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Stoking the fires of the culture wars!

Posted by appolus on September 12, 2011

Quote from ” Bonhoeffer, Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy”

” Karl Bonhoeffer’s conclusions may have been different from his son’s, but his respect for truth and for other human beings of different opinions formed the foundation of a civil society in which one might disagree graciously and might reason together civilly and productively. In the years ahead this would be seriously attacked, and the Nazis would stoke the fires of the culture wars (Kulturkamp) to play their enemies against each other. They would brilliantly co-opt the conservatives and the Christian churches, and when they had the power to do so, they would turn on them too.” (page 96)

Can I suggest that this was not so much a brilliant strategy of the Nazis, who were mostly thugs and criminals, it was a brilliant strategy of our eternal enemy, the devil, evil itself. Is it possible that he is once again using the strategy to first divide, then conquer a country. Are you part of a culture war? Are your hero’s peacemakers? Is your heart full of love for a lost and dying world? Or, have they become your ” enemies.” How can one tell? Can I suggest that you test your heart. Are you at peace? Is your heart full of fear or full of love? Do you fear for the future and believe that someone or some group are the cause of all your or your countries troubles? Beware of the stokers of the culture wars.

In Bonhoeffer’s day, starting in 1933, we see the German church co-opted by the Nazi party. They would come to be known as ” The German Christians.” Bonhoeffer was part of a group that called itself the “Confessing Church.” This was a group of brave souls who refused to go along with what was happening in the German church and in the political world of the 1930s. They actually considered themselves to be the real church and not a schism, and they considered the German church to have fallen away.

Now, the Nazis knew how to manipulate the vast majority of the German people, who would have professed to being Christian. First they had to create a scape-goat, some group of people that they could blame all of their problems on. They had to advance the notion that these people actually posed a threat to the State, or the Fatherland. They also preyed on the peoples fears of Communism. As we know, there was a spiritual wickedness that lay behind these nazis, a true malevolent evil from the darkest recesses of hell. This would be a manifestation of no ordinary evil, if there is such a thing, this would be a manifestations of demonic activity rarely seen on such a scale. It would as if hell had opened her doors and advanced her hordes on an unsuspecting planet. This evil would use a combination of prejudice, fear and nationalism to divide and conquer Germany and bring the world to the brink of being dominated by total evil. Now, we know that Nazi Germany was destroyed, but what do you think has happened the hordes from hell that were unleashed in those days? Do you think they were destroyed, or do they lie in wait for another opportunity, the right set of circumstances to once again unleash horror on the world?

Can I suggest that we are seeing those entities raise their ugly heads once more? Its early days and the times have changed but they are on the move, and with incredible patience they plot and manipulate the people on a grand scale once again. Using the exact same tactics, they will once again co-opt the conservatives and the churches through fear, scape-goating and nationalism. The Tea Party movement is a movement that is driven by fear and anger and bitterness. Just listen to the pundits that speak for them. They have poisoned much of Christendom already with the politics of fear. This movement is ripe for being co-opted by the enemy, if it has not been already. In response they will say that they are just trying to save America. Save America from what? Any number of things, take your pick. Liberalism, socialism, communism or any other ism that suits. Yet, mark this well brothers and sisters, the sign of a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ is love and joy and peace in the Holy Spirit. Not just in the good times, but especially in the bad times.

Trials and tribulations will bring about the best in genuine Christian and the worse in the religious man. The harder the circumstances get for the genuine Christian, the more he is forced to his knees and into the arms of his Savior Jesus. And the results of that is more love, more joy , more peace, ore forgiveness and more understanding. The harder the circumstances become for the religious man, the more bitter he becomes. He has no joy or peace. He will not forgive his enemies and his hatred for those he perceives to have caused his sufferings increases dramatically. He will have murder in his heart and actual murder finds its conception in the hearts of men.

So we see two fires burning, both ignited by the same set of circumstances. One fire is a refiners fire and the one caught up in this fire cries out ” woe is me, I am undone.” The fire is burning up the dross in his life and has brought him closer to his Lord. The other fire consumes and destroys the ones who find themselves in it. The flames of anger and hatred begin to burn, not the dross, but any goodness that it finds. Out of this fire marches the armies of hell, ready to go about their masters business. Out of the other fire marches the armies of heaven, ready to be used by the Lord.

What fire do you find yourself in today? Who is it that stokes the flames of your fire? Does God Himself stand with you in the midst of your fire? Those who fall upon God in the midst of the fire of their circumstances will find peace and joy. Not only will they follow the Word of God, they will follow it all the more closely as their consciences are sensitized by their nearness to God. Those who burn in the fires stoked by pundits and politicians and movements have their consciences seared in the fires of hell. They begin to hate and are unrepentant. They begin to revile and are unrepentant. They jeer and sneer and hoe the worst for people and they are unrepentant. They keep long records of wrongs to justify their feelings, their sin. At some point the distance between them and God becomes so great that they fall into the bowels of hell.

If one were to go back in time and say to the German people of the 20s and 30s that in a few short years thier cultured, educated Christian country will become a by-word for evil and that they would epitomize all the evil in the world, they would look at you as one would look at a mad-man. Any country can go down this road given the right set of circumstances. The seeds of evil already lie in the wicked hearts of men. I consider this a warning Christendom in America. ………………Follow God with all of your heart and leave the world to follow men and movements.

” Come unto me all you who labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn of me. For I am meek and lowly in heart and you shall find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”



3 Responses to “Stoking the fires of the culture wars!”

  1. Well written, Frank. I thought the same thing when I read Bonhoeffer. It was a shock to me as I had not been aware of all the history as to how Hitler came to power. I knew he’d been elected, but I had no idea that he’d called on all that conservatives call holy in order to accomplish that. Of course it was probably a little easier for him, no internet and all, but I could see it happening again. It’s not that difficult to learn what words to say in order to endear oneself to the typical conservative American church-goer. And people are at least as naive as ever.

    I think we get off-track when we concentrate on things like gay marriage, public display of Christianity, etc. Yes there are evils in the USA — too many — but the fight has to be against the true enemy rather than against the false front of politicians and activists who are mere pawns of the real enemy.

  2. appolus said

    Hi Cindy, you write………”It’s not that difficult to learn what words to say in order to endear oneself to the typical conservative American church-goer. And people are at least as naive as ever”

    Amen sister, I agree. Yet I have met many who are not simply naive, but are ” wilfully ignorant.” They know that it is not right to hate and be full of bittereness, but the alternative to what they live now would be to die to the cultural god that they have created and fall down before the Living God who would require them to love their enemies and trust Him. Jesus asks a man ” what would it profit of you gained the whole world and lost your soul. There are so many who are selling their souls for their philosophy, very sad…………..brother Frank

  3. appolus said

    You will find over 50 replies to this article on http://www.johnthebaptisttv.com/bbpress/topic/2666
    I know the creator of this site and he is a man of God………brother Frank

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