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When justice among men is a mere commodity, look to God!

Posted by appolus on July 5, 2016

I have to believe that even reasonably minded people must be left feeling slightly disturbed that Hilary would not face any ramifications for breaking the law. Now we all know that there are certain people who are above the law, but it has never sat well with your average American. I think we all know that if this was a ” little guy,” he or she would have faced charges.This happens on both sides of the isle. It is not a Democrat thing or a Republican thing it is a power thing. Those with power and money have a different kind of justice than the ordinary man in the street.

Aren’t you glad that we serve a God that is no respector of peoples, that in the eyes of God all men are equal and are judged equally. There is an ultimate justice, a court with no jury, no lawyers only an all knowing God who is justice itself. There is a line from an old spiritual song and it goes like this ” If salvation was a thing that money could buy, then the rich would live and the poor would die.” Are you not glad today that we serve and belong to a Holy God in whom there is perfect justice, perfect peace, perfect love and perfect holiness. He is without shadow and in Him there is no darkness.

Oh how this compares to the corruptions of man. Please, this thread is not about the Clintons or the upcoming election, this is about an ever increasing corrupt society that has thrown off and is throwing of as we speak, all sense of what is right and what is wrong. The casting away of absolute truth and the stampede to follow that old ancient Pied Piper, our own desires and what seems right in our own eyes. If the Word is a lamp unto our feet, and it is, is it any wonder we live in an ever increasingly dark world? We have thrown away truth and now walk by the light of our own desires. God help the world, it can only end one way.

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