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Empowered to die

Posted by appolus on April 28, 2019

The living Jesus empowers us to die and His cross is the symbol of sacrifice and death. To live for Him is to die to ourselves and the world. As we move forward in our lives and become more like Jesus, we have to continually die to ourselves, in other words if we want to live an abundant life in the Lord we must abide in the cross. And so there is an important intertwining of dying to ourselves and living the resurrected life. It is the heads and the tails of the same coin. If we focus on just one aspect to the detriment of the other, we will become imbalanced in our walk. We surely must pick up our cross daily it is important to realize that this will produce an abundant spiritual life in Christ. And while you may die to the flesh internally, the world should see your joy expressed externally and wonder and marvel how such a thing could be. This is pleasing to God.

The proof of our new life, our resurrection from the dead, our authentic faith is not found in the abundance of our possessions as some would have us believe. The proof of our faith is how we react to carrying our cross. In the midst of this death to ourselves does the love of Jesus pour forth from us? Do we minister to others when we ourselves are in the midst of trial and testings? Have we found the secret of being content in every situation? The cross does not lie. There is no hypocrisy on the cross.The cross signifies death to self and death to the world. It’s only by taking up our cross that we can crucify the flesh. The flesh wars against the Spirit. The flesh must die, it dies only upon the cross, it thrives upon indulgence and self-pity and self.

The walk of the cross can be a lonely walk. Yet in every generation, across denominational lines, brothers and sisters are called out. They know each other when they meet. They are people who have rejected the “norm.” They are a people who seek a deeper walk with Jesus. While the crowd run after the latest craze and those that tickle their ears, these people find themselves on an ancient narrow path. This path begins at Calvary and ends at the throne. It is a very difficult and lonely path but all the saints who have come before you have walked this very path. Be encouraged today saints, God sees the afflictions of His people. He has not left us as orphans. We have the Holy Spirit who can take us to a place that Jesus has prepared for us. He is our high tower and the righteous run into it and they are safe. There is a place beneath His wings that is ours. He has given us wings in the Spiritual so that we can fly to this place. And in this prepared place we discover joy where there should be no joy. We discover peace where there should be no peace. We discover love where hate should consume us. We are be fed although a famine has overtaken the land. He is our fountain in a land that is dry and dusty, in a land where there is no water.

As the spiritual famine deepens, as the drought begins to change the landscape, as the counterfeit increases daily, the Lord knows how to feed His children. As the storm rages all around us the Lord says to His children “I am the eye of the storm, do not be afraid of it, walk into the heart of it and find peace. I am the Lord of all storms and I stand in the midst of them and beckon unto my own to come unto me and take my hand and I will lead you through and you will not be overcome nor destroyed.” We praise the Lord today that He sees all things and He knows all things and to those who have taken up their cross and walk the narrow path He is your strength and your comfort and He sustains you.

5 Responses to “Empowered to die”

  1. christian said

    Good word, so encouraging!!

  2. Robert Taylor said

    Brother Frank…..What a precious word you have blessed me with here. I have been saved for nearly 46 years now, and the most difficult thing that I have faced in those 46 years is getting the victory over myself, the flesh. Self centeredness is the last this to go in the life of most Christians. The secret to getting the victory over the flesh, is walking on that “Ancient narrow path, that leads from Calvary to the Throne” that you have talked about in this excellent article. It took me many years to find that ancient narrow path, but praise God I found it, he led me to it. This is one of the very deep articles that you have written brother Frank. My prayer is that many people will read it.

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