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Are You a Lonely Christian?

Posted by appolus on May 7, 2009

The man who has passed on into the divine Presence in actual inner experience will not find many who understand him. A certain amount of social fellowship will of course be his as he mingles with religious persons in regular activities of the church, but true spiritual fellowship will be hard to find.                                “The Saint Must Walk Alone”

By A.W. Tozer

Most of the World’s GREAT SOULS have been lonely. Loneliness seems to be one price the saint must pay for his saintliness.

Enoch, Noah, Abraham and Moses all walked a path quite apart from their contemporaries even though many people surrounded them.

The prophets of pre-Christian times differed widely from each other, but one mark they bore in common was their enforced loneliness.

Jesus died alone in the darkness hidden from the sight of mortal man and no one saw Him when He arose triumphant and walked out of the tomb, even though many saw Him afterward and bore witness to what they saw.

The cheerful denial of loneliness proves only that the speaker has never walked with God without the support and encouragement afforded him by society. The sense of companionship that mistakenly attributes to the presence of Christ may and probably does arise from the presence of friendly people. Always remember: you cannot carry a cross in company. Though a vast crowd surrounds a man, his cross is his alone and his carrying of it marks him as a man apart. Society has turned against him; otherwise he would have no cross. No one is a friend to the man with a cross. “They all forsook Him and fled.”

The loneliness of the Christian results from his walk with God in an ungodly world, a walk that must often take him away from the fellowship of good Christians as well as from the unregenerate world. His God-given instincts cry out for companionship with others who can understand his longings, his aspirations, and his absorption in his love for Christ; and because within his circle of friends there are so few who share his inner experiences he is forced to walk alone.

The man who has passed on into the divine Presence in actual inner experience will not find many who understand him. A certain amount of social fellowship will of course be his as he mingles with religious persons in regular activities of the church, but true spiritual fellowship will be hard to find.

The truly spiritual man is indeed something of an oddity. He lives not for himself but to promote the interests of Another. He seeks to persuade people to give all to his Lord and asks no portion or share for himself. He delights not to be honored but to see his Saviour glorified in the eyes of men. His joy is to see Jesus promoted and himself neglected. He finds few who care to talk about that which is the supreme object of his interest, so he is often silent and preoccupied in the midst of noisy religious shoptalk. For this he earns the reputation of being dull and over-serious, so he is avoided and the gulf between him and society widens. He searches for friends upon whose garments he can detect the smell of myrrh and aloes and cassia out of the ivory palaces, and finding few or none he, like Mary of old, keeps these things in his heart.

It is this very loneliness that throws him back upon God. His inability to find human companionship drives him to seek in God what he can find nowhere else. He learns in inner solitude what he could not have learned in the crowd-that Christ is All in All.

Two things remain to be said about the man that is in this state of loneliness. First, he is not a haughty man, he is not holier-than-thou, and he is not an austere saint. He is likely to feel that he is the least of all men and is sure to blame himself for his loneliness. He wants to share his feelings with others and to open his heart to some like-minded soul who will understand him, but the spiritual climate around him does not encourage it, so he remains silent and tells his grief to God alone.

The second thing is that the lonely saint is not the withdrawn man who hardens himself against human suffering and spends his days contemplating the heavens. The opposite is true. His loneliness makes him sympathetic to the approach of the brokenhearted and the fallen and the sin-bruised. Because he is detached from the world he is all the more able to help it.

The weakness of so many modern Christians is that they feel too much at home in the world. In their effort to achieve restful “adjustment” to an unregenerate society they have lost their pilgrim character and become an essential part of the very moral order against which they are sent to protest. The world recognizes them (modern Christians) and accepts them for what they are. This is the saddest thing that can be said about them. They are not lonely, but neither are they saints.

– A.W. Tozer

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  1. dee bryan said

    Been looking for A.w. tozer writings for some time, and was amazed to discover looking up scottish christians after looking for at least 5 years under general chr writings and finding nothing.

    would you also have writings from Smith Wigglesworth and George Mueller and Charles Finney?

  2. timbob said

    Hi Brother. I really love coming by here! When we are first born of the Spirit, the world thinks that we’ve gone nutty. As we draw closer to Jesus, most of the christians begin to think that we’re nutty. It’s a pattern that has remained throughout the ages as most are content to engage in “religious shop talk” as it’s called here. (Thanks for a term to assign to this condition)

    For a long time, I prayed for someone in my ambience with whom to fellowship on a serious level concerning the deep things of God. I checked out church after church; to the point that I seriously began to wonder what was wrong with me. Well, in November of 2007, CR came to Jesus. A coworker from AAM, he was a partier and a very good scammer. The Lord Jesus brought him to repentance and today, he’s not only a like-minded saint with whom I can relate, we hit the streets together as well. This was another prayer answered as I had longed for someone to go along in taking the gospel into the streets.

    This will sound goofy, but it’s like none of the saints around here desired to move off from their plateau. So the Lord raised up someone outside the household of faith to answer this prayer.

    Awesome and encouraging post. Fellowship is awesome, but I still look forward to time alone. Time with the Lord, away from the commotions of this world is priceless. Such moments make one desire to just “abide there” for the rest of their days. Complete peace, absolute contentment, fellowshipping with the Lord Jesus with no intrusions by an earthly agenda. To be truly content in Christ. WOW! The worlds allurements arent even in the same ball park.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.


  3. appolus said

    Amen brother,

    If we lived near each other we would definately be hanging out. It was so cool that the Lord raised up a brother for you to fellowship with. I agree about alone time with the Lord. definately on the same page brother. One day we will have an eternity to figure it all out, although I think one moment in His unadulterated presence will answer all questions and the rest of eternity will be soent praising Him…………..Frank

  4. MJ said

    This posting really touched me…and I want to share something I was writing just as I read it.

