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Ishmael and Isaac cannot dwell together

Posted by appolus on May 17, 2020

Gen 21:10 Get rid of that slave woman and her son, for that woman’s son will never share in the inheritance with my son Isaac.”

There must be a separation from Hagar and Ishmael. Ishmael and Isaac cannot dwell together. One is the promise and the other is the result of fleshly pursuits and a mixing of bondage and freedom. God will have His people, He will have His Bride and she will be a Bride that is faithful and true. He is coming for a Bride that believes in Him and seeks after Him with her whole heart. He is not coming for a Bride that rises up and plays when the Master is gone and makes an idol out of the treasures of this world. He is coming for a Bride who believes, who obeys, who quietens herself so that she can hear the Bride-grooms voice.

There is a hush over God’s legitimate children right now. They are listening for the still small voice. They are diligently seeking His face despite their circumstances. Yes they see the giants, but the same Spirit that dwelt in Joshua and Caleb, that dwelt in David, that dwelt in the Hebrew Children, that dwelt in the heroes of the faith of Hebrews 11, that dwelt in the martyrs down through the ages, dwells in them.

In the rest of Christendom there is a great noise. Somehow they believe that there is anointing in volume, there is no anointing in volume. There is desperation in volume, there is distraction in volume. There is a stirring of the soul in volume. Yet none of that moves God. God is wearied at the noise that He hears. There is a rushing to the “altar” , as if by their speed of motion they can stir up the anointing of God or prove their desire to come to God. Yet they run to an idol’s altar where they seek to gain. Yes they run to their god, but his name is Baal. God is not presumptuously rushed towards.

God is found by those who search Him with their whole hearts and who bring sacrifice to Him, the sacrifice of humility and brokenness, a sacrifice of all that they desire that is not God. All of Abraham’s life was tied up in Isaac yet he takes him up the hill and prepares to sacrifice him so that he may be obedient to the word of God. Is that your heart today? Are you willing to lay it all down in order to come to Him? This is the heart of God’s remnant children in the desert.

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