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Decorate your dwelling place

Posted by appolus on March 4, 2017

How many of us know that the Temples of old were magnificently adorned? The way men glorify their status and power and signify their wealth is to be found in their dwelling places. The richer a man is, the more elaborate is his surroundings. He fills his house with symbols of his wealth and status. The man of God also decorates his temple, the temple of the Holy Spirit, with riches. His dwelling place will be no less elaborate that the richest men of the earth. He will decorate his temple with the finest gold of unconditional love. His walls are encrusted with the jewels of forgiveness and mercy. His windows are draped with opulent coverings of meekness and humility. Trophies of grace hang on every wall. They are framed with the finest materials of patience and kindness. Have you decorated your heart, the dwelling place of the Lord, with such treasures? Mat 6:21 For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.

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  1. Prayergate said

    Frank … I’m just posting this link here for your perusal. He doesn’t pull any punches!


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