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Will you die to live?

Posted by appolus on October 18, 2017

The cross is a place of death to the flesh, so very painful on one hand, yet the price of entrance into His presence. If I am to know the soaring mysteries of His presence and the fullness of His joy, then I must come to the place of sacrifice and death. The deeper the work of the cross in my life, the greater the revelation of Jesus. Those who are forgiven much love much and those who come to the cross and dare to dwell there as long as it takes will arise and live an abundant life. May the Lord grant us the grace to continually come to that place of entrance into His presence.

It is in His presence that we learn to yield and to surrender to His will which ultimately defeats the flesh. And while there can be much emotion in true and genuine worship, there is no hype involved. Entering into Christ’s presence one has to first past the brazen alter, this is where we sacrifice. This ensures that all “self-fulfilling” worshipers can never enter in. Will you sacrifice to enter in to the holy of holies? Will you come and dwell at the foot of the cross and die today so that you may arise from that place and live the victorious Christian life in the manifest presence of the Living God?

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