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He took my stripes upon His back!

Posted by appolus on July 30, 2012

The flesh is a brutal thing and it certainly wars against the Spirit. In many situations I have been shocked to discover the depth of my own flesh. It makes me realize and know for a certainty that without Him I would plunge into the abyss. Thank you today Jesus for your unwarranted favor upon my life, I know what I deserve, I know for a certainly what i deserve even now and yet you have redeemed me and even when I am not faithful, you are.

It is an agony to know what lies in me, this sin that remains in my corruptible flesh. I know what I am without you,I feel the agony of it when I fall. In my spirit I rip my shirt off and wait for the stripes, no, desire the stripes, cry out for them, but as I laid low and stretched out my arms, straining at the anticipation of the coming, desired stripes, I felt a hand on my back, looked up and saw you and you turned around, showed me your own back and said ……………

I know of what you lack
I took your stripes upon my back
Look and you will see
The stripes I took to set you free

When your world has turned to dust
You must look to the one you trust
When every part of you would hide
Open up and let me deep inside

For once I bid you come to me
Yet you ran and hid behind a tree
Your flesh it only ever fails
So I redeemed you with three bloody nails

And now old Adam bids you run
But your Lord says no, stop and turn
Turn around and you will see
I nailed your sin to a bloody tree

I loved you so, that I would die
All other voices simply lie
If you would look into my face
You’ll be enraptured by my grace

I know your state, I know your lack
It’s why your stripes are on my back
But turn around and you will see
The grace that came to set you free!

When I inevitably stumble
It keeps me low, it makes me humble
I long for the day, when sin’s no more
And He bids me come on through the door

When every tear from every eye
Is wiped away and flesh does die
And incorruptible reigns alone
And sits upon its glorious throne

10 Responses to “He took my stripes upon His back!”

  1. Sandy said

    Oh, thank you, Lord. That we would know the depths of this truth.

  2. Brian Long said

    I needed this today brother Frank. Thank you my brother for letting God speak through you, for letting the Holy Spirit move your pen.

    Thank You most of all Lord Jesus for taking my stripes across Your back! Amazing grace…how sweet the sound…that saved a wretch like me.

    • appolus said

      We both needed it brother, I wrote that poem three days ago . I certainly wanted the lashes this week brother and the Lord, o how patient He is with me, reminded once more of His love for me and how it is upon HIm and Him alone I stand. This week has only re-inforced in me how I long for the world to come when sin is no more and all I can see is the beauty of His holiness as opposed to what comes out of me too many times………………bro Frank

  3. Maureen said

    I am in tears from having read this article. IF ONLY all the people who call themselves “christian,” would feeel this way about there sin. For this I pray!

    Thank you for being a vessel for the Lord.

  4. W.E. Smith said

    Wonderful, terrible, piercing, penetrating word my brother! There is something in me that plagues me always, and it is me. Oh how nasty and ugly and vile am I. Not on bad days, no, every day. Apart from Him, outside of Him, within myself alone – I am repugnant! Thoughts, desires, impulses, but especially pride – oh how vile and serpent-like is pride, always there, always slithering between your toes, waiting to gain a place. When we are insulted, when we are offended, when we are misunderstood, when our precious little sensibilities are pricked.

    The flesh, the world and the devil – and oh how the first allows the others into our souls, into our hearts, into our thoughts and lives. How it gives ground to the dragon, to confound the very life of God in us. Forty stripes indeed. that we might be healed spiritually. It must be complete, not 39, not 41, but 40, the duration through this wilderness, from the life of the flesh to the life of the spirit.

    He bore them for me my brother! He bore them for us all! There is none good, no not one! There is only One with whom the Father is well-pleased, and He let them thrash Him. No not a bone broken, but His very skin and flesh ripped and ravaged, leaving Him scarred with what should have been my stripes.

    Oh brother, to be rid of this thing in me forever – to be made pure, holy, clean, worthy in the Lamb that was slain! To feel the rain falling down, the pure heavenly rain to wash the blood away, to heal us deeply, where bone and marrow go. So deep runs the old man, so far into us, so that years later we think him gone, dealt with, but no, he is there still. Oh Lord you know, you see with the eyes of fire what is down deep in me – and yet You bear with me still.

    The way this pretenders teach the life today it is as if it is a dance ( a waltz even), not a raging war, not a savage thing as Paul described. This body of death houses death! DEATH! And life must put it under its feet. But layers and layers still, so far down, all the things that have made us, built us up in Adam, our history, our experiences, our hurts, our little sacred things we hold in our hearts. “Skin for skin” said the serpent – Indeed!

  5. appolus said

    A savage war indeed brother and juxtapositioned against that is the peace that surpasses all understanding. What is this paradox? Our lives are a walking paradox. We rage in a war and yet we walk in a peace that surpasses understanding. We know and sense our own vileness and that no good thing is in our flesh yet we are holy sons of the living God. We are children who can cry ” woe is me for I am undone,” and yet we have been touched by something better than a coal from the alters of heaven. We have been covered by the Blood of the Lamb. We deserve judgement yet we walk in umerited favor, we find grace. Yet we see the source of our paradox, it is Calvary itself where, entwined together, is found judgement and mercy. Let us walk both sides of all of those coins. Let us walk in peace but not a peace that blinds us to our dependendence upon Him to subdue the war that warreths. Let us cry ” woe is me for I am undone,” but let us also cry out ” my eyes have seen the King and the train of His robe fills the temple.” Let us walk as those whom judgement has passed us over but also as those who know that it was a mercy and a grace that caused it to do so and not because of anthing in and of us. This way dear brother we walk as one who has found the center of Gods will for our lives. We are balanced upon the Word of God and the presence of God, upon joy and upon agony, upon warfare and upon peace………………….bro Frank

  6. timbob said

    Good afternoon. So incredible is our salvation through Jesus. May we give all diligence to remain at the cross (like the song “Jesus keep me near the cross”) and rejoice in the new life that we now have. The hour in which we first believed should be a memorial that we visit often as we reflect on what the Lord Jesus delivered us from, the price that he paid so that we could be delivered, and the promises that lie before us. It’s a sobering thing, but it adds perspective. If I had died in August of 1983, I would now be entering my 29th year in hell, with no hope of reprieve, no method of measuring how long I had been there, nobody to talk to, and endless prayers, uttered with every fabric of my soul, which would never be answered. “Thank you Jesus for seeking me out when I was running the other way. thank you for the saints that you brought into my life, through which you brought me to a place of repentance. Thank you for thwarting the desires of the enemy, who was seeking relentlessly to lure me into a way that lead right to his doorstep. Thank you for not allowing my allotment of breaths to run out before I came to repentance.”

    We’ll never be able to give enough thanks to our Lord and Savior, Jesus, however, we can worship and love him forever. Thanks bro. Frank, for posting this. Blessings in Jesus name.

    • appolus said

      “The hour in which we first believed should be a memorial that we visit often as we reflect on what the Lord Jesus delivered us from, the price that he paid so that we could be delivered, and the promises that lie before us.”

      Indeed dear brother, indeed………………bro Frank

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