    “I carry a lonely cross that almost breaks me…
    I long to share my grief, but where is a similar sole…
    Why must I bear it alone…
    I cannot dispel the sad passion…it comes upon me as a rock from a sling…
    Streams cloud my vision as I wait…I wait for a HelpMate…”

    Psalm 27:13 I would lose heart, yet I believe that I will the Goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Therefore, I wait on the Lord with Good Courage…He renews my strength. And so I wait on the Lord.

    • appolus said

      Amen MJ ..”Therefore, I wait on the Lord with Good Courage…He renews my strength. And so I wait on the Lord.”

  5. Peggy Rickard said

    I so much want some folks to fellowship with. Pray with me that Jesus will bring to me even one person. I have spent much time at doctors and hospitals for my child and I feel like I am walking alone. Even to have someone to come and pray with us.

  6. Karen said

    This is a beautiful website to be in right now. I’ve read this Tozer message before, and felt very much identified, thou this part:
    “The truly spiritual man is indeed something of an oddity. He lives not for himself but to promote the interests of Another. He seeks to persuade people to give all to his Lord and asks no portion or share for himself. He delights not to be honored but to see his Savior glorified in the eyes of men. His joy is to see Jesus promoted and himself neglected. He finds few who care to talk about that which is the supreme object of his interest, so he is often silent and preoccupied in the midst of noisy religious shoptalk. For this he earns the reputation of being dull and over-serious, so he is avoided and the gulf between him and society widens. He searches for friends upon whose garments he can detect the smell of myrrh and aloes and cassia out of the ivory palaces, and finding few or none he, like Mary of old, keeps these things in his heart.”

    …Is still a desire of my heart to be like that always, to seek God’s glory alone and serve Him with love by serving others in His love.
    I felt tons of joy as i read each reply to this post, to see that there are MANY as me outside, funny thing when you notice that all of us feels alone, but what a great loneliness! To be with the Lord and to know Him, and carry this cross which brings death to the horrid rebellious flesh and brings Life to the heart.
    Still is hard to be alone, very hard, I’ve been praying with my mom about having true fellowship in the way, it’s been 5 years since we left our country and our good small fellowship of saints and since that time we haven’t met with any true christian here…thou we know they exist! ;), just that somehow we have not know them yet. So we pray in our house and gather together, and hope (not as a primary thing) but hope that we could meet and share with other brethren about Jesus, about this precious walk and carry each other burdens in prayer as the Bible says. For now i am more than content in finding brethren on the web and pray and carry them in prayer just as it is done in this site.
    Blessings to you, thanks again for posting this, was a great nourishment for my soul.


    • appolus said

      Dear sister in Christ, how sweet to hear from another saint, another of God’s remnant people who live to glory only in Him, who know that their primary gift in life, that which is above all else, our “exceeding great reward(gen15:1) is the Lord Himself. Karen, can you tell me which country you came from? I myself am orginally from Scotland. I moved to the States when I was 26. We just had a revival conference in Barnsdall Oklahoma and oh how God fell. Brothers and sisters from various backgrounds, all coming together to seek Him, and of course we know that “He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” There are more gatherings coming up. One in Indianapolis and one in Ireland and one in Wales. We like to call them “solemn assemblies,” where we seek God and cry out to Him and see if He would not “rend the heaven’s,” and come down in a holy visitation. You can find details(and thousands of wonderful sermons from guys like Tozer) at http://www.sermonindex.net/ ……………….Frank

      • Karen said

        Oh yes brother Frank, i have had also the good privilege to know brother Greg’s ministry on SI, in fact i believe is was trough one of your post in there and “suddenly” i ended up in here!
        I’m aware of those “solemn assemblies” (what a good name to praise the Lord only) but unfortunately I’m not able to gather with you. I don’t live in the U.S, I’m from Colombia/Southamerica, and living now in the Dominican Republic, a small Caribbean island….
        Very isolated as you may think ;)…but as i said before, under the good companion of the Lord’s Holy Spirit and under His guide.
        I’ll be looking forward to follow those gatherings live on webcast..but oh! how i would love to be in presence there! But thanks the Lord that there will be a greater gathering of saints in Heaven where i hope to find you all in there!
        Thanks again brother, i will love to keep in touch.

  7. appolus said

    Dear sister Karen, so good to hear from you. I can say amen to what you say in your comments. I have heard of the Dominican Republic, dont they get a lot of British tourists? Anyway sister, your right, we will meet in an almighty re-union before the throne of God as peoples from every tribe and every tongue and every nation surround that throne and worship and cry out ” Holy, Holy , Holy is the Lord God almighty.” And we may meet sooner if we are the generation to go through the tribulation, which I believe is a possibility. I get the feeling from Christians that I am in contact with, the remnant I would call them, of preparation. They are preparing themselves and being prepared. I think that is part of what the lonliness is all about, it compels us deeper into His arms. We learn to become wholly dependent upon Him who is Holy………..Frank

  8. Peggy Rickard said

    I thank you for praying for and thinking about me and my son and the others on the rez. I am feeling very heavily burdened. Its hard to do anything.Loneliness is a big part of my life. I need to know what Jesus would have me do. I feel I should leave here but where to go. God bless you all

    • appolus said

      Dear Peggy, my prayer for you sister is that you would find a new depth in the Lord Jesus. We come by the way of brokenness.Can I suggest that you read an earlier post of mine and see what Algerious discovers in the very depths of his soul, spiritually and literally… here is a portion…

