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Counterfeit Kingdom

Posted by appolus on May 2, 2014

Many know that after the sin of Solomon, the Kingdom was divided into two parts, there was the ten tribes to the north, Israel, and the two tribes to the south, Judah. Now in the broadest terms, we can see two kingdoms today. There is Christendom, which for our example is representative of Israel to the north, and there is God’s remnant Church, Judah to the south.

Now Israel had a king and his name was Jeroboam. Jeroboam had a big problem. Jerusalem, the city that houses the Temple of God and His presence was in the south in the land of Judah. Jeroboam’s solution? He creates two golden calves and houses them in two cities, one called Bethel and the other was called Dan. There the people came to bow down and worship the ” god,’ that took them out of Egypt. This form of worship had their own priests and prophets and system of worship which mixed the elements of the truth with idolatrous practices. It was indeed an abomination to God.

What is the comparisons between Jeroboam’s Israel and modern-day Evangelicalism or Christendom? Well, the divided Israel was separated from the presence of God. By sin and error it had been separated from access to the presence of God. And its solution was to set up alternative, counterfeit places of worship where the central aspect of worship was the golden calves. Modern day Christendom by sin and error is separated from the presence of God. And what is the solution of modern-day Christendom? Rather than seek out the genuine presence of God, it merely bows down to idols of Gold and indulges in a counterfeit worship , a man-made, man centered from of worship.

There is a desperately hungry group of people in the land. They are hungry for the presence of God. They desire the majesty and the glory and the awe filled place of His presence. It cannot be found within man-made structures and by structures I mean structures of worship services designed to keep and to please men. Bethel and Dan were not Jerusalem nor could they be. The god that was worshiped in these places was a god of their own making. Christendom without the presence of God is merely Bethel or Dan. Either God is on His throne and is preeminent amongst His people or He is simply not there. If He is not there then men have to orchestrate some kind of counterfeit to appease the people.

This is the day in which we live, where the vast majority of those who call themselves Christians live outside and apart from the presence of God. What a tragedy to see so many organized systems of worship that have the finest music and speakers and temples that gold can buy and yet be so completely devoid of His presence. To this day God stands at the door and knocks. He seeks for those who call themselves by His name to open the doors of their hearts and enter into His presence. He calls out to them to come unto Him. Yet, what does it take to come unto a Holy God? To abandon a system that one has grown up in, and is generationaly connected to, will surely cost that person everything that he has and has ever known. Yet, if one seeks the pearl of great price and finds it, what does it cost to attain it? Everything. Will God find a people who will willingly give everything to come unto Him?

God has such a people and wishes that all would abandon everything that they know and have every known, to lay down their religiosity and seek Him out where and while He may be yet found. God does not always strive with men and that great and notable day is surely on the horizon. Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. It is the pearl of great price and it is worth everything we have or have ever known.

2 Responses to “Counterfeit Kingdom”

  1. Steve said

    Brother, thank you for this post !

    Seven or eight years ago, already grieving for the church in this nation, it seemed that God said to draw closer to Him, for a dividing was coming. Everything since has seemed to verify that word.

    Yet I never thought of what that means in result. Your words exactly pinpoint the spiritual reality of division, as it is today.

    God bless these words to the hearing of all who love Him ! God bless you for hearing and speaking His word to us !

    In Jesus, Steve

    • appolus said

      Hi Steve, we certainly live in a day of division, and surely the division will continue. As persecution increases, as the day of the Lord approaches , we shall certainly see a greater and greater division. God is separating His people through circumstances until only those who truly love and worship Him stands. May our faith increase as the fire grows hotter, just like the Hebrew children, whereby we can say ” even if you kill us, we shall never bow down to the gods of this world.” ………………….brother Frank

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