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A Devastating Indictment of the American Church(Paul Washer)

Posted by appolus on October 23, 2008

On Wednesday evening, the 22nd of October, Paul Washer delivered a sermon that should shake the American church http://www.tenindictments.com/  Ten points were delivered and questions the whole premise of who we are and what we do and the validity of conversions. There is a coming reformation of the church and coming judgement and it will indeed begin in the house of the Lord. The preaching of Calvary and Jesus and Him crucified will return. The true power of the Holy Spirit, exemplified by the Apostle Peter as he preached to the crowd after Pentecost , will return. At Pentecost, Peter spoke with “Katanusso,” power, this is the power to “stab the hearers in the heart.” The word itself means to “violently agitate, to penetrate.” This power was so radical that the crowd cried out “what must we do.” We have seen this power in genuine revivals, now, if we are so blessed, in the coming reformation, we will see this power again. 

This is an indictment that reaches across the board. To Evangelicals on the one side, and to Charismatics on the other. May the Lord move in power.

2 Responses to “A Devastating Indictment of the American Church(Paul Washer)”

  1. alee said

    It is scary. The Lord is getting ready to clean house. I also need to make sure my house is clean.

    • appolus said

      Yes, I truly believe that the Lord is getting ready to clean house. We know that judgement begins at the house of the Lord. I believe that there is already a seperation going on. I have met many good brothers and sisters from around the world who are being led out of the “church.” They are coming out of dead church’s, they are coming out of Prosperity church’s, they are coming out of soulish church’s and so on. The American church, amongst others, has become a place of lawlessness. Each does what seems to be right in their own eye’s. They have called upon Jesus to be Saviour, but they rejected the notion that He is Lord. He cannot be one or the other, He must be both or niether. Many of these church’s have an appearence of life, but they are wretched and naked and blind and their only hope is that the fire that is coming, the fire of God’s judgment, will be to them a refiners fire………………Frank

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