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A Genuine Outpouring in Greenock, the beginnings of Revival

Posted by appolus on December 3, 2008

I have just returned from Greenock so I apologize for those who check this site regularly. We held a revival conference there and had about 500 Christians there from over 20 different countries. I believe that this is the beginning of a movement of God’s people. The best of the Evangelicals, combined with the best of the “Pentecostals.” This was no easy task and was covered in prayer. The enemy was violently apposed to even the concept of this because for centuries he has divided and conquered. Below is one man’s take on what happened in Greenock. I will be writing my own thoughts and stories of how the Lord moved. The day of the “Bapticostal,” is coming. ……………………….



I just arrived home late last night from about 26 hours of travel from Greenock to London and then to Kansas City. I come away with an awesome and lasting sense of God’s presence.

The prayer meetings that I attended were God empowered in a way I have not seen in many years. God came down. Bro. Denny preached a powerful word and God did a work.

Wednesday was another powerful day in which God began to set in order things that are lacking in many church’s. I really felt I had heard God again in the messages. I cannot overstate the wonder and amazement I came away with. The worship service carried on past Carter Conlon’s message and God was breaking through layers of hardness uncovering things unseen and unrecognized. His message was a prophetic word like few others. God does not come down to authenticate US or our idea of revival so we can say we were right- He authenticates HIMSELF. It was truly awesome!

So powerful was the sense of God’s HOLY presence that Carter danced before the LORD in spite of and at the risk of criticism. I saw his face shine with the glory of GOD from directly in front of him. I shall never forget that. Such power and glory that men take off their mask and become vulnerable in His presence! It was as if the ARK of God was coming back into the camp. We were a hairs breadth from revival. To GOD be the Glory forever.

Thursday was another day of wonder. Caught up still in the awesomeness of God, we came into a time of confession of SIN. Having felt God dealing with me since I arrived in the UK and especially the night before during the worship service, I testified and confessed my SIN also. Others went before and some behind, but God moved powerfully again. Such a sense of His love and goodness leading us to Repentance. We were reminded in the panel that God never duplicates revivals. He is not at a loss for a means to reach a rebellious or backslidden people.

I felt such a sense of His Holy Presence, that only the hardest among men could have not responded. God was teaching us how to get out of His way and remove our hands from the Ark of God. It was His working and it is marvelous in our eyes! OH that men could see and understand. God was doing more in minutes that ministers could do in a lifetime. I learned that God don’t need men to move. He could just show up as the Saints pray and say yes to Him! TO break out spontaneously in song and weep for their sins in the light of His goodness!

Truly I felt God. Not in the way that Finney describes as falling as if he had a sword in each hand, but a heart touching probe of our inner being that brings to light the hidden counsels of the heart- but loves us enough to draw us anyhow. Not in tyranny and fear and trepidation, but in light of a God breathed revelation of His goodness that sobers the mind and thrills the heart. I follow after this God! I can give myself afresh to Him. I can live by the word of His mouth and respond to what He is saying TODAY. I can look forward to a new day of revival where God is ENOUGH and men’s devices and schemes fail miserably in meeting the needs of this hour.

No, this renewal was not about men- it was in spite of men. With all of our failing and temptations to take hold of the Holy, He blessed us with a most wonderful outpouring and I am a better man today because of it. Let God be true and every man a liar- may we bow ourselves before Him and shed the costume of pretense. The Lord searches the hearts- what fear have we of the opinions of men? For now, its just me and God.

9 Responses to “A Genuine Outpouring in Greenock, the beginnings of Revival”

  1. alee said

    Do you think this is the beginning of the outpouring that is suppose to come(like AZUSA)? I read a book about AZUSA called ‘They Told Their Stories’;the prophesy in the book states it suppose to happen again between 2009 and 2010.

  2. appolus said

    Hi Alee….yes I do think this is the beginning of a genuine outpouring. The unique thing about the Greenock gathering was that there was over 500 people from 20 different countries. Of the nine speakers, they were from five different countries. Yet, the main thing was, that there was a mixing of the most conservative Christians with Pentecostals. The defenders of the Word of God, came together with the defenders of the worship of God. It was proven that these two are not mutually exclusive. Spirit and Truth. On the Wednesday evening, we thought the roof was going to come of. Carter Conlon of Times Square church was speaking that evening. He spoke at his own church the following Sunday, last Sunday and made the comment that there was an “explosion,” in his heart. That was the love God poured out because good brothers and sisters put aside issues like tongues and style of worship(although this was not easy and much battling in the Spiritual took place) and came together under a banner of truth. Absolute on the Word, intimate and genuine in the worship. Satan has long resisted that and has used division to conquer. Diversity does not have to mean division. This is the birth of the Bapticostal. God is calling and separating His people for a work in the last days. Religious people and soulish people will not be part of that work……Frank

  3. timbob said

    Good morning. The last days remnant is going to be one of Gods design. It won’t fall into the patterns of organization that men have assembled. It will be a holy people who look to Jesus and set aside everything that’s of a fleshy origin.

