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God is holding you.

Posted by appolus on January 28, 2023

Many years ago, in the depths of a very dark situation with my oldest son, I received a vision of his deliverance (14 more years would pass before its fulfillment) It was a clear word from the Lord to me and I hung onto that with all of my strength, with everything that was in me. Day followed day and the months rolled by and then the years passed. Long days and short years. And with every passing year the situation got worse and my strength was failing me. It was then that I suddenly realized that I was not hanging onto Him, He was holding on to me. There is a hand that holds you brothers and sisters. It is the hand of Jesus. Take courage today, He is the one holding you and He shall never grow weary.

3 Responses to “God is holding you.”

  1. geejay12 said

    Very humbling words. Thank you.

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