      In a dark hole I have found pleasure; in a place of bitterness and death, rest and hope of salvation; in the abyss or depths of hell, joy; where others weep, I have laughed; where others fear, I have found strength; who will believe this? In a state of misery I have had very great delight; in a lonely corner I have had most glorious company, and in the severest bond, great rest. All these things, my fellow brethren in Jesus Christ, the gracious hand of God has given me. Behold, He that at first was far from me, is now with me, and Him whom I knew but a little, I now see clearly; to whom I once looked from afar, Him I now behold as present; He for whom I longed, now offers me His hand; He comforts me; He fills me with joy; He drives from me bitterness, and renews within me strength and sweetness; He makes me well; He sustains me; He helps me up; He strengthens me. Oh, how good is the Lord, who does not suffer His servants to be tempted above that they are able I Oh, how easy, pleasant and sweet is His yoke I Is there any like God the Most High, who sustains and refreshes those that are tempted? He heals them that are bruised and wounded, and restores them altogether. Isa. 41; 43:20. None is like Him. Learn, most beloved brethren, how sweet the Lord is, how faithful and merciful; who visits His servants in trial (Isa. 43:2); who humbles Himself and condescends to be with us in our huts and humble abodes. He gives us a cheerful mind and peacef ul heart.
      Read the whole post here…. https://scottishwarriors.wordpress.com/2009/04/20/an-unsung-hero-of-the-faith/ …………..Frank

  9. Shankar said

    The greatest blessing a person can get from our Lord Jesus Christ is to share in His suffering (Philippians 3:10 that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death)
    God bless you brother for the encouraging thought.

  10. appolus said

    Amen brother. It is one thing to suffer, its another thing to suffer for Christ, but to rejoice in our sufferings for Christ is to walk in the Spirit…………Frank

  11. Chrystal said

    I finally took the time to follow your link and come read this article–thank you so much for sharing it on your site. Tozer’s writings are always so inspirational, and this one is so appropriate. We are often lax in teaching about the wilderness seasons, and yet Scripture tells us that Jesus Himself was driven into the desert by the Spirit. May we all learn to embrace the blessing of solitude, falling headlong into intimacy with the only One who can satisfy our hearts.

    • appolus said

      Amen Chrystal. I can fellowship with someone who has embraced the desert and the seasons of our lives and continues to follow hard after the Lord “yet though He slay us.” ………Frank

      • Chrystal said

        “….we will trust Him.” exactly. I have been able to share Tozer’s words with several others in the past day. The Lord is so good to equip us with the right resources when He sees we need them.

  12. Dinah said

    my name is dinah, i am 31 years old and widowed two years back, i just started struggling to find a true companionship, and i happen to fall in a trap of warm hands man who made feel welcome in the love area life. I discovered that the man is married after a month, but my problem was he has won my heart, i knew this is not what i wanted , but it is so difficult to deal with the fact that i can’t have that kind of relationship b4 God’s eyes even if its difficult.
    I just wanted to say ” THANK u for this site, i dropped by and discovered that there r answers i was trying to find especially in sexual emotions, and would like to start practicing those guides and believe that the Lord is on my side to help me thru.


    • appolus said

      Hi Dinah, sorry it has taken so long to reply. I have been on the road with the Lord and so I am catching up a wee bit. I think the key phrase for me is ” he has won my heart.” This would be a problem whether it was a legitimate relationship or not. Let the Lord Jesus capture your heart, become captivated with Him. Confess this before Him as I am sure that you have. Draw near to Him. Cast your eyes upon Him. He said that He is faithful to forgive us when we confess our sins. Make a concious act of your will to come and confess this then determine never to see this man or have contact with him again. Then leave it alone. Your emotions will follw your will sister. Draw near to Him, find your love and strength in Him. He has a Godly man for you almost certainly. Find your all in Him, establish that and then all other things will follow. Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and everything else will follow. May your eyes be lifted to the Hill where your help comes from, lift up your eyes sister and cry out to Him, flee from this relationship and never look back. May the Lord bless you in this, in the mighty name of Jesus……………………Frank

  13. katt3682 said

    I cannot thank you enough for posting this. God knew I needed this, Frank,
    Kathleen Maples

    • appolus said

      Hallelujah sister, yes God knows and He cares. His thoughts about you are as the sands of the sea, innumerable……..brother Frank

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  15. Kenya B. said

    Wow! What a thrill to find such faithful people all in one place! I’m a little down, because I too am going through challenges of my own. In the lonely city of Jacksonville, NC; there are many church’s, but no fellowship. I’ve been church hoping, but haven’t found the love of Christ as I had hoped, only grief and sorrow. My soul languishes within me to find fellowship, even if it is on the internet. I am so glad I found this page! It feels good to know that we will always be lonely, especially because of the generation we are living. Thanks for a wonderful page!

    • appolus said

      Hi Kenya, God bless you. Now is the time for God’s people to find everything they need in Him. The desert can be a lonely place, but a vital neccesity of the day to bring us to a place of complete dependence upon Him. May this be the year that the remnant come together, God knows……brother Frank

  16. Barbie said

    Dear brothers and sisters,
    I have just come across this site and read many of the comments.
    It feels like my heart is home when reading of others testimonies and heart cry.

    I have often heard a speaker/pastor quote from Tozer in his messages:
    “It is doubtful that God can use a man greratly unless He(God) has hurt him deeply.

    I have just read book: “Tale of Three Kings” It is a story of brokeness in the life of David. God used Saul and Absolom to refine King David…


  17. Zaïre said

    Hi, My name is Zaire, I am 15 years old and I am originally from Surinam, but am born and raised in Holland. And live in Amsterdam.

    First of all I am thankful to have met God at such a young age, (I know for a fact that I am the youngest here! 🙂 But it recently became so hard for me. I realised how few people I know whom I can really connect with, no one to be exact. Compared to all the other kids of my age in church, I’m quite serious about my faith. And whenever I try and talk about God, they seem to find it weird and think I have this ‘holier-than-thou’ attitude, while I don’t, I just needed someone to talk with about my faith. Someone who can build me up, not break me down.

    Even now, I am trying to be a friend to everyone. Spread the love, even though I’m not getting anything back. I was embarrassed to say it first, but now I can say that I am a very lonely christian, and I guess thats the price I have to pay. I have to see this solitude as a blessing.

