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If My people……….? A word from a sister in Christ

Posted by appolus on July 28, 2011

If you look through this site, you will see that I have a very limited amount of people that I have included on the site. These would include A.W.Tozer, David Wilkerson, a dear brother in Christ I know who is a preacher, Brian Long and one other brother, brother Wayne. There are many reaons for that, not least is the fact that we live in an age of self-proclaimed experts, teachers and prophets. Rightly or wrongly, I almost always dismiss those who proclaim themselves to be prophets. I love the spirit of a man or woman who denies being a prophet even as they speak or write prophetically, this sits well with me and seems right to my spirit. This post is from a sister who would not like her name to be mentioned. She sent me this ” word from the Lord,” last year. I pray that it blesses you and cause you to think.

“For I would search out the lost; I would lift the wounded; I would give comfort to the hurting and I would give answers where none lie..but My people are self-contained. They imagine they are doing My will but they are surrounded by myths and relics. By My Spirit I would enter into hearts but they are full of litany and vain repetition. Why should I work by My Spirit to bend those who do not want to change? I am able to do as I will, but hearts that are crying – I will hear and I will change. Hearts that are not satisfied, I will satisfy.Hearts that are real, I will perfect. Hearts that would be empowered,I will fill.

Are My workings able to be counted? Is there a plan of Mine known to the heart that is not quickened? Do I work in ways without number? Do My ways not move in the dark to issue forth great Light? For it is this Light Who changes dead hearts to living. I countenance the whole earth. I behold the clamour and the selfishness of man. I watch and listen and know that I am not part of his plan.I have a plan to overturn the works of darkness. The gross darkness will bow to My plan. There will be a shining forth of My Light that will spread across the earth, brighter than the rising sun.

There will be encounters in which My people will be victorious..but their hearts are far from Me in My desires and My plan. I am waiting for hearts that will be one with My heart; then, will issue forth those things that will identify fully with the action I have purposed for each one of My children.I do not work according to the plan of man. I am not limited to his over-seeing. I am searching for hearts to receive of Me – in ways that will astound the workers of iniquity. I will expose. I will not let the cries of My little ones go un-heeded. I will send forth My empowered army to deliver. I will, by My Spirit, encounter the encountered. I will forge new ways where the fine works of man have failed. I will break down the bulwarks and send My great army in. There will be deliverance for the captives of My people.

Do not think that ease of distraction is of Me, when there is such a weight of work that I purpose. Would you rest whilst I search for hearts that will receive of Me to give of Me? I am the One who prepares the willing for action. There is a dismantling and re-building and new works to be established in the hearts of My people – not according to how I am expected to work; I will move, but I will perform according to My plan in these days. There are so few hearts willing to stand still to receive of Me, but it is in this standing still that they will receive.

There is much `doing` throughout the earth. I behold the good works and intentions but they are like mists against the roar of the tide – unless My Almighty arm empowers, then My people will be driven and tossed. If they will stand still in their actions; if they will cry for their ears to hear My will from My heart for their way forward, then the calamities will fail, and My plan will cause a great recovery from the surge of evil on every side.

There is an end of self seeking when the battle cry is heard. There is an end of self indulgence and lethargy. So it will be with those hearts that cry night and day for My stirrings and My enabling and My empowering.

From My lofty place I see the runnings hither to and fro of My people. Do they not know that I have a set plan? Do they not know that I am the One who will set it in motion? By My Spirit I will perform all things that are in obeisance to My workings. I will blow on the erected platforms and scaffold towers; I will cause to crumble all that is not devised by the workings of My Spirit, for how will the workings of man resist the incoming surge of the seas? How will they stand? They will fall and be devastated. How will the fragile fortresses of man-made endeavours display strength against the invading darkness? As sand, they will crumble and fall flat.

I would empower My people by My Spirit, to build in unseen ways that nothing can destroy or undermine. If My people will cease from their own labours and hear My way forward – then they will be victorious and build according to My plan.”

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