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The way of the Remnant

Posted by appolus on May 25, 2016

How many times was the Lord rejected? How many times was He ridiculed and scorned? How grievous the journey knowing the end? How savage the battle in the garden? How savage the treatment at the hands of Romans? How cruel the desertion of all of his friends, including his best and dearest? How indescribable the drinking of the cup? Yet even in the midst of one of the cruelest deaths known to man, He ministers. How deep the love that cries ”forgive them Father?” How dead to the flesh a man must be to cry ” hold not this charge against them.” How transformed must the flesh be that has a vision in the depths of being stoned by his countrymen? And brother Stephen was taken home loving those who bore the stones.

Would I respond in kind in the same situation? I pray that I would, I pray that every trial and tribulation I now suffer is a mile run by one who trains for a marathon. Can I see my trials as blessings? Can I walk counter to modern Christendom and count my trials as I count my blessings Could I sing ” Count my trials name them one by one, count my trials see what God has done, count my trials, name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord has done” This is the deeper life brothers and sisters. This is the counter-culture. This is the way of the remnant.

2 Responses to “The way of the Remnant”

  1. christian said

    Jesus is going to have to do it for me.
    The warfare is brutal right now. I finally got victory in a certain area but the
    satanic attack that i had to endure to get it was the worst I have ever endured.
    Not complaining, just warning people get your armor on and sleep with it on.
    And make sure you have gone over every single piece of of armor and know
    what each one means to you in your fight.

  2. KMH said

    Totally agree. The demons are BRUTAL! And they come through anyone who is willing to let them – even through me if I let them! I love that Jesus said “satan has nothing in me.” No foothold at all – He had totally died to the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes and the pride of life as Brother Frank says above. His food was to do the will of the Father.

    Saul/Paul was holding the coats of the Stephen stoners so when Stephen prayed “Father forgive them” He prayed for Paul!!! Stephen’s prayer could be the reason why Jesus met Paul on the road to Damsacus and why we have so many amazing NT books!
    I recently heard an excellent strategy against the enemy is to ask the Lord to forgive the sins of all those in every room you enter. John 20:23 and Jesus on the cross and Stephen’s words are examples for us.
    Thank you Brother Frank! Your posts offer so much good food!

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