    This whole post, was so encouraging, I can see myself in every word in it. Even as a child, I remember my (non-believing) teacher forbidding me to sing christian songs in class. At first I became sad that I am completely alone in my interests, but I will now see this as a chance to become closer to Jesus.

    I thank the Lord that you posted this.
    God Bless you all, and I will keep praying for someone whom I can have a friendship with on a deeper level, and also for all of you!

    • appolus said

      Hi Zaire, welcome and God bless you. I understand how lonely it can be as a Christian, especially in European countries. I come from Scotland originally, and there are fery few Christians in that Country. You are right, it is an opportunity to grow closer to the Lord and it will be better when you meet and marry a Christian woman in the future. Stay close to the Lord Zaire, He will never laeve you nor forsake you………..brother Frank

      • Anonymous said

        Hi Brother Frank
        haha, I know Zaire sounds like a guys name, but I’m female!
        I heard that in other countries Zaïre is a male name, so don’t worry, I ought to get used to that.

        Of course I’m planning on marrying a christian man in the future, and only date christian guys and such. But right now I’m not looking for a man, since I don’t want to date at this age. I’m just a little sad that I can’t share my faith with a friend (I’m going to this christian concert in two weeks, and since no one out of the people I know in church wanted to go, I decided to go alone, because I do not want to miss out on the concert). Even though this is pretty weird, since I grew up in church, you would think that I would gain some friends out of that. But strangely there hasn’t been anyone who is as obsessed with my God as I am. But I think I should learn to trust God fully, and that he will bring the right people on my path on the right moments. He’s never too late, and he knows exactly what we need, and when we need it! And besides that he has our best interest at heart, so maybe he is testing my faith, I don’t know, but all I know is that I will stay close to Jesus, and find a friend in him.

        God Bless you all,

  18. Belinda Guerrero said

    Hi everyone, I am not a Scottish Warrior, Just one of God’s. I always though alone-ness was just me feeling sorry for myself. I follow the Lord and stay very busy doing His work, but I still find myself frequently alone. I am not a “spring chicken” far from it. I am incredibly thankful for my many blessings, I am 61 years blessed, 3 children, grown, married, 7 grand-kids, and full time worker in the Lords army. I am also an 8 year widow and because of that, I have periods of lonely me time regardless of how active I am. If you find you have time to pray and no one to pray for, remember me, as I will remember all of you, that the alone-ness will not always seem so overpowering.
    Awaiting the return,

    • appolus said

      HI Sister, you dont have to be Scottish to be a wrrior for Christ 🙂 ( as you know) I will pray for you sister, may the Lord bless you and keep you…………..brother Frank

    • susan said

      Hi Belinda, I have time and I send my prayers to our father for you 🙂 I hope that you find the wonderful blessings hidden inside the feelings of lonliness – you are not feeling sorry for yourself, you are blessed with the ache that marks us as one of Gods. How can we not ache and yearn for the life that is to come, when this one ends. May the tears of your lonliness help to wash away the sins of the world. Our suffering is a gift … to share in the journey that our Saviour took when he walked amongst us. Peace and blessings, and prayers for the joy of knowing you are not alone.

  19. Brother Tozer has been my most favored Christian author and communicator of God’s Word. Everything he wrote concerning the lonely Christian fits me better than the best fitting shoe. It is hard to find a fellow saint who truly hungers and thirsts after his God, such as the way David did. And yet, recently, (and I hope this will help others who might read this), the Lord has been showing me that real comfort and joy can only be when we are in close union with Him, and have a deep desire to remain there. We will not be understood by those who are worldly comfortable, if we seek our comfort from Him. And perhaps it just might be that he permits isolation and rejection, like other forms of pain, so we will yearn more and more for that coming Day we will be forever in His awesome presence. Still, the emotional and spiritual pain is there, and I suppose He must be the one Who will help us make our way through it. I am confident He will!

    • appolus said

      Hi brother, thanks for dropping by. Yes, there is a remarkable irony. The more we love the Lord and are full of HIs love, the more uncomfortable other Christians can get. Yet this love, that only comes in our nearness to the Lord, is the love that can reach a lost and dying world. The love of God makes us love more, yet we end up being loved less. All must be lost for His sake, or at leaset there must be a willingness to lose all for Him…………………..brother Frank

  20. christian rock…

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  21. I am a very lonely christian.Many times i feel that my christian beliefs are what causes this gruesome loneliness and i sometimes doubted myself.But every time i tested myself based on the Bible , i always know that iam in the right road.Now i know that the very vast majority of christian are worldly christian and that really helps me to relaxed in the Lord Christ, knowing that you are one of the very few true followers, and this short writing have greatly helped me to know this fact. It also helps me to understand my christian condition better and have a positive outlook in my christian life.May Christ The Lord bless all the reader of this writings and the author as well with an abundant life.Thank you.

    • susan said


      Peace be with you. Everyday alone is another day where the Lord can lead you ever closer to Him, and to His purpose in your life. You are set apart for a reason. The heart wants, what the heart wants, and your heart is set on our Saviour and our almighty Father. Its an amazing journey and a wonderful blessing 🙂 May you be blessed in your journey.

    • appolus said

      HI, yes, there are a lot of worldly Christians, in fact the majority of people who profess the name of Jesus may come into that category. Another name for it is Christendom, this would cover everyone who names the name of Jesus. Christendom has always been a challenge for the choldren of God, the saints, those who are genuinly born again, perhpas the remnant. The biggest challenge is recognizing the fact that most of Chritendom is worldly and yet still walking in love, whether to them or to the world. Speaking the truth in love is always a powerful thing and I believe this is how the Holy Spirit leads us, to speak the truth as illuminated by Him to the world……………….bro Frank

      • Maureen said

        Brother Frank,
        I discovered this site 1 week ago and have been blessed to find remnant believers here. He is leading us to one another.

