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Christianity vs Churchianity

Posted by appolus on March 20, 2012

The piece below is the kind of fearless voice that we need to hear in our own times because it seems that we are in this same position again. We had many moves of God in the last century and for that I praise God, but we have also seen the rise of the seducers and the false prophets in recent decades. Its not a surprise that the enemy would not sit idly by and allow the victories of the Welsh revival,the Pentecostal revival,the Hebridean revival or the moves of God amongst the hippies of the 60s and 70s to go unanswered.

Right alongside these moves came the rise once again of cheap grace. Movements like the Word of Faith, name it and claim it and unscriptural charismania are often easy to see and discern because they fall so far outside the realms of Scripture. Yet cheap grace is an insidious cancer that lulls its adherents to sleep and allows the world to mock their worldliness and rest easy because they see them as no different from themselves.

“They assume that the Church is an ark of safety; and once ensconced within her enclosures, all further anxiety ends. Let us try to unmask this dreadful delusion of the devil.” (AA Phelps, 1883)  

This above statement would also apply to those who came forward and signed on the dotted line. To those who lined up and signed up for fire insurance. Their ” ark of safety,” would be the their profession of faith. By merely giving mental assent to a few abstract truths, by saying yeah to points one through five, then all anxiety ends for they are now ” saved.” May, for their very souls sake, the Lord unmask this dreadful delusion before He returns-Frank McEleny

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