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The fear of God-The Glory of God

Posted by appolus on June 8, 2014

God is never to be trifled with. We must indeed fear God in this context. He is not my buddy nor my pal although He has called me friend. This should only make us reverence Him all the more. He is high and lifted up. He is majestic and glorious and all of heaven bows down to Him and cries ” Holy.” Indeed we have been allowed to boldly approach the throne, but not glibly. We do not skip into His presence although we can run into our high tower. We must bring to Him the sacrifice of praise. He is my savior and He is high and lifted up. He is my personal Lord and still the train of His robe fills the Temple. He comes to me in sweet and glorious fellowship and yet He holds the whole universe in the palm of His hand, the same hand that holds mine. It is a glorious mystery how one so vast as He, knows and cares for one so small as me.

4 Responses to “The fear of God-The Glory of God”

  1. Steve said

    Amen, brother ! Thank you for this post, which greatly resonates with me.

    In the discipline of seeking God’s Presence, one lesson learned is His all-encompassing HOLINESS: and my own unfitness before Him. Mentioned this in one recent blog:

    “I’ve learned in that experience mindfulness of Who He IS: to not rush into the King’s Presence, but to approach Him in all reverence, and wait to be called into His Presence. Waiting hopefully, it’s joy each time He receives me in Jesus’ Name. Received in His love for The Son, I know and rejoice in Him as my own Father, when He joyfully bids me approach.” (http://cross-purposes.blogspot.com/)

    Humbled before the One everlasting King of Glory is the only place we learn the reverence due Him: and EXPERIENCE His deep mercy in condescending to walk among men, and receive men to Himself. Praise Him !!

    In Jesus, Steve

  2. The fear of God is a great missing truth in the West.

    • Steve said

      Achingly true.

      It may be a chicken-and-egg question: but it’s always seemed our lack of the fear-of-God follows from our failure to recognize Him for Who He fiercely IS, the consuming fire Who IS all-in-all. His first revelation of Himself to Moses was that “I AM THAT I AM:” and it doesn’t seem we “get” His Person in any real sense. The fear-of-God can only come in response to deep experience of His Very Presence.

      Absent that experience, “the sovereignty of God” is empty lip-doctrine and prattle. That we have in abundance.

      God forgive us !!

      In Jesus, Steve

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