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Sodom rises from the ashes!

Posted by appolus on March 13, 2012

As the curtain begins to fall on human history, we can see the poison of sin truly fester as open sores. The healing balm of Christianity loses its power as it becomes polluted by the very poison it sought to heal. When judgment falls, it falls first upon the church. When the rain is with-held then the land becomes parched and dry and made ready as tinder for the fire to fall. The terebinth leaves begin to fade because the garden has no water.

These trees represent the leaders of Christendom. Their very ” works,” will be the spark that ignites a fire that no one can quench.  The fires of hell shall overcome them as darkness swallows them whole. Yet even in Sodom, there was righteous Lot who heard the call of the angels. In these last days we must have ears that can hear the voice of God. If we hear God we must act upon what we hear. When He tells us to go we must go and not look back. He will lead us and guide us to higher ground.

The wounds are open and they fester
As the darkness begins to fall
There is a sickness in the hearts of men
As they hear the trumpet call

The country is dark and desolate
And the cities burn with fire
The spiritual structures are broken down
And men burn with insatiable desire

And Sodom rises from the ashes
And Gomorrah looks from hell to see
A world where they would be at ease
Where only a few had not bowed the knee

You bring me your tithes and offerings
But they mean absolutely nothing to me
What have you done with my precious Son?
Who died on bloody Calvary

Wash yourself clean in the Blood of the Lamb
And come to the foot of the cross
Will you lose your life for my names-sake?
Will you gladly suffer the loss?

Though your sins be as scarlet
And crimson like blood
They shall be white as snow
As you stand beneath the flood

Yet death shall come to those who rebel
And the world shall be consumed by fire
The nations shall plunge to the depths of hell
And the saints shall be lifted higher!

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