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Tozer on revival

Posted by appolus on December 16, 2018

Tozer on revival …

“Our mistake is that we want God to send revival on our terms. We want to get the power of God into our hands, to call it to us that it may work for us in promoting and furthering our kind of Christianity. We want still to be in charge, guiding the chariot through the religious sky in the direction we want it to go, shouting “Glory to God,” it is true, but modestly accepting a share of the glory for ourselves in a nice inoffensive sort of way. We are calling on God to send fire on our altars, completely ignoring the fact that they are our altars and not God’s. And like the prophets of Baal we are working ourselves into a frenzy as if we could by violence command the arm of the Almighty.

The whole error results from a confused notion of revival and a failure to recognize the moral laws that underlie the kingdom of God. God never moves whimsically; His ways are never impulsive or erratic. He never sends judgment unless there has been a violation of His laws, nor does He send blessing apart from obedience to those laws. So precise are His movements both in justice and in mercy that an intelligent observer, aware of the circumstances, could predict with complete accuracy any visitation of judgment or grace God might send to a nation, a church or an individual.

Of this we may be certain: We cannot continue to ignore God’s will as expressed in the Scriptures and expect to secure the aid of God’s Spirit. God has given us a complete blueprint for the Church and He requires that we adhere to it 100 percent. Message, morals and methods are there, and we are under strict obligation to be faithful to all three. Today we have the strange phenomenon of a company of Christians solemnly protesting to heaven and earth the purity of their Bible creed, and at the same time following the unregenerate world in their methods and managing only with difficulty to keep their moral standards from sinking out of sight. Coldness, worldliness, pride, boasting, lying, misrepresenting, love of money, exhibitionism — all these things are practiced by professedly orthodox Christians, not in secret but in plain sight and often as a necessary part of the whole religious show.” (Tozer)

Tozer says something very profound “We cannot continue to ignore God’s will as expressed in the Scriptures and expect to secure the aid of God’s Spirit.” Now, that is not some of God’s will, he says 100% Most folk I know disagree with that. They practice tradition, in fact tradition has long ago usurped and overtaken any Biblical notion of how we should gather and yet they are still puzzled as to why “revival tarries.” Can you imagine the level of audacity it takes to flagrantly disregard the expressed written Word of God on how we should gather and still expect God to move?

It is probable that we do not actually want to see revival, not the revival that the Spirit brings for it would change everything. The world as we know it, Christendom, would be tuned upside down. Traditions would be shattered. Positions would be lost, the clergy/laity system would disappear. As the Royal priests rose up and took their place, as they stepped into their Biblical positions, the order that we know now, the systems of men could not possibly stand.

But who may abide the day of his coming? and who shall stand when he appeareth? for he is like a refiner’s fire, and like fullers’ soap: And he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and he shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the LORD an offering in righteousness. Then shall the offering of Judah and Jerusalem be pleasant unto the LORD, as in the days of old, and as in former years.(Mal 3:2-4)

8 Responses to “Tozer on revival”

  1. Do you believe in these last days that there will be a great revival?

    • appolus said

      Yes, in the midst of the great persecution God will pour out His Spirit on His people. In that sense there will be a great revival, not in the sense that many people will be saved for the Scriptures tell us quite the opposite, it speaks of a great falling away and strong delusion………………….bro Frank

      • When you say great persecution, are you referring to the tribulation? Are His people at that time the saved Jewish remnant?

        • appolus said

          I do mean the great tribulation. I am not a pre-tribber so I believe that the saints will be greatly persecuted in the great tribulation, that the enemy will try to kill every single Christian……………….bro Frank

          • Interesting. Do you have any scripture that supports believers going through the tribulation? I know that this is a period of God’s wrath against unbelieving Israel as well as all unbelievers who will still be here. But born again believers are not under the wrath of God. They have been sealed to the Holy Spirit and are part of the body of Christ.

  2. Robert Taylor said

    Brother Frank…..I am just now getting to catch up on things here. I want to make a comment on this article by Tozer. The comment that he made about half way down in his article, really hits the old nail on the head. If I had the resourses to do it, I would put this line on a bill board on every highway in America, and put it on every radio station, and shout it from the roof tops of every house. here is what he said. “He never sends Judgement unless there has been a violation of his laws, nor does he send Blessing apart from obedience to those laws.” America needs to wake up brother Frank. Judgement is not something that is coming, Judgement is here, big time. Thanks for posting this brother Frank.

  3. appolus said

    Jesus, in Matthew 24, responding to a question ab out the signs of the end time, gives us a full answer…………………bro Frank

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