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Love of country is not the same as love of God

Posted by appolus on July 26, 2012

Hi saints. How many of us know that love of country is not the same as love for God? In America, we see a very unhealthy mixture of love of country, love of culture, love of history and love of beginnings with love of God. There can be no mixture. Wait Frank, are you saying that it is wrong to love one’s country? What I am saying brothers and sisters that there can be no competition for our affections. Jesus must have all of our heart, all of it. No matter where a saint lives, if it is difficult or if it is easy, when God calls us to leave it behind we must be ready to do that. In this day and age when it seems so clear that the Lord is coming, we must hold all things loosely, all things. He cannot have all of our heart if we do not hold all things in and of this world loosely.

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