        The Lord has raised me up in the last 2 years and really opened my eyes to what HE wants and not what man has told me He wants. It has been lonely and God is good in this. He has brought a few of us together in Atlanta and we see Him moving. We are also seeing this is end times preparation.

        So much of what others have written here is true for us. We are getting more persecution from “christians” than non-believers. We do feel lonley, but we do realize that is the Lord working to making us COmpletely dependant on Him- complete death of ourselves to His glory.

        One thing for all of the remnant to remember: We don’t belong here on earth. We will be treated differently when we realize this truth. This is a temporary time that will come to pass. So we must keep letting the Lord take over more and more of us, so we can hear what he wants us to do both inside of ourselves and out in the world. So that when the time comes that we are being tortured and persecuted, we can stand up and say “we follow Jesus only and we will not bow down to any other.”

        We must stay strong in our faith while The Lord will be leading the remnant to one another. I am looking forward to the event in Atlanta on October 5th and 6th!

        • appolus said

          Amen Maureen, as a former Catholic I can say amen to what you have shared. Knowing Jesus is a life changing event, there is a huge difference bewteen knwoing Jesus and knowing about Him. In fact the difference is life and death. Maureen, did you know that there is a conference coming up in Atlanta where many who would consider themselves as part of the remnant will gather. The focus of the conference will be the coming persecution of God’s people in North America. One of my dearest freinds and brother in Christ will be one of the speakers. You can find out about the upcoming conference at http://www.sermonindex.net. Also, we are shortly to begin networking God’s remnant people here in North America. We want to reach out to the lonely saints and those who have came out of denominationalism and so on so…………….bro Frank

  22. susan said

    and another lonely christian here 🙂 after harbouring thoughts of becoming a nun as a teenager, life intervened and i lived a very secular life for 30 years. 3 years ago i had the most profound sensation of Gods presence in EVERYTHING and have never been able to look back. My family have not been able to understand and as a single parent for the last 10 years, have found no niche that i belong in. i rejoined my catholic faith this year and though i have found a congregation of devoted catholics, have yet to find a niche there. But the peace of being in church, in a house of God, in drinking in the remarkable mysteries of faith is enough for me for now. This longing, this yearning is in my every thought. This calling is something i cannot turn away from. I have never been very attached to worldly things – it is always people i have sought, connections, truths, and understandings, I walk in this world hugging this huge SECRET that is burning away inside of me. God LIVES. And yet, I have never felt more alone. 10 years ago, somehow, God started to work in my life and has kept me set apart ever since. I struggled with this for many years and my dark night of the soul went on for years, until the day I realised that I was living inside of Gods creation, not apart from it. Like the ocean is God and the fish swim in it all their lives saying ‘ where is God, who is God?’. He is the air I breathe, the deliverer of all of my needs, the very medium which sustains life in me. It is so human to need others, but I need God so much more. And one day when I am ready He will bring to me the people He needs me to have in my life. This is not the life I had envisioned for myself, but having submitted to Gods will, I must be patient and at peace with the life God has led me to lead. One day it will all make sense. All i know for sure is that when I ask a question, Jesus leads me to the answer so that i can have peace. Where He leads me, I will follow. I have no choice. hopelessly devoted …

    • appolus said

      Hi Susan, I had the opposite experience having grown up a Catholic and a Catholic education. If you click on “home,” and go baclk to my opening page, you can see ” my testimony,” at the top of the page. I grew up in an Irish Catholic community in Scotland, well it was kinda half and half, everyone else we called ” Protestants.” I used to feel sorry for the Protestants because we were taught that they were all going to hell. Anyway, long story short, I had an epiphany at the age of 27 and discovered the reality of Jesus and it changed my life dramatically. It was one thing to know who Jesus was, it was life changing to actually know Jesus. He did not exist within a wafer of bread, He was alive and had come into my heart and took up residence. That was 20 years ago, wow, I a getting old 🙂 And even although there have been many storms in my life, He has brought me through the fire and the flood, praise His Holy name……………………….bro Frank

      • Junior Cole said

        Im glad to see this isn’t a rare occurrence among the saints. I’ve been struggling with this for awhile, thinking it was my fault. Praise God for A. W. Tozer. I pray that even if the Lord allows me to endure this loneliness till my death, i would be satisfied in Him.

      • susan said

        Hi Frank – have been pondering your reply for a while – i dont like to engage much in theological separation between the christian religions. I think all the many and very diversified ways of honouring our Lord are always going to be flawed, we are after all, only human and the divine mind sees the heart of the human. I was brought up catholic in Australia, where there was no issues such as those you describe in your upbringing. To make a case in point, when my youngest sister was born we were living in a very small town in the wheatbelt, and both our catholic priest, and our C and E minister (my mother was C and E) came over and played cards to decide if my sister should be baptised catholic or C and E. God was God and denomination was just a word. I like the peace and I like the dignified way of Catholicism … I love the priests who are nearly all of Asian birth who come to our country because our own young people arent entering the priesthood. I love the communion of bread and wine, which consecrates me each time i take it, as a disciple of the Lord, to walk in the world and to make a difference during my day, no matter how small or insignificant it may be to my understanding. I love the way the priest calls on the holy spirit to descend on the offerings of bread and wine. I love the way my church has over 300 volunteers who assist in the parish’s many and varied programs in the community. I love the quiet and invisible way the people in this church walk in this world with God in their hearts. I love the way men and women have the opportunity to enter into service as priests and nuns, and to truly separate themselves from ‘worldliness’ … any people raising their voices up to God, are sending a love letter to the world that is repeated day after day week after week month after month and year after year. Of course, no matter where you are, or where you worship … some people let the beauty of worship sink into their hearts deeply, others more superficially, and far too many are only fulfilling obligations of upbringing, social demand or twice yearly – easter and christmas – lip service. this happens in every church, every religion, every sect in the world. I left catholicism jaded … but not because the church didnt fulfill its obligations, but because my heart could not hear what was being said. And now it can. I think we cannot point fingers at any form of worship unless our hearts have tested it in the fullness of the spirit. of course, in any religion, at some level, politics will always come in to play, but for the individual … it is just communion between you and God. Pulled apart piece by piece, not one religion would come up to the glory of God … because human understanding has been so jaded by the glitter and sparkle and pace and social engineering that dominates all of our 5 senses every breathing minute of our day to the point where the spiritual can no longer be discerned. We all have our ways of walking and worshiping in this world, and they are all love letters offered to any who care to open them. 🙂 peace and blessings, susan

