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The Church of Tomorrow

Posted by appolus on October 1, 2009

In this piece by Andrew Strom he talks about the way the Church should look. He makes the point that the early church is not to be viewed as sepcial, but as an example for all of us. In The New Testemant there is never a reference to “churches,” plural, in regard to a town or a city, only in regard to a region. Think about that brothers and sisters, every town and city had only one church. I can hear some say ” well yes but they were only very small villages.” That is simply not true, many of the cities mentioned in the NT had as many as 500,000 people. They would meet in houses and gather together when an Apostle like Paul came to share.  In the coming reformation, we will definately see the denominational walls come down, at least as far as the remnant believers are concerned. No doubt the people most invested in denominations will fight tooth and nail to keep the divisions and their positions. A parrallel would be the Pharisees fighting tooth and nail, even willing to kill Jesus, in order to keep the status quo which kept them at the top of their society.  In the coming tribulation, our modern day religious men will do the same, not to Jesus of course but to His people. THE CHURCH of TOMORROW
-by Andrew Strom.

A lot of people probably read some of our writings and wonder,
“Where is all this headed? What is the goal?” A glib answer might
be- “We want to get back to real ‘New Testament’ Christianity.”
But what exactly does that look like?

This is an important topic – and something I have pondered a great
deal over the years. What exactly would the ‘New Testament Church’
look like if it was translated into a modern western city?

To get started, I want you to forget about today’s church just for a
moment – with all her obvious problems and contradictions, and
picture something quite different. I want you to imagine that you
are still living in the same city, in the same year, but you are right
in the middle of a ‘Book of Acts’-type scenario. Somehow everything
has changed.

For some reason, all of the Spirit-filled Christians in your city have
left their Denominations and divisions behind. They have truly begun
to fulfill the prayer of Jesus – “That they all may be ONE”. They now
hold huge gatherings all over the city – right out in the open. And as
well as these united gatherings, on most streets there is now a
house-meeting, where all the Spirit-filled believers from that street
gather together, eating and sharing and having communion, etc.
(ie. A “NEIGHBORHOOD CHURCH”). The power of God flowing in
these house-meetings is amazing. Many healings and miracles
are occurring. The ‘gifts’ flow freely every day.

It seems also that many of the church buildings and cathedrals have
simply been abandoned. No longer do Christians want to hide them-
selves away behind “four walls”. They want to gather out where the
people are – presenting Jesus to the whole world. They want to be
truly “one body”. There is no way that any of their old buildings
could contain the crowds, anyhow.

And the men whom God has raised up to lead this vast movement
do not seem much like the ‘Reverends’ or even the ‘televangelists’
of old. In fact, quite a few of them have never even been to Bible
College, and they seem to be very plain, ordinary people from
humble backgrounds. But what an anointing! It is very clear to
everyone that these ‘apostles and prophets’ (as they are known)
have spent many years in prayer and brokenness before God –
drawing closer and closer to Him. When they speak, the very fear
of the Lord seems to come down, and many people repent deeply
of their sins. Demons are cast out and the blind and crippled are
made whole. -These kinds of things are happening all the time.
The whole city is just in awe of what is going on, and thousands
upon thousands are being saved. Even the newspapers and
television are full of it.

As soon as someone repents they are immediately baptized in
water and hands are laid on them for the infilling of the Holy Spirit.
-This is expected from day one! And it is also expected that every
Christian has a gift and calling from God – and that they should be
encouraged to move forward and fulfill their calling. No longer is
there a distinction made between those who are “ministers” and
those who are merely ‘laity’. Now it is expected that EVERYONE
is a minister of the Lord! (However, there are ‘elders’ – ie. older
Christians to guide things).

Some of the bishops and pastors from several denominations have
actually denounced this great move of God very strongly. They say
it is “deception” and warn their people to stay away. (-Every Revival
in history has been accused of this – usually by religious leaders).
But to be honest, it is so obvious to most people that God is the
one behind it all, that very few take these men seriously. The Spirit
of God is sweeping all before Him. The glory of the Lord has come.

One of the reasons that these leaders are so upset is that a lot of
the Christians’ GIVING now does not go to church buildings, but
rather to the POOR. In fact, God has spoken to many people to
start supporting widows and orphans overseas, etc. They also give
generously to anyone in their midst who is in need. Many even sell
their own possessions in order to do this.

The huge over-riding theme of this great movement is LOVE.
“Behold how they love one another” is the catch-cry of many who
watch this ‘new church’ in action. And everyone is given to MUCH PRAYER.

And so, gathering “as one” in the outdoors and breaking bread from
house to house, they eat together with glad and sincere hearts,
praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord
adds to their number daily those who are being saved.


The above description is taken straight out of the Book of Acts – as
applied to today. Everything in the above paragraphs is put there to
give you an idea of what it would be like to live in the Jerusalem
church at the start of Acts. -And it was like that for YEARS. Imagine
the impact of such a church on the world around it! God is wanting
to do this again. And He wants to use ordinary people like you and
me to help bring it to pass.

I am convinced that we are NOT supposed to treat the early church
as a “special case”. It was given to us as an ‘example’. It is what
the “normal” church should be like all the time! And yet we have
fallen so far below this standard. Only in times of Revival do we
approach it again for a time. But I believe it is supposed to be
“normal” for the church to be like this – day in and day out. This
is the way that Jesus always wanted us to be.

However, one thing is clear. It will take a great “SHAKING” for us
to get anywhere close to the above description today. You have to
be aware that in order to get there from here, a whole lot of
‘hierarchies’ and church boards and careers and titles and positions
would be on the line. And a lot of men simply don’t want to lose
those things. It doesn’t matter to them whether it is Truth or not. If
it affects their reputation, their position or their organization, they
will oppose it with everything they have.

Sadly it is very difficult to see a “smooth” transition to this kind of
Christianity. I believe we are in for a shaky ride. But I certainly
believe that it is on God’s agenda. And like the Great Reformation
before it, I believe He will do WHATEVER IT TAKES in order to
get us there.

Here’s to true ‘NEW TESTAMENT’ Christianity, my friends – the
kind that Jesus and the apostles actually invented in the beginning.

Let us settle for nothing less – WHATEVER IT TAKES.

Please send feedback to-  prophetic@revivalschool.com

God bless you all.

Andrew Strom.

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