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Have you taken your Jericho? Have you entered His rest?

Posted by appolus on November 24, 2011

Hi saints. Good to be back. I was out of town at a series of revival meetings down in Oklahoma at a small church and the Lord moved in awesome ways, it was such a blessing. This post is part of a converstaion and a follow up to ” How to choose victory over defeat.” Its a couple of posts back, please go back and read the comments from sister Kay and brother Wayne if you get a chance.
It is a mysterious thing to cease from ones work and to enter into His rest. Now it is He that works in those who have indeed entered in and He does it for His own good pleasure. To cross over the river Jordan requires faith. And we give thanks when we cross over, but wait, an enormous obstacle that cannot be ignored and cannot be left standing stands right in front of us, its Jericho. And what was the commander of the heavenly hosts first order to the mighty Joshua?

Do nothing, simply walk around the walls and then at the given moment, shout. This is preposterous advice, it makes no sense on any level. Yet this is the Lords work and we see the destruction of that city. This ” Jericho,” is so many things to so many people. Only God knows what is truly a Jericho in our lives. It is terrifying to contemplate what hinders a taking of what has been promised. Of course Jericho only represents the first battle in the taking of the promised land. It started with a desire to take it, which the previous generation did not have because they feared the giants. The first step was crossing the river and a monument to the miraculous was laid down in smooth stones at Gilgal. Then the big one, Jericho. Then sitting back and thinking that’s that and then Ai happens. Our walk with Him along the narrowest of paths is a series of battles. It is important for all Christians on this journey to know that our walk is not a play-ground, it is field.

First and fore-most it is a battle-field. There is a war going on in the heavenlies and we know that we battle against unseen forces. Its also a field where we have to remove rocks and stumps, where we have to labor in the heat of the day and plough that field, and plant and sow. We can experience the joys of harvest’s and the dismay of defeat when drought comes, hailstorms, early frost and so on. As Christians we will experience every season to its full intensity if we have a burning desire to seek first His kingdom. Some Christians “move to Florida,” and settle for permanent sunshine, yet permanent sunshine creates deserts.

A landscape ravaged by storms and extremes of weather is a spectacular landscape. People will come from all over the world to see such scenery. Christians, ravaged by trials and triibulations who have learned about His rest and have learned to be content, whether at the bottom of the dungeon, singing songs to Jesus, or in abundance, will have people come to them. And they will comfort them them with the comfort they themselves have been comforted with and they will lead them.

At a dinner party one time a Christian woman came up to me and said ” I want what your mother has.” And the Holy Spirit whispered in my ear in a non condemning way ” no she does not.” You see my mother carries with her a peace and a joy and the Holy Spirit that belies her trial ridden background. It was these very trials and submission to them and overcoming them in Christ that led her to this place. Please watch the two videos below. The first one is the song and the second is the story behind the song……………..bro Frank

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eOOFAaUGfRE   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDiTuSLSJB8

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