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Treasures in the darkness!

Posted by appolus on October 16, 2011

In the depths of darkness is the greatest opportunities to grow close to the Lord. Let me illustrate it this way. What is a drop of water to someone who is just living their lives? What is a drop of water to someone who is at deaths door in the desert, same drop of water? Its treasure to one and not the otherThe poem below was a vision given to a sister when she was walking through some dark times…..

I stand in the darkness, alone
Could not breathe, could not speak, could not see
I stood there and waited, alone
Such darkness encompassing me

I waited alone, unafraid
Not knowing where was I, nor why
Just waiting, I stood unafraid
Whatever was coming, was nigh

Before me I saw in the dark
Treasure, glowing, glinting and gold
Offered to me in the dark
Waiting for me to take hold

‘Who is it who offers me this?’
Needing to know, to be sure
‘Who is it that offers me this?’
‘Are these treasures holy and pure?’

They were treasures to me, that they were
Not the same would be treasure for you
Placed at my feet, there they were
Do I take them? I had not a clue

The poem above speaks to her walk in the darkness and treasure to be found in the darkness. Here was my interpretation of the sisters vision which she accepted….

In the depths of darkness is the greatest opportunities to grow close to the Lord. Let me illustrate it this way. What is a drop of water to someone who is just living their lives? What is a drop of water to someone who is at deaths door in the desert, same drop of water. Its treasure to one and not the other.

We can choose to be blessed in any situation, or cursed but the choice is ours. The darkness of trials and tribulations can create an Apostle Paul who had learned to be content in every situation. On the other hand it can be the destruction of one who does not have what they claim to have. Same darkness, same trial, same persecution, different result based on the condition of the ones who are being affected. Consider the two houses in the Lords parable. One storm comes. To one house it leads to destruction, to the other it leads to the proving of its foundations.

When we walk through the darkness of any situation, trusting in the Lord, it proves His faithfulness, not ours. This is treasure indeed. To know and to trust the Living God. Only the darkness, only the storm can flesh this out. And so one must reach out and lay hold of God in the midst of the storm. They must invite Him into their boat, they must get out of the boat and walk upon the water and above the storm at His bidding. Our trust and faith in God, which is the foundation of our lives, grows greatly in the midst of deep trial.

A tree grows in the depths of winter. When all of its foliage has dropped to the ground, when it is uncovered and stands stark against the winter, the roots extend down deeper and the tree grows taller as all of the water, all of the food of the tree is used to grow it and not sustain its outward covering……….brother Frank

2 Responses to “Treasures in the darkness!”

  1. Leslie said

    Oh, brother Frank, as you know understanding only comes in hindsight.
    In October of 2011 there must have been thousands of his children rejected,
    crushed, defeated, stripped of all reputation and worldly goods, left for dead in the darkness.
    We do not suffer alone in the body of Christ.
    Treasures of the darkness are offered to all who will wait upon the Lord during
    these times of complete helplessness..
    I remember saying to God. I am waiting on You, and You alone and I will not
    move until You tell me to.
    It took over a year but what treasure came of that
    wilderness of aloneness with God.
    Suffering for Christ is not to be feared but embraced.

    Sister Leslie


    • appolus said

      Amen sister, an agonizing embrace. I wrote this poem last year based on Psalm 42………………..

      As the deer pants for the water
      So my soul longs after thee
      My heart wanders through this desert
      And there is no joy in me

      I remember the days of your presence
      How your Spirit burned in me
      Shall I forever wander in this desert?
      O Lord shall I ever be free?

      Night and day I continually weep
      My tears have almost ran dry
      My starving soul continues to seek
      For the glorious one who reigns on high

      Where is the voice of joy and praise
      For I surely remember all the days
      When we came and sought and found Him there
      Yet now I’m lost and He is no-where

      I will remember the Lord my King
      And I will lift my voice and sing
      Of all His glories and His deeds
      So now my Lord my soul it pleads

      My downcast soul cries out to deep
      A song awakes me from my sleep
      Angel choirs they fill the night
      My eyes are dried I have my sight

      Now that I can clearly see
      I hear my God say ‘trust in me.’
      And up from the dead my soul shall rise
      To the Lord my King who heard my cries

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