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Spiritual desolation

Posted by appolus on April 8, 2016

The next word is that which is best translated, I think, into our English word with which we have become sadly familiar in recent days – a refugee; the essence of this word is that. It means one who has left a region of desolation and found refuge from desolation – a fine thought for Overcomers. It is possible to know spiritual desolation even amongst the people of God, to know desolation of heart even in the Christian Church. So many write to us and speak to us – ‘The place where I attend is a desolation, there is no food, there is no life, it is all barren and dead; what are we to do?’ And that is a Christian church, so called; a Christian circle. Yes, we say it quietly because we do not gloat over that; it is the opposite of that that is in our thought. We have to take note of facts, and these are facts, that there is spiritual desolation today in Christendom and often even in evangelical circles; starvation and death, and the Overcomer, the remnant, are those who have left that region of desolation spiritually and have found food, come into life, into wealth, into spiritual affluence, who have found the realm of heart satisfaction. That is how it was at the beginning.” (T.A.Sparks)

“I am not afraid that the people called Methodists should ever
cease to exist either in Europe or America. But I am afraid lest
they should only exist as a dead sect, having the form of religion
without the power. And this undoubtedly will be the case unless
they hold fast both the doctrine, spirit, and discipline with which
they first set out.” — John Wesley

“Preaching truth without the anointing of the Holy Ghost is helping
the devil to damn souls. There’s nothing on earth today so
deadening as preaching without heaven’s anointing. Refrain from
preaching unless you know that the dew of heaven is on your soul.”
— Duncan Campbell

I watched a nature program one time about an African country that had a very short rainy season. Long before the year was over, the rivers had dried up to a series of mere muddy pools. It showed that some of the animals set of in epic journeys to find life sustaining water, most stayed behind and died. God’s saints will find water, they are the few that will get up and seek Him where He shall be found. Those that stay behind slowly die as even the mud holes dry up and the land is scorched and the drought takes it’s toll.

The facts are as Sparks says, there is spiritual desolation and drought in the land. This has nothing to do with how many people attend your church. There is a famine that has ravaged the American church, a spiritual famine. If where you are is a mud hole, will you wait until the last vestiges of moisture dry up? There is living water in the land, but it must be sought after. These are the days of judgement and it has begun at the house of the Lord. We are now compelled to hunger and thirst after righteousness in a land of famine and drought. Where once there was abundance, now in the judgement of God there is not. Yet in His mercy He has supplied what we His children need. Yet there must be a seeking, there must be deeper digging to find the life sustaining waters of the Lord.

We as a people had become familiar and we took for granted the presence of the Lord. God will never be taken for granted. He is Holy, He is high and lifted up. He is glorious in majesty, His awe fills the temple. There is a weight to His glory. His weight of glory compels our heads to lower and our hands to raise in worship. It is not familiar thing to enter into this place. Our heads must be bowed low in humility. Our hearts must be broken and contrite. Our spirits eye must have its singular focus on Jesus. There must be a hunger that goes to the very essence of who we are. Our thirst must be as a man wandering in the desert desperately seeking even just a drop of water that will sustain our lives. No one skips unprepared into the life changing manifest presence of God. Truly, a majority of churches in the land are entirely devoid of such a presence. Yet the preaching rolls on. The programs keep going. The plate is still passed. Yet we look in the mirror with anorexic eyes and we do not see the ravaged spiritual form that is staring back at us. God help us. Wake up your people Lord. All around the darkness falls and the one source of light has been lulled asleep by half dead men who do not even know their state.

Lord, for those who have abandoned their mud-holes and wandered of into the wilderness seeking you where you can be found, will you bless them this day? Will you encourage them this day? Give unto them Lord their hearts desire and may the dead bones that fill the valley be raised to life. Give them flesh and sinew. Breathe into them Lord that they may arise for such a time as this. Let a might last days army arise. Lord you raise the dead to life. Is there anything too difficult for you? For your name’s sake Lord will you raise the dead to life. Will you give them eyes to see their state and ears to hear what the Spirit would say to the churches. May they be refined in a fire that brings forth true gold, true riches from heaven that are eternal. In the mighty name of Jesus we pray this………………bro Frank

2 Responses to “Spiritual desolation”

  1. charkhole said

    The uncompromised Word of God must be shared in the midst of a wavering church. Thanks for sharing this. Your heart is in tune with the will of God.

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