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The Candle

Posted by appolus on April 24, 2008

My mother was talking to a new convert in Scoltand. She asked the lady, who did not have a church background ,how it felt. This lady did not have any “Christianeze,” with which to reply, she simply stated “Its as if someone has lit a candle and placed it in my chest.” That inspired me to write this poem 🙂


The Candle

Oh hallelujah, who lit the candle
Oh hallelujah my Savior it be
Oh hallelujah may this candle forever
Burn gloriously and brightly deep within me

For I was a sinner, so cold and rejected
No light in my tunnel that I could see
Then the candle was lit and the darkness was vanquished
And now and forever in His arms I will be

The things of this world no longer enthrall
I’m walking and talking and living with He
The one from above, my Savior , my Jesus
He died in my place that I may be free

Though the wind is still blowing, often times howling
And the storm clouds gather to come against me
I’ll stand on the Rock, my eyes towards heaven
And the candle , yes the candle’s still burning in me

So we praise you for the candle, most Holy Father
Glorious Jesus , forever you’ll be
Higher than the heavens , enthroned in your glory
For you are the candle that burns brightly in me

(is your candle still burning?)

2 Responses to “The Candle”

  1. Scotti said


  2. appolus said

    Thanks for dropping by Scotti………..Frank

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