        • Junior Cole said

          The little i see concerning catholocism here in the US is nothing like your experience, but yet much more man and not enough God. If the individual allows the truth into their heart, and they act upon that truth, a pouring out of glory for God will ensue. At that point, labels fade away, for we were made in His image for His glory. Ive come to a point where i simply say i follow Jesus. He is on the throne of my heart. Whatever label people want to put on me for that, i will not be concerned, because i honestly believe it doesnt matter. What does matter is that i trust in the resurrected Christ, and i live for His glory.

        • appolus said

          Hi Susan, obviously I left the Catholic church when I was born-again. Even that phrase, that sentence, would be disputed by Catholics no matter where they resided. And so I urge all Catholics to consider the words of the Lord from John that unless a man is born again he cannot enter the Kingdom of heaven. These are the unambiguous words of God Himself. So every man and woman would do well to contemplate the meaning of the Lord’s words and how Scripture describes this, for a man or woman’s soul hangs in the balance according to Jesus. It wont matter if there is much charitible activity, or friendliness, for I am certain, in fact I know that there are many loving muslims and mormons and so on. Whst matters is the truth and Jesus is the truth. Of course, if being nice and loving and charitible could take a person to heaven then Jesus would never have had to die on the cross. So for me, it comes down to truth. And the truth is, the Catholic church beliefs do not concur with Scripture, whether it is on the ” Eucharist,’ or purgatory or what it means to be born-again or baptized in the Holy Spirit. Praying to saints or worhipping Mary and so on are just out of line with what Jesus shares in HIs Word. The office of the Pope, the infallibility, what priesthoof actually means according to Peter, just a thousand different subjects Susan.

          So it all comes down to the truth. When we follow the truth and not men or instittuitons or religions, when we follow Jesus, wherever that leads us or leads us away from, then we shall never go wrong. The Word of God says that the Holy Spirit would lead us and guide us into all Truth. Blessing to you Susan……………………..bro Frank

        • Maureen said

          I am a former Catholic. Born and raised in CC and parochial schools. I always felt a connection to God, but not Jesus. Jesus was not central to the CC message, the CC was the center of the msg.

          Susan, I am very concerned in your postings that you only speak of God and not Jesus. I was the same way until I was born again and my eyes opened to Jesus and who he really was and what he did for this wretched sinner.

          I now realize as I look back that the Holy Spirit was in me when I was 35yo and I became concerned that I felt no connection to Jesus. I went to my parish pastor and told him my concern and he said ” as long as you have a relationship with one of the Trinity, you are fine.” In my head, at that second, I heard “that is a lie!” over and over again for about an hour. It was then I started me 3 year journey to Christ AFTER I left the CC.

          Susan, did you know the CC puts the Pope on equal standing with Jesus Christ? That is blasphemy. The act of confession to a priest (which I stopped at age 14- I knew for some reason it was wrong ) is using the priest as out intercessor? JESUS is our ONLY intercessor. There are so many others.

          My point is this: Our faith (Jesus is our Lord and Savior) is not about feelings and what is comforting and enjoyable to us. It is what is in the Word of God and NOT WHAT MAN TELLS US. That is how Satan has infiltrated the church. TRUE repentance and obedience is what leads to our Salvation after we are born again in Christ. Following Christ is the toughest thing a peson decides to do. BUT, what one recieves from the Lord in return is immeasurable and incomprehensible.

          Susan, please get a bible and pray deeply first for God to reveal His truth to you and start reading theNew Testament to understand what Jesus did for you. You will be amazed! And I pray this is the beginning of the most wonderful journey you can take!
          God Bless you!


          • Maureen said

            And a quick follow up:
            I am not picking on the Catholic Church. On my spirtual journey I have been involved in a various churches and now am not attending a building church. The Lord lead me away from what man had said “Church” is and to what he says it is in the bible- a Gathering of believers.

            This is because Satan has infiltrated the church so effectively that the churches are “off” a little or ALOT in the teaching of the WORD. We are not to be lead by false teachers, even if they are 1% off. That’s where it all starts, just a little off. “no church is perfect” is what a hear alot….and that is something Satan says. The WORD is perfect and is not to be falsified.EVER.

            I am in fellowship with the remnant believers the Lord has led me to here in Atlanta and we are doing home church and depending upon the Holy Spirit’s presence to lead our gatherings. Not man.

            For those who are being led by man in a church, please compare the sermons to the Word of God and if he is off, please tell him, so he can correct the error and not mislead the congregation.The Word is too precious to not be revered and protected in it’s accuracy.


  23. Steven said

    This is amazing. He completely nailed it. Thanks for posting this. God bless.

  24. David said

    Wow, I had just goolged the christian life is lonely and this poped up. The quote by A. W. Tozer spoke to me like if it were God him self. You see I have been struggling lately because I lost my family about 4 months ago. It’s sad that Christianity is very lonely we are suppose to be the happiest people on earth. I felt like giving up but I have no where to go. God has the thing I desire. The bible talks about companionship in the book Ecclesiastics. It says (paraphase) it is better with two. And proverbs iron sharpens iron. I felt like God himself has rejected me but after reading this quote I thank God that he has given me this message to keep holding strong. Thank you all for this putting up this quote.

