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David Wilkerson dies

Posted by appolus on April 27, 2011

An actual prophet leaves the earth. God bless his family. It really is like losing a brother. In the often mad world of Christendom, his was a voice that stood above the din. He walked with God, he heard His voice and he loved His presence and he spoke without fear or favor. Oh, but one can only imagine the glory he now dwells in forever. This man had a target on his back as did his family and he stood faithfully through all of it , always bringing us back to the cross and reminding us of the overcoming Christ………..brother Frank


5 Responses to “David Wilkerson dies”

  1. Donna said

    Dear Frank,
    It is with a rejoicing heart, yet a heavy heart as well, that I write this. Rejoicing with David & Jesus as they are now ONE for all eternity, yet heaviness for his family’s loss & our loss. As you so well know, David has impacted many thruout the years with his dedication & his stand for the Living God & for holiness as well as his stand against the false ones with their lies & deceptions & all that would blaspheme or taint the name of our lovely Lord.

    I was privileged to stay in NY for the 1987 opening of TSC so that I could be in the services each new day & partake of the Presence & Glory of the Lord & meet David. Also, thru the yrs. I was able to visit the TSC. I appreciate what David wrote for his last posting on 4/27, especially the part about ‘it was no accident’ as we know, since our God is Sovereign. I think his death is significant in many ways; it points us to the countdown at this present time, it reminds us of the fleeting of time, & it stirs up an urgency to work with the Holy Spirit in all He would like each one of us to do with Him in the remainder of time, as well as come closer, abide in Him, & be prepared! In life David served a purpose & in death, he is serving God’s purposes.

    • appolus said

      HI Donna, I had the great priveledge of joining the TSC team in Greenock , Scotland just over a year ago, this town is my hometown, I now live in Kansas. They were certainly filled with the love of God, all 230 of them, ably led by Carter Conlon. This is just an other part of the legacy of dear brother David, now in the glories of heaven………..brother Frank

  2. Donna said

    Dear brothers & sisters, (March 28, 2011)

    In the middle of the night the Holy Spirit woke me up & I saw & heard one explosion after another booming across the land…it looked like the land was covered w/ this dull orange color & the blasts. Whatever they were, they were exploding one after the other for quite some time. My spirit was praying w/ urgency, Wake them up, wake them up, wake them up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake them up, wake them up, over & over & over again for quite some time from my spirit. I thank the Holy Spirit for this warning & pray that as the Holy Spirit moved in my spirit & we were praying in union, that God was moving to wake the sleeping people up before it’s too late. I don’t think I’ve ever felt such an urgency or intensity such as I have been daily experiencing in my spirit as these past few months! Every day seems more urgent than the day before!

    May our Lord protect, guide & keep us in all, In Christ Jesus, Donna

  3. Donna said

    The hour is late, the hour is late, the hour is late and even though Satan has had his day in the saints and even now is having his day, as never before~it IS the Lord’s Day~it IS the Lord’s hour. He is the One who is working mightily in His own and raising up His Spirit as His own continue to be flushed out of all of their garbage, so that they can be flooded, yea, flooded with revelation, the Living Water. Water to give to the thirsty and food to give to the hungry. So as we eat of Jesus and let Him live through us, so others will be fed and lifted and inspired. This is the way~death to self and life in Christ.

  4. peggy said

    I just got back on this site again. I need your prayers. This site always helps me in my faith-God bless you

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