however what the Lord showed me will be more insidious than anyone can imagine.

    As I lay prostrate worshipping the Lord in the Holy of Holies He told me to STAND.

    In a vision, I stood before His throne waiting for Him to speak to me I saw the most beautiful Being seated on the throne. As I gazed in wonder at their face fortunately I started seeing with discernment. The face started distorting until the face represented something sub human.

    The eyes of this Being were mesmerizing. Fire shone with brilliance from them, and I understood the eyes being the mirror to the soul they not only showed this Being’s true agenda of bringing devastation to the earth, but showed it was fully aware of its own fate; and so, will not rest endeavoring to take as many people with it.

    I understood the Being had set himself up in the place of God, yet the deception of this was so great that only those prepared to surrender everything to the Lord will be alert enough to discern this is not God Himself. Despite at first looking so beautiful, over time he could not and will not be able to maintain the illusion – but by then it will be too late for those deceived by it.

    Despite understanding about the end times and the anti-Christ I asked the Lord what did it all mean? For I understood the Lord was showing me something of great importance.

    I heard “he will mimic God’s goodness so much that he will deceive most of the world and he will deceive many of God’s elect”.

    For although God’s elect is aware of the anti-Christ and think they are ready and will not be deceived they do not realize that he will mimic not only God’s goodness, but he will also mimic (for a time) how God relates to us.

    The Lord has taken me through many years, increasing the times in the past six months of allowing Satan to endeavor to trick me into believing he was God. Despite the episodes becoming so subtle I have passed the test each time. Satan managed to counterfeit God’s voice, behavior and characteristics for a time before he would slip up. However, what I saw on 31st May 2015, his deception will go to a whole new level.

    Many Christians seem to struggle discerning when their Savior speaks to them opposed to hearing Satan, or their own flesh. Some are oblivious to their deception never having trained themselves to “know God’s voice” or verify they were hearing correctly. Others follow someone else as it is easier that way. However, they are oblivious to knowing if their chosen guru is hearing correctly and usually use the yardstick that “it is pleasing to the ears”.

    Unless we are humble, discerning, disciplined, on guard, basing our beliefs on a correct interpretation of the Bible, dying to self and putting others needs first we will be swept away by the tsunami that is soon coming on this earth.

    “We must be on guard and wary every second of the time from now on.”


    When God speaks it behooves us to listen as false teachings maligning God’s Word are exponentially being broadcast and embraced! At times like the following article it may seem subtle but the wrong theology driving it is insidious.

    On 22 January 2018 Rick Joyner published “Beware of this dangerous veil of deception in the Last-Days Generation” stating: “One warning about the last generation is that they can only hear things that “tickle their ears” or make them feel good. It is hard to imagine a generation that better fits that description than the one now emerging. This group has been conditioned to reject, and even be offended by, anything that challenges the humanistic propaganda they (the last generation) have been fed through education, entertainment and the media.”

    Hooray! Rick was discerning and warning the apostate church they had adopted the worlds strategies of manipulation and teaching allowing their ears to be tickled (2 Timothy 4:3-4). Despite this warning is aimed at the church not unbelievers who cannot turn away from truth nor wander off from it Rick instead of enlarging on the problems within the church, did a sharp u turn and expounded on how the church can help unbelievers who have their ears tickled!

    Over the past two weeks the Lord has given me a series of dreams and visions to warn and counsel His Bride. As the dreams were extensive for the sake of brevity I will provide the meanings only. The timing confirms what God foretold me three years ago emphasizing the importance of what God is now saying to the church.

    On 14 January 2018 the Lord showed me the first of a series of dreams where Christian leaders who were offended by being challenged are rejecting the Bible’s teachings walking away from it rather than humble themselves and accept God’s warning.

