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The Psalms and poetry

Posted by appolus on September 10, 2011

The Lord has laid it upon my heart to write a poem for every Psalm. I was somewhat overwhelmed by this throught. Writing a poem about a poem. My hope is that if anyone reads these poems then it will lead them to the corresponding psalm. What I have realiszed in writing these is that what I write is like a crumb that falls to the floor from a magnificent banqueting table, a veritible feast of beauty and truth and honesty. We can truly see in the Psalms why David was a man after Gods own heart. Here is the first ten………………………

Psalm 1……………..

Plant me by the rivers, Oh Living God
That I may drink of thee
Plant me by the rivers oh Living God
Make me like an evergreen tree

My delight is in the law and it is my roots
Sunk down deeper ever closer to thee
Lead me to the Rock that is higher that I
Make me like an evergreen tree

Though the landscape turns to desert
And the world turns its back on thee
Night and day I shall come before you
Make me like an evergreen tree

So may I walk in the council of the Godly
Walking ever closer to thee
May I be a vessel for thy good pleasure
Make me like an evergreen tree

Psalm 2…………..

The nations rage and the people plot
They shout in vain for they have not
They are a wrinkle, they are a spot
And the Lord He laughs from heaven

On My holy hill I have set my King
And around the world the church bells ring
My people bow down and I hear them sing
Of my glorious Son in heaven

Kiss the Son and bend the knee
He’s the one who died to set you free
And with the Son you’ll ever be
Eternally forever in heaven

Psalm 3………………

You oh Lord are a shield for me
You are the glory and the lifter of my head
There are many who would rise up against me Lord
There are many who would have me dead

Yet I laid my head down and slept in peace
When ten thousand were all around
They screamed and they howled and they cursed me Lord
When I awoke they were nowhere to be found

You have arisen oh Lord, you have saved me oh God
You have struck all my enemies dead
Salvation belongs in the hands of my God
At Calvary where you died and bled

Victorious you arose from what seemed like defeat
The enemy in complete disaray
You conquered, you vanquished you completly destroyed
Total victory was won on that day.

Psalm 4……………

How long oh sinful sons of men
Will you put my glory to shame
How long will you love your worthless things
How long will you dishonor my name

The Lord will set apart for Himself
Seven thousand who have nor bent the knee
We shall offer the sacrifice of righteousness
To the one who died on the tree

And a mighty harvest there has been
Of gladness as you light up our face
In your presence we dwell and shall forevermore
In a continual and perpetual embrace

Psalm 5………….

I come to thee oh Lord, where you dwell
And cry out, that you may hear
Give me strength oh Lord, that I might tell
To be brave and not to fear

I will arise in the morning and I will look up
And I will hear what my Master will say
Oh Lord I have come, so please fill my cup
That I may follow you all of the day

Let all them rejoice who trust in you
You will deliver, from all of their foe
As they walk in the day and follow whats true
They shall arise and they shall go

Psalm 6…….

My soul is greatly troubled
But you oh Lord-how long
I am weary with my groaning
And my night has lost its song

All night long my bed it swims
And my couch is bathed in tears
My grief has overwhelmed me
And I am surrounded by all my fears

The Lord has heard my weeping
As I lay in my bed at night
Oh Lord you know how weak I am
For you have surely beheld my plight

Oh Lord do not rebuke my soul
And in your sorrow chasten me
For you came and died upon the cross
You came to set me free

I will praise you in the morning Lord
I will praise you in the night
For you have heard the cry of your servant, Lord
And I run into your marvelous light

Psalm 7………

Oh Lord my God
In whom I put my trust
If you do not deliver me
I shall be trampled in the dust

Search me oh Lord
Is there any wicked way in me
KNow me in my inward parts
This is my earnest plea

And when you look inside me Lord
Its His righteousness that you see
And in the beauty of your holiness
You came and you set me free

You are my just defender Lord
You go before me into the fight
You made your arrows into fiery shafts
And your victory is a glorious sight

Psalm 8……..

What is man that you are mindfull of him
Yet you crowned him with honor and glory
And out of the mouths of infants and babes
They cry out that old, old story

Of how you came from heaven above
And filled the earth with mercy and love
Even the fish of the sea and the birds of the sky
Glorify your name and lift you on high

Oh Lord how excellent is your name
Since the day I met you, I’ve never been the same
You took what was bound and you set it free
You restored my soul to how it was meant to be

When I consider the heavens, the work of your hand
I see the glory and majesty of all that you planned
And so, on your truth forever I’ll stand
Until the day that I enter the promised land

Psalm 9………

He does not forget the cry of the humble
Have mercy on me oh Lord I pray
He gives grace to the meek, and makes the evil man stumble
And gives light for His child to walk in the day

The Lord is a refuge for all those oppressed
He is my strong high tower
He forgave all my sins when I confessed
That I may walk with Him in power

I will praise you oh Lord with all of my heart
I shall praise your name most high
We shall walk hand in hand and never apart
Until the very day that I die

And then for all eternity I’ll be
Forever with the one I adore
And from sin and death, eternally free
To love you more and more

Psalm 10………

Arise oh God and lift up your hand
For all around the wicked do stand
Like a lion in the den, they secretly wait
Crouched at the door, waiting at the gate

To devour the just and destroy without cause
To oppress the poor and all without pause
And no appeal to the wicked can make them budge
They neither consider their end, nor consider the Judge

Who is the Lord and King forever
And who holds time in His hand
It you Lord, bringing justice to the fatherless
And causing the righteous to stand

And on that day, when the Lord takes His place
The wicked will hide, they will cover their face
And they will cry out ” we were ignorant you see”
Yet forever in darkness they forever shall be






3 Responses to “The Psalms and poetry”

  1. Brother Frank…There are many passages of scripture that exhorts the saints to “sing a new song” unto our God. Psalms 33:3,40:3,96:1,98:1,149:1 and Isaiah 42:10, and maybe more. What you have written here is beautiful. If you were to put this to music, it would make some awsome worship music. Just a thought brother……Robert

    • appolus said

      Unofrtunately brother I have zero music ability 🙂 But if anyone out there wants to add some music, please feel free to do so. May the Lord be magnified…………brother Frank

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