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Open your mouth and speak.

Posted by appolus on April 10, 2022

Then Peter opened his mouth………..While Peter was still speaking these words, the Holy Spirit fell upon all those who heard (Acts 10:34,44)

Peter was speaking to the Gentiles. This was not something he had desired to do. In fact we see a rather dramatic encounter on the rooftop where a great sheet comes down in a vision filled with any number of unclean and common animals and he is told to eat. Three times Peter resists. Now we know that the number three is very significant to Peter, for three times he had denied his Lord. Yet, here we see Peter, so ingrained with tradition that he would, in effect, say no, three times to a direct order from God. Let not any of us think that our traditions and preconceived notions are so easily overcome. And still there would be more for Peter to overcome when he is confronted, publicly, by Paul.

Yet, praise the Lord, we see a very different Peter. His resistance gives way quickly to obedience. And this obedience leads him to the door of a gentile. And, we are told, Peter “opened his mouth.” Brothers and sisters, the Lord wants us to open our mouths to all manner of men  and women. The Holy Spirit will never fall on us, like in Acts, if we are too afraid to open our mouths. Any journey on foot requires us to put one foot in front of another, it is how we make forward progress. Communications from God to the lost requires His servants to first open their mouths. His Holy Spirit will do the rest if you would abandon your fear of man. Holy Spirit boldness leads us to open our mouths, He fills it, then He falls upon those who hear it. It will almost always involve the risk of loss. In our day, in the west, not the loss of life but perhaps friendship, reputation, job or career. Will you open your mouth?

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