    The second dream I received on 17 January was disturbing for those awaiting the imminent rapture…naively believing they were ready. Not having studied the Word for themselves they had embraced popular doctrine and were found wanting. There were two groups in this dream. One believing they didn’t have to do anything to prepare, the other having so diligently attended every conference, teaching or meeting they had so much information they were confounded and could not answer a simple question the Lord asked them. Interestingly, they all identified themselves as believers, but acknowledged they were known by a name which represented processed flour, not wheat – no longer capable of reproducing – ignorant of the Word, and oblivious their sacrifice was only for the benefit of leaders seeking prosperity.

    The great falling away is happening and believers are not tolerating sound doctrine or accurate instruction that challenges themselves with God’s truth and they are accumulating many teachers to support the errors they hold and turn their ears away from truth wandering off to myths and man-made fictions. They enjoy their ears being tickled because they do reject, and even are offended by anyone that challenges their theology or denounces their traditions.
    There are numerous errors being expounded in Christian circles that are readily embraced by those who love having their ears tickled. Man-made doctrines not taught by the Bible nor illumined by the Holy Spirit, but instead, being birthed based on others opinion, wrong theology, or uncircumcised desires. Christians who fail to divide the Word accurately tend to follow false teachers or prophets who pepper the ignorant with numerous prophecies not interpreted correctly or emerging from wrong theology, imagination or offence, leaving believers unprepared for Christ’s return.
    A third dream on 20 January 2018 revealed Church leaders with uncircumcised hearts had used the sheep to carry out work for their glory but had spiritually and secretly abandoned their flock; as well as, the true Gospel. The churches were set up like businesses with a façade to “sell” the Gospel, but in God’s light their falseness was revealed. The sheep continued to trust the shepherds; working hard in the church and believing they were being well looked after ignorant of their spiritual neglect and the false promises given by the leaders. Most disturbing, these apostate leaders had rejected the Word instead arrogantly depending on their own understanding ignored the sacrifice of Christ’s blood but still believing they were right with God!
    The following morning the Lord gave me two visions. The first showed the Bible had been allocated a place out of the way treated cursorily and irrelevant. In the second vision a man was pushing God’s nose sideways with his finger. Treating God with such disdain! God did not react! Remember? He is slow to anger but His judgements will be swift!
    Immediately after the visions ceased, God reminded me of a movie I had watched the previous day where two ranchers had died in a gunfight. The dispute came about because of the arrogance of one man believing he was the only authority. His pride blinding him to his greed. Both ranchers lacking wisdom had no desire to forgive or reconcile. Refusing to embrace a free solution from a third rancher (Jesus) who offered to freely provide water for both them and their cattle.
    Having received the interpretation of the dreams and vision. The Lord graciously provided confirmation through a third person. But before posting His message I asked the Lord for a Scripture validating what He wanted me to convey as I only desire the Lord’s message to be broadcast in purity. I was given Jeremiah 2!
    The message is clear. Apostate church leaders have abandoned the Word, and God’s sheep. Insulting Jesus. More interested in their own agenda than the will of God, preferring death rather than repentance. All the while believing they are right.
    And just like Israel sinned and turned away from God, so too, the church has sinned. Therefore, unless we quickly learn from Israel’s mistakes, take time to repent, we will suffer the consequences!
    The Lord wants His Bride to be prepared and has given us His heavenly perspective of where we stand at such a time as this.

    We cannot emerge victorious unless we take responsibility for personally searching the Scriptures depending on the Holy Spirit for illumination. Then we must address the problems assailing the church by those rejecting the Word; denying the power of the Holy Spirit and trampling Christ’s blood. Are you offended by anything that challenges you? Will you heed God, or listen to man?

    And if any man disregards Scripture to shore up his man-made doctrine he will be answerable to God, firstly for himself, and then for those he has taught.


