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As long as I am loved

Posted by appolus on July 22, 2014

As long as I know I am loved
I can still go on living
I can rest my head tonight
Because I am forgiven

As long as I know You are there
I can walk in the dark of the night
I can lay down in the valley
For in the dark you have given me sight

As long as I know I am Yours
Then joy still dwells deep within
I can smile where others cannot
For I am delivered from the curse of sin

As long as I know You today
I can mourn with another’s loss
I can open my heart and pour out my love
Because of what you did on the cross

Now this ” knowing,” is not in my head
Nor is learned or given to me
To know Him is when two become one
And that one is surely set free

Free to plunge the depths of His love
And to scale the heights of His glory above
Free to know the comforts of His rod
Free to know the fullness of God

Free to swim in a perpetual sea
A never-ending ocean of love
Free to fly in an endless sky
For I was given the wings of a dove

An eternity to search the unsearchable
Forever to know the unknowable
What seems to the world the narrow way
Is the entrance to eternity which starts today

Yesterday today and forever
Is the Kingdom of God in my heart
It all began when two became one
Now every day is a brand new start

Will you search out the glories of Christ today?
To be known is to truly know
When you walk in the shadow of Christ your King
Wherever He goes you surely shall go.

One Response to “As long as I am loved”

  1. sharon said

    Beautiful! So comforting to hear of the wonders of the love of our Master and Lord.

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