    • appolus said

      Hi David, welcome to this site. I am sorry to hear about your family. I am glad that you were blessed and that God spoke to you through this article. Gid tells us David that He would never leave us nor forsake us. You hold on to Him and to His promises. His promises are found in Him David. It is because we know Him that we can believe in His promises. For more articles brother you can go to the home page and click on the remnant page, top right hand, facebook page. Other believers there as well, like-minded brothers and sisters………………bro Frank

  25. Anonymous said

    Just some testimony that may help other true believers. I’ve walked 40 years with the Lord. As I grew in my faith, opposition to me, even in my own family, intensified. I was never preachy, holier-than-thou in attitude, never anything that could be considered overtly pushy and obnoxious, only when occasions were appropriate talked of Christianity. But I’ve been serious in my faith, in that I wouldn’t be found engaging in wild partying, telling a filthy joke or engaging in a filthy communication, would not take the Lord’s name in vain, would not agree with people expressing hateful political views in conversations such as racism: generally, I would remain quiet at these times, not expressing disapproval, just not taking part in these examples and many others of what are sinful behaviors. In work, I would not lie for corporate gain. To sum it up, I’ve generally never fit in with the partying, amoral crowd, but, and this is important, was never one to overtly express enmity with such people, rather one to always try and get along. As a matter of fact, I’ve been a good listener in my life, hearing the problems of the unGodly and trying to help, whatever they may be, have tried to be good to all, this a very important point. What has this resulted in? Betrayal, even by people I’ve loved, my entire life. When nothing could be found to attack me over, it came to where some people in my life, even in my family, simply made up lies about me, slandering me behind my back, without my knowledge, in an attempt to destroy my life, dark, ugly lies, with a venom you would not believe possible, this coming from people I’d never done anything to offend that could possibly warrant such behavior, even from people I’d been very good to, loved in my life. My supposed Christian wife divorced me a couple years ago, on deceptive grounds: there were no Biblical grounds or any even serious grounds, just lies. Though I’d never claim perfection as a human being, I can in all honesty say I’d been an exemplary, helpful and supportive, honest husband to her: again, the pattern of slander and lies, unwarranted attack. With my wife, when I tried to get to the bottom of the matter with reason, she could offer no rational explanation, could answer to nothing, at all, rather got very upset I’d try to reason with her about what was troubling her in our marriage, sought that she tell me what I’d done wrong: she could cite nothing. She simply spun a web of lies behind my back, to justify divorcing me. She simply hated me, for no just cause. I’ve also learned that the reason for all the backbiting slander is so the person who’s doing the hatchet-job on you can explain to their friends and acquaintances why they’re not to blame for the evil they’re doing to you, as not even the world wants to hear: he was a very decent and honest, Christian man, and I’m telling all sorts of lies to set up divorcing him, because I’m full of the devil. (This is very alarming as, though only the Lord is the Judge, Revelation is very clear the disposition of “all liars.” It seems that a person who’s done such deceptive evil, whatever that may be, is likely to remain a liar the rest of their life, is not very likely to come clean with the people they’ve lied to, will even be stuck in a position to perpetually lie, any time the topic comes up. It’s not been my experience such people go to their friends in tears and the person they’ve wronged, to confess and seek forgiveness for all they’ve destroyed. Hence, no repentance.)

    I could go on and on, for pages, about experiences in this life with evil, having provoked none of it. I am now very lonely, divorced, living in a new and strange place, without friends, and, as usual, finding nobody my age who has any interest in the things of God outside perhaps an hour a week in church and saying grace at the table. What I’ve learned, very well, to be able to speak to this in absolute truth, is that the devil is going to come after you, do anything he can to try to destroy you, if you’re a true Christian. One of his primary means of attack, when he can’t get to you, is to use your family and friends who he can influence, infect with the spirit of deception and evil. And the devil works on people over the long haul, over time, behind your back, until he has people in a place of control to execute the plot. You probably will, generally, see signs of something wrong in your friends or loved ones, inexplicable anger out of nowhere, subtle insults here and there, inexplicable provocations, though you’ve done nothing wrong: at this point, watch out!

    The Bible states you’ll be persecuted, and some of us are going to be very lonely, but, at these times, here’s what I most take comfort in: you must be doing something right, to provoke the forces of evil, as the devil doesn’t bother with people he already owns. If you’re a Christian and life in this world is smooth sailing for you, if you’re getting along fine with the world, are somewhere in the “in crowd,” this should be very alarming! You’d better carefully examine your “Christianity,” because:

    Matthew 6:24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.

    2 Timothy 3:12 Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.

    Matthew 5:10-12 Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.

    Matthew 16:24-26 Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it. For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

    John 16:32-33 Bold, the hour cometh, yea, is now come, that ye shall be scattered, every man to his own, and shall leave me alone: and yet I am not alone, because the Father is with me. These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

    James 4:4 Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.

    Loneliness is difficult, but God’s judgment and hell are more difficult! The suffering of this world is only for a time, then there’s a wonderful and blessed eternity with our Lord Jesus, waiting for all who truly believe. I hate being on the outside, being lonely, but, bottom line, I’d not change a thing I am or believe in the Lord has made me, by His Holy Spirit, which make me an enemy of the world, to gain a minute of friendship with the world. When I’m in my right mind and spirit, I know what it’s like to have joy, and thank the Lord they hate me, because, if you’re also experiencing this, the evil world is seeing something of Christ’s Spirit in you to fight. Look in your Bible about what our Lord Jesus and the apostles, such as Paul, endured from the world: last, but not least, you’re suffering in good, in the best, company! Never, ever forget this.

