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Are you really praying?

Posted by appolus on July 14, 2014

Many saints I know ” pray,” as though they are not talking to God. They lecture Him, they teach Him, they use prayer to teach others, they do all these things but the one thing they are not doing is talking to God, at best they are talking to themselves. If you do not believe that you are talking to God, then you are not. Your own unbelief has become your ceiling.

4 Responses to “Are you really praying?”

  1. Robert Taylor said

    Fantastic insight on prayer Bro. Frank. Thanks I needed that. Blessings from Mexico brother…..Robert

  2. Maureen said

    This is so true, would you consider writing more on prayer?

    • appolus said

      Hi Maureen, I just published the article that the above paragraph was taken from. I wrote it a couple of years ago, but here it is just for you sister 🙂 …………………………bro Frank

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