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To hell and back.

Posted by appolus on January 14, 2013

How to keep your soul
From burning in the fire
Sometimes to walk this world
Is to wade through muck and mire

To see what Spirit sees
Would drop man to his knees
And in agony look up
And see Christ drink the cup

All the hell in all the world
Came together in one place
Yet even in the midst of hell
There was love upon His face

If we could see this hell
Then what would be the toll?
Shattered in the night
And forever lose our soul?

Hell is fought by Christ alone
And we can look into His face
And as we look we’ll see it there
Tis mercy and tis grace

If you have been to hell and back
And survived to tell the tale
If you would laugh and love again
You must be found behind the veil

He that conquered death and hell
And broke those deadly chains
Is the one that can deliver us
Despite the awe-full pains

It is so important to stay near the heart of God. Situations and circumstances in this world can really way us down and tear us apart.  I wrote this poem for a dear brother who has seen his fair share of tragedy and horror on the mission field which for him has more often than nought been battle-fields. To see death and destruction all around, to see dead children lying in the streets being consumed by birds of the air is enough to tear out the heart and soul of any man. Yet there are different kinds of horror and destruction and tragedy, I think of a sister in Christ of mine who just a few days ago lost her adult son to suicide.

If we do not stay behind the veil, if we do not cling to the Holy of holies, if we are not found in the presence of God , if we allow ourselves to drift away from Him, no matter what the circumstances, then we ourselves will fall on a spiritual battle-field. Maybe you have fallen in such a battle-field? Perhaps tragedy and circumstance drew you away from the Lord? Perhaps your world has been consumed by grey darkness, a melancholy world that seems to have you trapped ? Look up brothers and sisters, cry out from the battle-field in which you have fallen. The one who conquered all of death and all of hell, the one upon whom all of hell was visited and poured out on, the one who overcame will come to, He will hear your cries, He will carry you from that place. Look into the face of Jesus and see the face of God smile on you. This smile will restore your own and give you back a heart that can love and in time, laugh again.

2 Responses to “To hell and back.”

  1. Shelly said

    Having an intimate relationship with Christ is the only way to live our lives well. We will face many hardships and having that relationship means we never have to face them alone because His Holy Spirit is dwelling within us.

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