    God keep all of you, in our Lord Jesus Christ, and we will be excellent company in the kingdom of heaven!

    • appolus said

      It is certainly true that if we walk with the Lord then we will have troubles enough from this world, we may even lose everything that we once held dear and that the world holds dear but we can never lose our Lord. That is why He tells us in the world that if we do not love Him more than we love our families, we are not worthy to be His disciples. Obviously the reason for that is because those who are closest to us can often times cause the most damage and our walk could founder on the rocks of the pain and injury caused by the pain of a loved one. I think that I why I love the book of Hosea, the story of the prophet with the adulteress wife who of course represented Israel who found her pleasures in the arms of her lovers. Yet, and here is the beauty of the story, Hosea becomes her redeemer. What a miracle. God bless you brother, my prayers are with you…………..bro Frank

      • Anonymous said

        Something I was blessed to learn at an early age was to see God is not to blame for evils, took Job to heart in God’s expectation we remain faithful, regardless, hence, if you realize this, you at least won’t founder in your faith. God is not the heavy in any of this. God does not make people selfish, deceptive, greedy, unfaithful… does not make people the whole long list of evils. God is holy. God, in fact, roundly condemns most everything going on in this world. When you really look at it, God didn’t lie to you or about you, steal from you, slander you, divorce you, injure you, whatever, didn’t create all the heartbreak on the nightly news: this is rather people and evil spiritual forces gone astray, who’ve turned their back on or reject to believe in the Lord at all. God, Jesus Christ, isn’t persecuting any Christian! If anything, any and all evil in this world are a striking contrast to the God of the Bible we serve, and the Bible is most clear this world, as we know it, is on borrowed time, that the permissive will of God will come to an end. The ways of life according to “the world” really have nothing to do with God, and everything to do with the actions of Satan and company, and people in bed with the same. Just to know that the Lord is holy, and in His kingdom sin, evil, will be crushed, every lonely day is one day closer to that eternal kingdom, where we who accept and love the Lord really belong. Thank you for your good comments and prayers, and the Lord also bless and keep you, Frank, bless and keep all those who love Him.

        • appolus said

          Yes indeed brother, God is holy and He did not lie about us, or steal from us or slander us or injure us, but He was lied about, He was stolen from, He was despised and rejected, He was tortured and killed, and it was His own that called for it, people He had only done good to, He had only loved, healed, taught and so on., And when all that was done to HIm, He broke the chains of hell and death and said ” Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” He paved the way for how we are to react to being abused. It tears away at the flesh of course and leaves nothing of it, burns it all away in the refining fires. Being dead in this flesh of ours is something that we strive after, for in our flesh there is no good thing. It is good to strive after this, it is a good race to run, it is a good working out of our salvation. Lord may we be more like you!!! This of course is not an argument for working out our own sanctification, this is an argument for our own deaths and surrenderings and yieldings and its in these things that the flesh is stripped and burned away……………..bro Frank

  26. Anon said

    Thank you, I needed this.

  27. Pieter said

    [Most of the World’s GREAT SOULS have been lonely. Loneliness seems to be one price the saint must pay for his saintliness.]

    Lonely? Terribly so.
    Great soul? Woe is to me, for I know my insides all too well.
    Yes, am paying dearly, but when is greatness of soul and saintliness finally delivered?

    Like Paul said in his emails, the good that I want to, I don’t and the bad that I don’t want to, I do. PETRA sings of “killing my old man” but mine seems like one of those soapie characters that get resurrected from the dead all too often.
    My “old man” seems to want to be in the limelight and is not easily suppressed. I so much want to be like Jesus but, after well over 28 years with Him, the ugly man raises his head all too frequently.

    I think we all needed this post above.

  28. Sarah said

    I have felt lonely for a while now. Been born again since April 2010 and after a year I went through refining and a lot of healing from the past. I experienced deep depression phases and only recently have these died down. I have learnt to reject depressive thoughts and attacks from Satan. However I still feel lonely inside. I don’t want to accept this if its not from God, but reading your post it seems it is from God?

    I am longing to be home in consummation of intimacy and fellowship with The Lord. There are Christians around me, and I recently married one. He is a wonderful man but I just cannot connect in true fellowship with him or anyone. There is one sister in Christ who lives on the other side of London, that I have a uniquely enjoyable fellowship with when we meet. But she is the only one. I enjoy spending time serving homeless people and when I get a chance, with Christian kids at camp just seeking The Lord with them. But I don’t really find fellowship with Christians in my church here or much other gatherings. It’s strange how my longing for Holy Spirit fellowship with others, as I read in the NT bible just is not here.

    Pls pray for me because at the moment I am not being efficient at all with Gods calling on my life as an evangelist particularly to the vulnerable and homeless. I don’t feel edified and strengthened enough without any fellowship and good teaching.

    Thank u for making me feel better that I’m not the only one.

    • appolus said

      Hi Sarah, God bless you sister and praise The Lord for your salvation. Yes, what you are experiencing is very common for Christians around the world in these days. As the days get darker in this world and the church compromises more and more with the world, then it is certainly more and more difficult to find true and deep fellowship. It is certainly true that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. So, if one is passionate about politics, then that is what one tends to speak about and finds others of similiar interest. The same with sports and so on. Well, if one is truly passionate about Jesus, then that is what they want to talk about and they find others who want to talk about their Lord. This has always been true and always been realtivly difficult, just more so now Sarah because of the times in which we live. Just know that everythjing that you need can be found in Jesus. This is the place to start, be grounded and rooted in Him so that even if the whole world rejected Jesus, you would still follow Him. Then pray for The Lord to give you a sister of like mind, a sister that loves The Lord even more than you. Find one or two and treasure it when you find it, for fellowship with brothers and sisters is a beautiful and necessary thing and The Lord knows this………bro Frank

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  30. Sosang said

    Thank you Jesus. I needed this.

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