    • appolus said

      Hi Georgie, I agree with much of what you have written and seen. I do not agree that there will be a rapture prior to the second and only return of Jesus. The saints will walk through the fires of the great persecution and most of the saints will be martyred. I also believe Rick Joyner to be one of many wolves in sheep clothing. ……………………..bro Frank

      • Georgie Newman said

        Hi Appolus perhaps grammatically how I reported the dream was incorrect because I certainly don’t believe the rapture is imminent – but the people in the dream did! Maybe I should have said people were awaiting “an” instead of “the” imminent rapture. The sad part was through wrong teaching they were not only awaiting an imminent rapture but also believed they had were ready to meet Christ when they weren’t! Georgie

        • appolus said

          Hi Georgie, do you believe that the saints will be raptured before the great tribulation? It is fine if you do, I know many who believe this and other aspects of the end times, I judst simply reject that notion on the grounds that it is just not there in the Scriptures…………………….bro Frank

          • Georgie Newman said

            Hi – I think I should be addressing you as Frank not Appolus I am so sorry!

            Interesting you ask this question today for over the years as I have walked with the Lord I have changed my position from mid to post tribulation rapture. As there are clearly many Scriptures showing saints will be on the earth in this seven year period.

            However, due to two things the Lord spoke to me recently then giving me confirmation with a rhema Scripture just in this last week I was led to examine this topic. Although, I do not believe I am meant to share these things at this present time. As none of us know everything and we are to remain teachable all of our lives I am not prepared to discard anything without fully testing it by talking to the Lord, asking the Holy Spirit to reveal truth and hopefully talking to others. So, I would be interested in your input!

            1. Last Saturday as I spent time with the Lord He led me to examine Luke 17:20-37.
            What I found fascinating was it had never been evident to me in the last 40 years that in v22 it said “you will long to see ONE of the days of the Son of Man”. So, if there is more than ONE then the question begs to be asked could the rapture occur at a different time to the end of the tribulation when every eye will see Jesus coming as described in v24 and specifies Jesus will come IN HIS DAY.

            2. Luke 17:26-28 “Just in the time of Noah,,,, and of Lot…” I believe Noah, Lot etc were “taken out” to safety and then destruction came to the ungodly. (Not the other way around as some claim).

            3. IF this is correct it is feasible the people of Noah and Lot’s day like the Scripture says while they were saying peace and safety sudden destruction came. So too, in our day it could happen but certainly not during or in the aftermath of the seven years which will not be peaceful or safe!

            4. Considering there was only one church in Philadelphia (Rev) who was acceptable to the Lord and promised they would be “kept” from the hour of trial that is coming on the earth – is it possible the rapture of the remnant will occur sooner than later? Certainly it would be impossible before 2 Thess 2:3 and therefore cannot be classified as imminent!

            5. Considering Rev 14:13 says Blessed is the one who dies in the Lord from now on why would they be blessed if the rapture was still to happen?

            6. When I considered if ONLY the Philadelphian church was raptured is it possible within the tribulation which clearly states there will be saints if those who are not in the first resurrection(rapture) will be given a chance to believe and be included in the second (after Jesus returns)? Only those in the first are guaranteed eternal life. Scripture also tells us that Jesus queried if He would find faith on the earth on His return, but the days would be cut short for the sake of the elect but this could mean further converts!

            Therefore, we cannot claim believers will not be on the earth in the tribulation period but what I am studying is, if it possible the rapture may occur earlier and the “saints” referred to in the seven year period have repented and been saved later. I know this isn’t anything new and many have preached it beforehand. Because I am not of the ilk of once saved, always saved I have not run with it. Yet I know my Lord and He doesn’t want anyone to perish and so He gives everyone ample opportunity to be saved. We know this for the Scripture in Rev 9:20 says despite the fifth trumpet they still did not repent.

            I hope this is enough detail for you to understand my at the moment jumbled thoughts and I would be very interested in hearing your consideration.


          • Georgie Newman said

            Hi Frank
            I just needed to clarify that what the Lord originally showed me is what I am not at liberty to share, not my examination of the topic IF the rapture could occur at an earlier time as like you my understanding is I believe Scripture points to the end. I understand Revelation 20 also speaks of those who did not deny Jesus in the time of the tribulation period as being included in the first resurrection, so I apologise how I worded point 6! I will contine to wrestle with the ideas that have emerged to either double check my original stance is correct OR there is something I have missed.

  3. Deborah said

    Such a powerful word of truth so desperately needed right now.
    Thank you. ❤️

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