    This thought has been with me for some time now. During the coming days of darkness, there wil be small gatherings of saints in diverse places. Gatherings of saints who, prior to that time had never known each other, but have been supernaturally assembled for this hour. I look to the tribulation as a time of testing, but also a time of incredible fellowship with Jesus and with those who will be our neighbors in the new Jerusalem.

    Thanks for shariing this incredible report. Have a blessed weekend in Jesus.


  4. appolus said

    HI Timbob…I totaly agree. There were two visions for this gathering. 1. Tears and repentence by God’s people before the throne.
    2. God’s people, from many different backgrounds, gathering together and putting aside their non-essential differences. These would include tongues and styles of worship.

    So many barriers were broken down and God honored that. This “one accord,” has always been honored by God. His fire fell upon us. Carter Conlon’s “explosion in his heart,” is the perfect way to describe it. The following day there was repentence, public repentence. That evening, when the call went out for men and woman to lay aside the things of the word and be sold out to preaching and sharing the Word of God, over 40 people came forward. Most were in their 20s and 30s. I met many of them. They had put aside their lives and travelled to Greenock from all over the world. This was a serious group of people moved by God, not be emotion. Praise the Lord. We may be having a similiar kind off meeting next year in the States, God willing, He knows…………….Frank

  5. alee said

    i hope these guys come to the states. i followed the flordia outpouring via internet. my pastor said we should be looking for revival in 6 months. i need to get ready for it. i keep hearing the word change. i want to see the manifestion sp. of GOD.

  6. alee said

    i want to see the manifestation of God’s glory.

  7. appolus said

    HI Alee

    God is waiting, God is waiting. There is a stronghold and it lies in the attitude of Christians. When the stronghold comes down, thenm I believe that we will see “God come down.” Please do not mistake Florida for what God is going to do amongst His people. In this coming movement, there will be no names, I believe. The only name that we will utter is the name of Jesus. This is a “presence,” starved generation because they have dwelt in the soulish realm. It is impossible to fill up the soulish realm. Yet, when God comes down, God inhabits. Everything that exists, all the universes that exist, do not contain God, He contains them.To stand in the Presence of God, is to be dumbfounded. The best that the might propher of God could do was to cry out “Woe is me for I am a man undone.” To stand in the light of God, and be totally transparent and for the light of God to penetrate every particle of your being is something that truly defies description. The English language, in all of its beauty, is at a loss to describe this.Now this sounds like a negative thing, but of course it is not, it is a penetrating thing. To come to this place we must pass the alter, and the alter is a place of sacrifice. Too long has the Church leaders called out “come forward and be blessed, come forward and get healed, come forward and be prayed for, come forward and get something. You dont get anything from the alter, you bring something, its a place of sacrifice. So, unless the Church as a whole understands this, they are destined to stay out in the courtyards and not enter into(past the alter) the inner sanctum. The courtyard is Cain’s court, this is the place where most of the soulish activity of the church takes place. Its not a bad thing if it leads you to the alter, but more often than not, it leads you deeper into the soul. These are some articles that give an understanding of the presence of God I believe………





  8. uday said

    I have a sense of the “scattering” that is to come. I have been thinking if this just my feeling, due to my own circumstances? But I heard a brother too say that he sensed that God was planning something (and HIS plans are all supernatural).
    And in our fellowship (www.cfcindia.com), we have been constantly encouraged to be prepared for the persecution.
    Well I do not understand it all. but reading this post, I also realize that God will not send us unprepared without HIS Spirit.
    This could be it!!
    In my weakness, I am apprehensive, but also excited.
    Act 8:4 Then, indeed, the ones who had been scattered passed through, preaching the gospel, the Word.

  9. appolus said

    I believe that the seperation has already begun and after the seperation comes the persecution. My second from last post talked about that ….


    God bless you brother………Frank

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